Which Macbook to buy in 2017? Not the new Macbook Pro

So if you are like me and you have the awesome opportunity to get a new Macbook deciding which one to get in 2017 is pretty challenging especially with all the new models that just came out. Even more confusing is now the new Macbook Air (2016) model comes standard with 8gb RAM making the choice if more difficult. Up until this year, the Macbook Air base model came with only 4gb RAM. So choosing between getting a base model with only 4gb ram vs 8gb ram as in the Macbook pro is a bit more challenging. So which model should you get?

Well after spending literally hours and months reviewing everything about the all the different models and watching endless about of videos on YouTube, I can’t honestly say I know enough to provide a great deal of advice.

I know many people don’t have the patience to read a whole story here and just want the highlights of the post. So here it is.

The best deal right now for 2017 on a new Macbook is either the Macbook Air 2016 or Macbook Pro 2015. Here’s why in a nutshell.

Macbook Air 2016
The are two main reasons why the new Macbook Air 2016 is the best deal.
1. It is the cheapest Macbook for sale. Now with a special sale on Amazon (Sold by Apple) you could get the Macbook Air for even cheaper.
2. The base model now comes with 8gb RAM as opposed to 4gb RAM in the 2015 and previous models. This is the same amount of RAM you will find in both the Macbook 2015 and 2016 base models.

The listed price for a Macbook Air on Apple.com is $999 USD. There are reliable sellers on Amazon selling brand new models for a little more than $800. That’s almost $200 less than the price from the Apple store. Also you still have the option to get full Apple care if ever needed. So if you don’t care that much about having a Retina screen then this Macbook may be right for you.

Macbook Pro 2015
There are are few reasons why the 2015 Macbook Pro is also a great Macbook to buy in 2017. For starters many of the features that you have in the 2016 Macbook Pro you’ll find in the 2015 model.
+Force touch trackpad
+Retina Display
+10hr battery life
+8gb RAM

But here are some of the features that the 2015 model has that the 2016 model doesnt have:
+Way more ports. This is a known thing if you have been researching Macbooks for some time now.

+Glowing Apple. This may sound trivial to some people but I actually took it as a feature that I wanted in my macbook especially if the computer costs $200? Less.

+Quieter keyboard. Most people looking into the 2016 Macbook Pro do not realize how loud the keyboard actually.

+$200 cheaper than the 2016 macbook pro. This is the best reason.

Weight: it weighs .5lbs more than the 2016 model
Processor: i5 fifth generation (2016 Pro base model comes with the i5 Sixth generation

I’m sure if you do some research on Youtube you will find plenty of other reasons why the 2015 Macbook Pro is not the best purchase. In my opinion, if both Macbooks were the same price then I would seriously consider going with the 2016 Macbook. However for a machine that is slightly smaller and a half a pound lighter, I’m not sure its worth the extra $200.

I currently own this exact product from Amazon. You should know that the price and availability fluctuates from time to time. When I got mine it was listed at $1100 as opposed to the Apple listed price of $1300. Sometimes the price on Amazon maybe only $100 cheaper than the Apple store and sometimes it might be $200 cheaper. Keep checking back from time to time to see.


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