How To React and Examine A Child Who Fell Down A Flight of Stairs

The first thing to understand about a child falling down the stairs is that its no way as serious as it sounds. While an adult falling down the stairs is quite serious this is not the case with a child. An adult weighs more, is larger, and is taller than a child. When an adult falls down a flight of stairs we might suspect a head or spinal injury resulting from a head first fall. A child on the other hand is not only smaller and shorter than an adult, but their bones are more flexible and less susceptible to injury.

In 2002 the Archives of Disease in Childhood (ADC) released a study titled “Do Falls Down Stairs Cause Serious Injury In Preschool Children?” Data was collected over the course of 18 months from 437 children with ages ranging from under nine months to around four years old. The study concluded the following:

Only 6 children (1%) sustained proximal limb fractures. There were no rib fracture. There were no deaths or severe injuries such as cerebral hemorrhages/tears, visceral trauma or spinal fractures.

Conclusions: Severe injuries and death do not occur as a result of falls down stairs. The pattern of injury is peripheral with sparing of the trunk. Multiple injuries are rare.

(Please note that this post (and the above study as well), is not dealing with a fall down the stairs involving a baby in a walker. Falls of this nature are much more severe for several reasons which are beyond the scope of this post.)

What To Do
The one thing you shouldn’t do when your child falls down the stairs is scream, “OH MY G-D, OH MY G—D!!!, JENNIFER FELL DOWN THE STAIRS!!! OH MY G—D!!! JENNIFERRRRR!!! Even if your daughter’s name is not Jennifer.

Freaking out like that WILL NOT help the situation.

Scene Survey
As you are running to your child take note of the following:

  • Is your child crying?
  • Is your child moving?
  • Is your child bleeding?

If the answers are yes, yes, and no, then that’s great.

Is your child crying?

Your child should cry after falling down a flight of stairs. Crying means that they are conscious and alert. Hopefully, there’s no serious head injury other than a bump on the head.

Is your child moving?
If your child is moving or can move their arms and legs then we can almost rule out any spinal injury.

Is your child bleeding?
It’s obviously a good thing if there is no external bleeding. If you see blood then chances are likely that they are bleeding from either their nose or mouth. The bleeding would probably be minor.

Examining Your Child
Once you reach your child its important to try to remain calm. Your child may be screaming but its important to examine them properly.

Here’s what you should look for:

  • Injury to the head, neck, arms, legs
  • If they can move
  • If they can feel you touching their hands and legs

It’s good to start by asking your child where it hurts. If they tell you that their head hurts then gently feel their head for any obvious injury and bleeding. A bump is common and is generally no need for concern. If they aren’t complaining of any pain in the arms and legs then chances are they have no injury there. If they do complain of pain to either their arms or legs you can easily examine them for possible fractures by following the directions in this past post.

If you are still concerned that your child suffered a more serious injury then you could examine their neck as well. Simply feel along the back of their neck for any obvious deformity. If you are not sure what to feel for then feel the back of your own neck to get an idea of what feels normal. After you’ve examined their neck you could ask them to move their arms and legs for you. You could then touch their feet and ask them if they can feel your touch.

Once you’ve determined that except for a few bumps and bruises your child is fine you could then decide if you want to take them to the doctor for further examination.

Like I mentioned before, chances are slim that your child suffered a serious injury from falling down the stairs. The worst thing you could do in this situation is overreact.

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268 Responses

  1. Christy says:

    I’m really glad I read this! My daughter feel down the stairs she seems just fine, but I just feel so guilty and that I let her down. I stopped freaking out once i read this. Thank you

  2. Eric says:

    Hi Christy, I hope your daughter is fine and I am happy my post helped.

    Thanks for the feedback and gratitude.

  3. JHS says:

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  4. SGM says:

    Thank you for the info

    Our daughter just fell down stairs, ironically
    while we were fixing a gate to the wall!!!

    It was the most horrendous moment…but I now feel better.

  5. ML says:

    My daughter just fell down a flight of stairs as well and I am overwhelmed with the guilt and shame. I was right beside her and couldn’t do anything !! Been getting nightmares from this. Thanks for your article, it made me feel better.

  6. NS says:

    same thing happened. My 2 year old toppled on hard stairs (2-3 steps) and had a bump on her nose. i was right next to her when she lost her balance. i just felt horrible and shameful. I still feel guilty.

  7. lisa says:

    thankyou for putting my mind at rest have been convinced that the fall down the stairs must have done some damage to our daughter but this has put it into perspective thanx

  8. Taryn says:

    Thank you! My daughter fell down the stairs today and I feel so guilty but it makes me feel better to know that other parents experience this and that my instincts that my daughter was startled but not injured seem to line up with what you’re saying.

  9. Eric says:

    Lisa, Taryn,

    Its good to hear that your kids are ok. I am glad that my post helped. thanks for the feedback.

  10. ! says:

    my youngest daughter fell down the stairs a couple of days ago only 2 stairs she is 11 she should have knowing better but she was earing socks on a carpet and slid and bumped her head of the edge of the kitchen door her head was bleeding for 2 mins and she took a black-out also she has burst a blood vesel on her nose wich is bleeding and now she had to get a jag in her nose and her head has kinda heelled still a big scar but.But reading this advice made me think im stupid cause i had to run outside with my daughter panicking making her sit at a step with water and me really panicking i should of took i big breath and took this advice but u cant blame me she nrly died the doc said she was luck to live cause she also fractered her neck and now its helled but still in hospital 4 check up’s this will really help all my children have bumepd there head as my son fell in a fire place luck he did not burn his skin is perfect but he luck my daughter when she was little fell into a brick wall after riding a bike and not knowing how to stop and my other daughter in a weel chair fell onto the ground im luck there ALL alive i have now got 4 perfect daughter and 1 perfect boy !!!plz replay

  11. Jenny says:

    My 13 month old daughter just fell down an entire flight of stairs 2 days ago and I’m still experiencing a lot of anxiety about it! My daughter is doing fine! She is still fearless and sustained no injuries. I took her to the chiropractor right away and had her examined/adjusted. Her back, neck, right shoulder, elbow and hip were out of line but not dislocated. Thank God! I still feel horrible but this article puts me a little more at ease.

  12. Sally says:

    Thank you so much for this. I feel like much less of a failure after reading your article. I have experienced a child falling down the stairs as well and the guilt and shame is overwhelming – not to mention the horrible flashbacks. Especially when I read the “what you should do” (or not to do) section I burst out laughing as I found myself inserted my own voice into the “OH MY G-D…” My own reaction wasn’t too far off. Thanks for making me feel even an inch better.

  13. Cara says:

    My daughter just fell down the stairs an hour ago and my husband emailed me this article from work. It too really put my mind as ease, i am still slightly concerned about her right shoulder but will check it again when she wakes up from her nap. She calmed down quickly after the fall and we just had a little cuddle time. Thanks for the article it really puts things in perspective.

  14. Evie says:

    My nephew just fell off the stairs like 30 mins ago. i told his sister, whom is 7, to watch him while i ran down stairs to get her shoes. I was all the way down stairs and she yells aunt evie and then i see him falling. I was just like omg!!! It happend so fast that im shocked now how couldnt i of caught him. I feel like a terrible aunt!!! He just has a small bruise on his head. but i feel so horrible.

  15. Amy says:

    Thank you so much for this. My son fell down the stairs and i was so guilt ridden. It is such an awful feeling when you can’t stop it. I feel much better now. He is talking and walking fine. Thank you again.

  16. Carrie says:

    Thanks for your article. I just recently heard about Liam Nissan’s wife on the news and am still pretty freaked out that my 15 month son just fell down an entire flight of (carpeted) stairs (2.5 hours ago.) I was around the corner in his nursery so sure his gate was shut securely. The only explanation is that it must not have been and I feel so guilty. I just heard the thumping and then his cry when he hit bottom. He was laying on his back. He only cried for a minute or less, was clingy for 5-10 minutes and then himself again. I am not a dramatic person, so I didn’t freak out verbally, but I held him so tight for as long as he’d take it – like when I first brought him home from the hospital and would never let go. I feel like I will never stop imagining his fall. He is taking a nap now and I have the monitor up so loud that I can hear every breath. My husband came home early from work and I spoke with his doctor’s nurse and the hospital’s nurse hotline. Both assured me he is probably fine based on the facts and told me what signs to watch out for. I often let him have the run of the upstairs hall and nurseries while I pick up his room etc. and have been so paranoid about that gate being shut. I feel like we’ll be spending a lot of time downstairs now…

  17. marie z says:

    reading this has put my mind at ease and made me giggle at start with not how to react!need to find humor in everything.. my 3 yr old son just fell head first down the stairs.. all of them..i heard a bang a shout and a lil body come sliding past living room door.. my reaction was a scream before getting to him and alot of panic about injuries.. even as he 2 mins later was running through the house being his usual destructive self.. this though has put my mind at rest.. none of you and no one should feel bad about yourself,i go out of my way to see to it my children are safe,can’t protect them from everything and can’t keep them from being children though.. accidents are part of chidhood and will teach the child things parents words and precautions can not..

  18. Chris says:

    Oh my god, my 5 year old just fell down the stairs and i’m so freaked out! I’m so worried, because i did not see how he fell. But i do fell a little better after read everyone’s comments.

  19. B says:

    I’m so glad I read this article. My 20 month old fell down 14 hardwood steps, landing on tile. YIKES. She cried for about 5 min. I was calm then she was back to her playful normal self. The nurse I called said I should check on her for 6 hrs, once per hour while she is sleeping. She has a bump on her eyebrow and some bruises on her face. But she’s fine….

    • Irene S. says:

      My son fell down 14 steps and landed also in tiles..i went to hospital right away and doctors examined his had his ct scan and xray and the doctor said both of the examined is negative..and waiting for 24 hours now checking if he will vomit/dizziness/ fever and change of physical activities..i hope he is still very worried and so much guilty..

  20. Laura says:

    Thank you. I had this happen to my 11 month old daughter today. Of course, I cannot sleep- I just keep going over and over the whole thing in my mind. She tumbled down 8 carpeted stairs. Every time I close my eyes I envision what happened- I turned around and she was already tumbling down- and I couldn’t get to her- it was nightmarish. I had to call my husband home from work because I was dry heaving and hyper ventillating I was so upset. At least I know that I’m not the first and am soooo grateful for everyone’s comments.

  21. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for all the comments – our 18 month old son fell down 8 hardwood steps onto a tile floor and all I can think of is Natasha Richardson! He cried for about 5 minutes and then returned to normal. Of course this happened within 30 minutes of bedtime. We tried to keep him up but he is tired because it is his normal bedtime! I will check him every 30 minutes or so and I am sure I will wake him up once or twice…..I do feel better after reading all of this!!

  22. Lucia says:

    Thank you for posting your comments. My 16 months fell down the stairs as well , I feel so guilt but she was really fast. She is fine , running , talking… But not sure if I can sleep tonight I will proberly check her every 5 minutes. But your comments really helped better than NHS 24 nobody there to answer my call.

  23. Eric says:

    I am really happy to hear that this post helped. thank you for the positive feedback.

  24. Amy says:

    My 17 month old fell down a full flight of stairs (carpeted – 12 steps) yesterday. Safety gate was closed and I was RIGHT THERE! We were going towards her bedroom and she turned and ran towards the gate. Pushed the middle of the gate and it just opened. I never like her to even touch the gate, but I couldn’t grab her in time. She rolled down the entire stairs backwards and landed on her back and head hit floor. I was just inches from getting her the entire time…but couldn’t get her. I just wanted to get her before she hit the bottom. She is FINE. AMAZINGLY!!
    She only had a diaper on as we were in the process of changing her. She got a couple of scrapes…but that is all. I really thought the worst as she fell. I am still crying a day and a half later. I was up all night last night checking on her. I did call 911 right away and ambulance was there within minutes. We took her to the doctor today as well. She is absolutely fine. I am just traumatized. This article/post really really helps. It will be a while before I can put the image out of my mind though….if ever.

  25. Bcart says:

    My 13 month old daughter fell down the stairs earlier today. I thought the gate was closed but as i was changing my clothes i heard some thumps down the stairs. my daughter often throws things through the gate slots, but this time when i checked to see what happened i saw my daughter at the bottom of the stairs. i freaked out and flew down the stairs to get to her. i still feel sick to my stomach thinking how I let that happen, but i am so thankful that God made these precious little ones so tuff. what an awful day. thanks for writing this post. i do feel much better knowing that i am not the only one that has a story like this!

  26. Melissa says:

    Thanks. My 5 yr. old daughter is on vacation with her Dad at Grandma’s and he called to tell me that she fell down a flight if stairs. No one witnessed the fall so we are not sure if she hit her head but she did bust her lip. I told him to keep a close eye on her and not let her fall asleep, and if he sees her acting dazed or confused to rush her to the hospital. This article did make me feel a little more at ease.

  27. Relieved Mom says:

    My 9 moth old baby girl just fell down 5 hardwood steps and landed on her face atop a pile of shoes and paint cans. She has a lumpsasaurus starting on her hairline, but otherwise seems ok. Like the other moms though, I’ll be on alert and freaking out for several days. Great article, thanks!

  28. Worried Mom says:

    My 15 month old fell down the stairs today and I was very stressed out and I cried so much! I did the worst thing as mentioned above… However, I did inspect her, she had some minor cuts on her lip where I believe she bit her lip, but all her limbs were fine, she was crying and alert and after a couple minutes of both of us crying, she laughed at ME for crying! She seems ok, but I can’t help feeling like I’m neglecting her as a parent! I hope all is well with her though! This article at least gives me a teeny bit of peace, thank you!

  29. Margaret says:

    Thanks for sharing the article and all the comments that followed. My 4.5 yr old was pushed from the top of a ladder on a high bunk bed and fell on her face on a hardwood floor. Her cheek is swelling and there was a bit of bleeding (I think from inside of cheek). She only stopped sobbing when she fell asleep, after over an hour, and this was the first chance we had to put Arnica on the swelling cheek (no ice – she wouldn’t let us!). Will keep monitoring her pupils, and level of alertness, over next few days, rather than taking her for check-up straight away, as from what I’ve read here she’ll be fine, except that she’ll look like Mike Tyson after a bad bout

  30. Elizabeth says:

    I, like many other parents here am SO glad I came across this article! Our 9 month old son fell down our long stairway today, I only wish I would have read this article b/c I was yelling “Oh My God!!” and panicing just like the above example. It DIDN’T help matters! Next time I will try my best to remain calm in any scary situation! The baby seems perfectly fine now, he has a couple red bumps on his head and beside his eye that seem sensitive to touch. We knew better, we talked about getting a baby gate this week (he just started crawling a couple days ago) we just put it off, sadly – then this happened. So a wake-up call to us and any other parent reading this. Do what you know to do NOW, don’t put it off! Lastly, this article has helped me b/c all day long I have replayed that horrible scene of the baby falling down the stairs and crying. SO thankful to God he is ok and yes, we did go out and purchase a baby gate tonight! ..never again will I put something so importnat off.

  31. RThomas says:

    I like the rest have to thank you for this post. My fearless and incredibly cunning 15 month old got by the gate this morning. Thankfully, I didn’t panic and did everything advised here on my own (she tends to get into trouble a lot so I’ve learned to panic latter), but I’m still feeling horrible for letting it happen. This came up first when I searched and it was exactly what I needed.

  32. LL says:

    My 2 year old fell down the basement stairs yesterday. He was crying but I remained calm outwardly and didn’t scream. I picked him up right away and held him. He almost immediately stopped crying and started cooing at things in the basement and pointing at them. Thank goodness! It only makes me think of people who beat their kids and claim they have fallen down stairs. My son didn’t have so much as a bruise on his body, except for a small scratch under his eye.

  33. Allyson says:

    I am so happy I just read this. Still in tears from yesterday my 17 month old fell down our outside steps and has cuts from hitting the sidewalk, and now she is at daycare. I feel a little better reading this.

  34. Debbie says:

    Im am a little bit more relieved that i have found this website and realising that i am not the only one it has happened to.
    Last night My 2 yr old son fall down an entire flight of stairs at my sisters house.
    She lives in one of those house where she lives above her garage.We were just getting ready to leave when i couldnt grab him in time.
    It was awful i felt so helpless i couldnt help or stop him.
    He just walked straight off them,he actually didnt hit the stairs till halfway as he just stepped of them he missed hitting the first half,he then slid along his side,hit hes forehead on the side of the wall,rolled and landed on his back,hitting the back of his head on the tiles at the bottom.
    He seems fine he has a graze on his forehead and he had bitten the side of his tongue on the way down.
    But considering he fell from the top he came away really lucky,i couldnt stop shaking it was awful.
    I still feel bad today the fact that i should have watched him more clearly and i didnt grab him.
    Thankyou for this website.

  35. Tracy says:

    Feeling a tad bit better about this. My 2yr old son just fell down the stairs. He cut the back of his head and it is bleeding. He seems to be fine other than the cut. I am watching and hoping the bleeding stops. I am just devasted. My baby! It is just horrible. I did react way too bad. He has been fine on stairs for a while now and has never had a problem. He is 21/2. All of a sudden, this has happen 2 times in one week!!!!! I guess it is time to put the gates back on the stairs! Just feel horrible and sad!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Jillian says:

    My 8 month old daughter fell down our entire set of stairs today. I’m such a paranoid first time mom and was convinced that every bone in her body was broken! She cried for about 10 minutes will my husband called the nurse in our family. Needless to say, she recovered quickly and began crawling while I’m ridden with guilt. I’m so happy to have found this article to give me piece of mind…Thank you!

  37. V says:

    Thank God for this article. My daughter fell down 25 steps today and on top of that I had to leave her to go to work. This really calmed me down. I think I’m more tramatized then she is. She asked for a cookie after she fell and I was convinced she was severly hurt but she’s fine.

  38. Ruth says:

    my daughter fell down to the stairs. She climbed up the couch and fell down to the stairs which is side by side with the couch that is about 6’7″ height. After she fell down she cried but she doesn’t seem to have any injuries. no bleeding nose, nothing. Although after that she started to have running nose. Does this have to be related to the fall. I can’t take to the doctor because she doesn’t have insurance. What should I do?

  39. Ruth says:

    my daughter fell down to the stairs. She climbed up the couch and fell down to the stairs which is side by side with the couch that is about 6’7″ height. After she fell down she cried but she doesn’t seem to have any injuries. no bleeding nose, nothing. Although after that she started to have runny nose. Does this have to be related to the fall. I can’t take to the doctor because she doesn’t have insurance. What should I do?

  40. Margaret says:

    Ruth, I wouldn’t worry about the runny nose. Their noses are so soft as children they are unlikely to do any damage to them. If they fall on their head, I think the main thing to watch is for signs of concussion – confusion, eyes pupils different sizes or not responding to light (they should be small in bright / daylight, and large inside house / at night, and both the same size at the same time). I hope she’s OK, and hope you can get insurance for her soon too – just to be sure, to be sure … future!

  41. Patty says:

    I am thankful to have read this article. Our 8 month baby boy fell down are carpeted basement stairs (about 10 steps). It was so scary and yes I was yelling OH MY GOD like crazy. Thanks to god everything is ok. They did a ct scan at the hopsital and no injuries. His face is just bruised up from the fall. I just hope I can get over this fear in my heart. Thank you all for your posts..

  42. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the article. Our son just fell downstair a whole flight of stairs (14 carpeted) but downstairs we have a hard tile like marble. Me and my older son were up with him beside the gate when he missed the first step and start rolling in front of our eyes like a doll right down the stairs…it was shocking, i was frozen in my spot. He didn’t fall on his back but on his face and i think his arms protected banging too hard. It was horendous. We went to the night doctor and he said he was fine, definetly no concussion. But i am still in shock, nearly hysteric. I kept asking my husband did the doctor really say he is ok? i feel like i am not going to let him out of my hands

  43. Patricia says:

    This post really helped. my daughter just fell down and thnaks God for my Husband who did not over react, i was in the back of the kitchen asking him what happened, i did see blood from the mouth but minor, she stopped bleeding right away, but she cried for like 10 minutes, now she is playing with my husband like nothing ever happened…thanks for this post

  44. Eric says:


    I am happy to hear that your daughter is ok and this post has helped. She’ll probably never remember it.

  45. felisha says:

    honestly wat if ur child is not a preschooler or older than 1 Than wat do u do I CRIED AND GRABBED HIM I FELT BAD LIKE i WAS in THE wrong!!!for ever letting my son down!!!

  46. Paul says:

    Its just happened to me and I literally screamed ‘oh my god’ ‘oh my god’. It was less than a few seconds. I feel terrible! After reading this I feel slightly better but I’ll never take my eyes of him again while upstairs. Its a horrible feelin. Thanks for your post.

  47. addie says:

    thanks i feel much better that was SCARY

  48. chasa says:

    my son just fell down the stairs hard wood I was in the kitchen i heard him scream and I went running for him. But he had ended up smacking the tile floor when I got to him. he hit his face on the floor he has a lump on his head . he cried for like 2min and cuddled with me then got down and started dancing like nothing happend. It scared me so bad all I can say is I hope now he understands why mommy says dont play on the stairs

  49. Maria says:

    My 24 month old fell down the staris last night and my husband screamed and blamed me for letting him fall. My son was fine afterwards but I felt terrible.

  50. Charlotte says:

    My 16 month old daughter fell down our stairs today (flight of 12) and crashed into the stair gate at the bottom. Luckily the stairgate moved as she landed on it which probably cushioned her fall a bit. I was really shaken up and felt awful having to ring my husband at work and tell him what had happened. My daughter seems fine, she has been playing today and is now in bed but I keep worrying that she is going to get delayed concussion or worse. Reading the other stories has made me feel a little better.

  51. Roy says:

    My mum fell down the stairs… she died

  52. Emms says:

    My 10 months son fall down on stairs last march 31,2010, and he looks fine. One thing i just worried about coz he had bruised in his head and its soft. Im a first time mommy im very worried about the soft of his right side head.

  53. from Malta says:

    today my 13 months old daughter fell the stairs and i did panic alot but my daughter suffered nothing and she is playing, shouting and eating very well. but now i assured more myself that she is fine and nothing serious happened to her!

  54. Sirahaha says:

    Thanks for the reassurance. I was freaking out.

    Oh my gosh. I just read this after watching my 2-year-old nephew front flip down 9 or 10 carpeted stairs. It was absolutely horrifying. One because the last thing I said was, “Sandy, don’t run at the steps.” And two because I’ve been expecting it for forever the way he charges at them. I was still damning myself for not carrying him over to them.

    But after reading that the exact same thing happens to every parent/auntie/uncle and that every little boy/girl is okay, made me feel way better.

    He didn’t cry. Should I be worried? He just said, “I fell! I did a front flip!” and then on the way back up a couple of minutes ago he tried to flip back up the stairs. *shakes head* Scariest thing ever. But he was staggering a little. That might be because it was so close to nap though. And because he’s a toddler.

    When should I be concerned?

  55. Anonymous says:

    My 15 mnth old boy fell down 11 steps about 1 hr ago. He cried for 15 min and had bump at the back of his head. He seems to be fine now but I feel so quilty. Didnt even saw him fall. This article made me feel a bit better. I realize I am not a bad mum. These things just happen:((

  56. Anonymous says:

    my 3yr old son just fell down the stairs and maybe because i work for the red cross i didn’t panic, guided him through standing up on his own and checked him all over for bruises or depressions and he looked fine, but i was still concerned that maybe i missed something, or should just take him to be looked at, but he probably is fine and reading those facts put my mind to rest, at least a little bit.

  57. trice says:

    thanx, this article helped me also. My 23 month old daughter just fell down about 10 steps and i feel so bad because i was right in front of her and saw the whole thing but it happened so fast that i could catch her. Her mouth was bleeding alittle and she cried for awhile but seems fine now.

  58. kim moore says:

    my child fell down the stairs and i was running after her to catch her, it all happend so fast oh my god i screamed. she got up and cry for a second and then laugh and tryed to go up the stairs again. my point is that i was scread out of my mine but she was fine and i felt real bad. but thank the lord nothing is wrong not even a scratch.

  59. Miriam says:

    Thank you so much for this information! My 1 year old fell down the stairs today.. this comforted me a lot when I read it!

  60. Lindsey says:

    Thank you for this article. My 18 month old fell down the stairs today when he was holding my hand. He just bent over and tumble over. My heart stopped and I am almost had a heartattack. I did not scream because I think I was so scarred and in disbelief. I took him, give him his pacifier, got a boo boo bear, and cuddled him up in a blanket with him and watched seasame street. He cried for about 90 seconds but stopped when I calmed him down. He has a red stop on the right side of his head but that seems to be in it.

  61. Anonymous says:

    Thankyou, for this ,I have such a bad day. full of nightmares thinkin of what could of been, my little 10mth old baby fell 15 steps down a steep stairs and i think what saved her was a wall, after the first two steps, it took the fall. it was my fault I left the stair gate open the nite before and forgot the next morn.i’ve spent the day kissin my little angle, prayin that she is ok and the truth is she is prob 1000% i’m now the one thats messed up. but thats ok after readin all your stories i now now that i’m not alone so thank you a lot or as we say in Ireland ,,, Thanks A Million. xx

  62. Anonymous says:

    all of your post have made me feel alot better… My baby boy (8 months old) fell down two stairs in his walker this morning. he only cried for a minute but I am so nervous and still shaky. I’m sure he’s fine though just like all of your children. I hope my post helps someone else like the previous ones have helped me.

  63. Anonymous says:

    I too am much like these mothers but much worse on my self because I am a Nurse as well. My 7 month old fell down 8 stairs onto carpet I freaked out but he was fine then the next day he fell off of our bed even though I had surrounded him with pillows and I had walked around the corner and was on my way back that fast! Once again he was fine and you would think that I would know better because he is my second child but still no and know my husband doesn’t seem to trust me around him. It is in his nature. His mother was way over cautious. When he would trip she would take him to the Doctor. So I guess my question is how do you a sure him that our little boy is fine? He is smiling all the time just like before and is constantly on the go so obviously he is fine. I on the other hand am questioning my self. Am I a bad mother but this post has has helped! Thanks again and if anyone has any idea how to get my husband to trust me again please let me know!

    • Michelle says:

      Never place blame on yourself. Kids fall all the time, it’s part of their nature. No one is prefect. Your husband will come around.

  64. lovely says:

    my brother fell down fron the stairs… and it bothers me alot.. im just going to ask what will i do because he start vomiting.. thank you

  65. Sirahaha says:

    Call the doctor/911 if he’s vomiting. I’m not an expert, but that’s abnormal. Sometimes my nephew vomits when he gets really upset, but…better safe than sorry.

  66. beni says:

    my 7month old baby fall from two feet hight bed,twice on consecutive day,he cried for two minutes and after taken breast feeding then sleeped for one and half hours.then he is ok and again taken breast feed..beni

  67. anna says:

    My eight month old fell down 10 carpeted steps today in her walker . She started screaming and i immediately rushed her to the bathroom where i proceeded to run water on her body and head while i examined her making sure when i touched parts of her body she didn’t flinch . Thank God she came out with only a carpet bruise on her forehead . I feel like a terrible mom bc i could have prevented it but thanks to your article and comments i feel a little better

  68. Daddy says:

    11 month old just fell down a flight of carpeted stairs. Thought the gate was latched. It was not. Scooped up crying kid and called on-call pediatrician. She was very re-assuring (it just so happened to be our son’s pediatrician). Kids are tough. He is fine. Wife and I however don’t feel fit to even have house plants at the moment. We will monitor for any swelling, uneven pupils. vomiting, etc. Otherwise, little man looks normal as he is eating his dinner. Thanks God. Put another latch on gate.

  69. Nina says:

    My 11 month old baby fell over in her high chair and landed on her face. Her 6 yr old brother contribute to the fall by trying to rock her when their dad stepped out the room for a min. I ran to pick her up, her face was red and eye was closing. After 15 mins she was back to her self. I kept her up for hours . The next day she had a red dot on the white part of her eye and her cheek is bruised. Should I still go to the doc if she is acting like her normal self?

  70. johann says:

    my 15 month old baby boy fell down 7 flights of stairs. my husband was watching he at the time i was working he waitted for me to come from work to then tell me that our baby fell down the stairs i yell at my husband you got to be really crazy to let him sleep i told him i wreak up my baby and took him to the hospital to then wait 6 hours in there for the dr to take a look at him and said him is ok there is nothing wrong with him go home and sleep. i which i would had read all this that has happened to other parent i would not have gone to the hospital i will keep this in mind thanks to all of you parent next time i will not go crazy i will try to be normal. thanks once again

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi my name is Patrice and my little girl is 1 and she fell down the stairs and she ended up with bruises on her face and head but the where red and then I freaked out. This is how it started I was up stairs getting the tv from up stairs and my baby daddy sister told me she was coming up the stairs with me and when I grabbed the tv I want back down the stair s and I was trying to plug the tv in that’s when she fell down the stairs and I feel that docs is going to be on my tail I admit what to do any more I really don’t I’m sooooo scared right she is at the hospital right I don’t what to do I’m just sooooooo scared right like I can’t stop thinking about it at all.

  71. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for this article- my son 17 months old just feel down our stairs yesterday and I freaked out! I saw it happen, my husband wanted me to take him to the ER, but he seemed fine. This article makes me feel better, however I still have those images of him falling…but he is acting normal. Again, thanks for your article.

  72. sarah says:

    my 2 year old son just fell down the stairs, i picked him up as he was trying to get up crying and his nose was bleeding, it was bleeding for about five mins and he has a white bump to the front of his head..but ten mins later he was running about just fine, i have put him to bed now, but will check on him and what made me look at this website was his pupils were large and i was just wondering what that meant..but i feel bit relaxed after reading this article and really it is down to commen sense..Adults do tend to have more seriouse injurys from falling down stairs than thank you for putting all our minds at ease…great page…from a more relaxed

  73. Anonymous says:

    My daughter fell the stairs last night and it just scared me so badly. She cried for a minute and was fine afterwards. In fact, she was even smiling. I feel relieved that this is not as serious as it seems. I too feel a bit more relieved. It still may take me some time to emotionally recover because it just happened last night.

  74. Jules says:

    I can’t believe how many children fall down the stairs!! Including my 18 month old who has just rolled down 15 steps. This article has made me smile and relax and for that I cannot thank you enough.

  75. JJ says:

    OMG Thank you so much for this! My 8 month old just fell down 14 carpeted stairs and landed on hardwood. I was absolutely terrified. I’ll never forget the thump… Never so happy to hear her cry. I needed to read this. I no longer feel nausea. Gates are not to be trusted. They give a false sense of security. Thank God that these little angels are so tough!

  76. Tina says:

    My 10 month old daughter just fell off the stairs. She cried for 3 minutes but stopped crying while I washed her face. She seems fine now crawling happily. She has a bruise on her forehead.

  77. Tom says:

    I am just curious as to what the credentials are of the author who wrote this artilce? I do not see a name or any background information.

  78. Jessica says:

    ^^ I’m curious too. Like most earlier commenters, I’m here because my 19 month old tumbled down a flight of carpeted stairs before bedtime tonight. He was upset, is ok, and I was the screaming mom while my husband calmly rushed to him; I then took charge as lead comforter. I feel better after reading this and it seems to make sense, but like Tom, would definitely like to see what the “studies” referred to are.

  79. alivia says:

    my shoulder blade hurts really bad and what do i do for that

  80. Lisa says:

    Given the serious nature of this situation, I agree that the credentials of the writer should be provided. While the article surely provides people comfort, we have no idea whether the writer is qualified to be providing such advice or whether it’s accurate.

  81. Steph says:

    My 11 month old daughter fell down 8 steps yesterday,we have been trying to get a gate for the bottom of the steps with no luck due to size and she started to crawl up them on her own only yesterday. We thought we had put enough of a barricade up to stop her attempting and were both upstairs when my husband yelled to me that she was nearly at the top! We both waited anxiously for her to reach the top as hubby was afraid to go towards her and scare her and she looked up excited and fell backwards and kept tumbling. I screamed and hubby tried to catch her but missed and ended up swan diving and catching one arm hurting himself in the process. She cried for about 5 mins but is fine, we checked her over and there wasn’t even a red mark and today no brusing. She seemed fine, played within 10 mins, ate normally, slept even better than normal and is fine this morning. Wish i had seen this yesterday though, I probably would have had a better nights sleep!

  82. Ron says:


    Scary story. We had a tough stairway to gate at the bottom also, but ultimately found one. If it has a banister pole or the like, they make gates that can be anchored to that using straps with no need to drill into the banister. The other side where the latch is will require drilling into the wall. The bottom line is that they make a gate to fit every kind of opening – you just have to look and be willing to spend the money. You can also call a baby-proofing company if you don’t want to search for the exact gate. It’s worth the price. They only get more mobile and barricades don’t work.

  83. Jennifer says:

    My 8 month old recently fell down 13 carpeted stairs onto tile. I did not witness the fall so I felt it necessary to call an ambulance. I’m a nurse and knew to hold her head and neck in place just in case there was any neck fracture. I was encouraged by the fact she was moving all 4 limbs and crying but you never know if there could be hidden bleeding going on in their head. The ER ran CT scans of her head and neck and everything was fine. Always use your best judgement!! I would never have forgiven myself if she got seriously ill subsequent to the fall b/c I didn’t seek treatment.

  84. Michelle says:

    Today my 2 yr old son fell down our flight of stairs. the gate was up and he pushed on it and fell with it. the gate has not been reliable for some days and should have gotten a new one. Thankfully our other gate was up from going upstairs ( keeping dog downstaris) It sits a few steps up. he landed next to it stopping him from hitting the tile floor. I was a few feet away turning off our tv when i heard the gate give out. I ran down after him calling his name and panaking. He was crying and moving. I grabbed him and held him on the stairs. made sure he could move his arms and legs. didn’t see blood and he was fine after a few minutes ready to play. kids are amazing! I feel so much better reading this and knowing I’m not alone and he will be ok.

  85. Jadez says:

    thanks so much for this, my son just fell down the stairs. He is 2 years old, i took the baby gate down to go downstairs and get the laundry. I brought his bed sheets back up and went down the hall to make his bed. within seconds I heard him fall and realized immediately I had forgotten to put the gate back up.
    He was fine, he stopped crying within a minute or two. however, My heart is still in my throat 20 minutes later..!!!

  86. George says:

    Crazy! My two year old daughter just fell down 16!!! hardwood stairs to land on a hard wood floor and not a scratch, bruise or bump! She goes up and down them on her own ALL the time, and today was the day…I saw it happen and it was in SLOW MOTION. Crying and scared but in 5 minutes it was business as usual. Wish I was quicker to stop the fall at the end…as it was the only place she “bumped” her head. No big bump or knot, but scared Daddy for sure!

  87. brittany says:

    thanks for sharing this! my 1 year old fell down the stairs today and I have been freaking out! this made me feel alot better….she playing, eating, and walking normally and all smiles as usual 🙂 so thanks!

  88. Joe. says:

    my 19month old fell today. Left her upsatirs with my sister whom we were visiting and she sneaked to the stairs which she has been trying to. I was feeling guilty that and out of every thing i read online this comforted me. Thank you

  89. Kelly Madigan says:

    I was looking for some comfirmation concerning the severity of a childs fall down stairs. My mind logically tells me that it is likely not serious, but my heart is obsessing over it. My 15 month old has suffered, from being dropped on his head while I fell asleep, a small electric shock from a plug he pulled out, and today he fell down three wooden stairs. All on my watch. He has exhausted us and today I neglected to shut the basement door after trying to put him down for three hours. I really appreciate the post and will return to read more in the future.

    thank you. p.s he has been a difficult baby who has exhausted his parents. poor boy has suffered from every minor problem and we are still trying to diagnosis the root of all his problems. I had not slept for weeks when I fell asleep in our glider with him. I still feel horrible.

  90. deann says:

    my just turned four daughter feel down the stairs this past march. she had fallen off her bike a couple weeks before that and had her arm in a splint when she feel face first into the landing of the stairs. she jumped up and was fine. the next day she ended up with two black eyes and bruises on her neck and ears. she and my 10 year old son were taken away by the state we live in because they did not believe the bruises where from a fall down the stairs.

  91. Elizabeth says:

    I left the cellar door open when my daughter (18 months) was napping this morning and forgot about it when we got back from running errands later on. I got her up from her highchair after lunch and she usually runs around in the hall while I clean up. I heard some terrible thumps and then a cry and got there just to see her hit the bottom — a cement floor. We had a little mat, but not much of a cushion. I don’t think I screamed, I just ran and picked her up, immediately checked for broken bones, took her upstair and gave her her pacifier. I turned on a soothing cartoon and she probably stopped crying about five to ten minutes later. I checked her over and she seems fine. I did not take her to the doctor, but this article and these posts make me feel a little better. She was a bit lethargic, but she had a bad night of sleep last night and only a short nap and I think the crying and shock wore her out. I feel so awful for not only leaving the door open, but also letting her wander to where I couldn’t see her. I don’t know how I will sleep tonight.

  92. Gil says:

    My 2 year old son fell down on a hard concrete stairs, and suffered head injury with broken nose.. He cried and concious.. Ct scanned and xrayed him and all positive/good result.. Hes now under observation.. He talks and smile now.. Hoping he’d be ok..

  93. Laura says:

    my 15 month fell down 12 stairs onto a tiled floor last night. Yes my intial reaction was scream and shout out, though i did not see it i heard it and keeping envisioning it in my head. Without a second of a thought we called the ambulance and they took him into the A&E dept. They bathed and cleaned his carpet burn wounds to his face and checked him all over. The doctor was happy that there were no sustained injuries due to the fact that children relax when they fall and are more supple and flexible than adults. I question an article like this with no background knowlege of the author, however all that has been said was told to me by the A&E doctor. Cases of vomiting would be due to concussion and would suggest you checking that the child is alreat when woken and walking. Why risk anything though have them checked out by A&E or doctor.

  94. H says:

    thank you. the hubs and i feel so much better now.

  95. Nic Steer says:

    My 16 month old just fell down our whole fight of stairs tonight and landed on our hardwood floor. I was at the top and just couldn’t get to him in time. SO horrible to watch him tumbling and me feeling so completely helpless. Like many others he was fine and up and running and giggling moments later but it just keep playing over and over in my head. It’s been really helpful reading all the comments and finding others feeling as tramatised and guilty as me. Will be sleeping with the moniter on full volume 2nite and checking regularly – how stressful it is bringing up children!

  96. Nic Steer says:

    Ps. I screamed the whole time he was falling – u just think the worst

  97. Crystal says:

    Thank you, so much. My two year old fell down the stairs today, toppled head over heels. I was holding a baby and couldn’t get to him. I did scream the entire time but since I read this I feel a lot better. The information from the study is so reassuring. He wasn’t even crying afterward until he saw ME crying. Escaped with a few bruises and no other obvious harm.

  98. Maria says:

    omg! i just noticed my 18 month son ran faster before i could catch him and he fell down the stairs 3 steps. I grabbed him felt so guilty also he was up and running! again thanks this was so scary for me being a first time mom of a two year old this helped me allot.. Sorry! i did yelled OMG! with his name was in shock.. Thank you!

  99. Joan says:

    My year old grandaughter fell down a whole flight of stairs to the cellar today. I thought the door was latched but somehow she got it open. I was so scared but just ran down and scooped her up and held her. After 10 minutes of crying and being scared she seems fine. Thank you so much for this site and the reassurance that this happens to many others. I am still feeling guilty and thankful that she is OK.

  100. RAMESH says:

    Very useful, helpful and informative. Thanks a lot. My grand son fell last night.

  101. mahjong says:

    This is the appropriate weblog for anybody who needs to find out about this topic. You notice so much its virtually laborious to argue with you (not that I truly would want…HaHa). You definitely put a new spin on a subject thats been written about for years. Great stuff, simply great!

  102. TimT says:

    Anyone with common sense and a basic understanding of physics should realize that babies due to their size, shape etc are less likely to sustain an injury when falling down stairs then adults.

    That said, it would be absolutely foolhardy and irresponsible for people to take such a thing occurring lightly. Just because the child looks okay, does not mean they haven’t sustained a serious injury (concussion etc). If you didn’t witness the fall and cannot be sure whether the infant’s head took a good knock then I would be VERY diligent about observing the child over the next few days.

  103. jemmie says:

    I am so so so relived to read this post … I was walking up the stairs with my 17 month old when we finally reached the top i held his hand and our cat came flying out the bedroom and wiped him clean out of my hand they both went tumbling down together. Luckily no broken bones no bleeding screamed instantly and stood up himself after … my only concern is now since the fall 3 days ago hes not eaten anything (drinking fine though) been sick once and constantly crying … could this be from the fall or could this just be a bug that happens to of been caught right after the fall. He has been going to bed at 4pm each day and sleeping til 10am next morning, surely this is too much … im getting really worried …

  104. marya says:

    thank you for this info it helped a lot that means my child is fine yet i feel so ashamed

  105. Anonymous says:

    I feel better when I read this. However, I will keep my eye on her to make sure she is okay for a couple of days.

  106. Anonymous says:

    my granddaughter, who was strapped into her highchair, was visiting and somehow got out of the belt and fell onto the floor. Very scary. She was crying when we picked her up so we lay her on the bed and felt her head and neck area and then undressed her and looked for any bruises, bumps or bulges. She had a slight bump on her head, but no concavity and everything was working fine. Just to be on the safe side we observed her for sudden sleepiness/tiredness for a few hours and through the night we checked on her. But children are resilient, Thank God, and she was fine. Good advice here-but there can be the additional things to look for as I listed.

  107. Jenn says:

    Thank you so much for your posting. We are visiting family away from home. My children have been fascinated with there stairs. We’ll long be hold the 2 year old fell this morning down the whole flight. My reaction screamig! She has three big eggs on her forhead.

  108. Chloe says:

    Hey,i fell down the stairs yesterday and i think i’ve sprained my arm im 10 BTW and i dont know what to do my arm hurts alot

  109. Chloe says:

    thanks on this articale it really helped!

  110. After baby fall next day I found outer portion of left side of head in small area skin become smooth & small amount of blood clot.I showd to Doctor he checked & told some small injury Blood clot happened but it will become O.k after 2 weeks, since baby is playing & O.K.

    Please suggest in future any effect due to this ? after few years..?

  111. Anon. says:

    My 18 month old Son just rolled down the stair a few minutes ago and I feel so ashamed and guilty as that was one of my fears, I do feel better reading this he rolled sideways down the stairs and I tried to catch him in time but by the ime I got their he was already at the end of the stairs. Thanks for he information

  112. Chris says:

    Thanks very much for the posting….set my mind at ease.
    My 13 month old son climbed upstairs after his brother (stair-gate must not have caught properly) and I was horrified as I saw what appeared to be him cartwheeling head over tail down the stairs like a rag-doll.
    Luckily the stairs are carpeted and he landed upright at the bottom, but I was convinced he must have been seriously injured. Just cried a little from the shock and has a bit of a bruise on his forehead..thank goodness..!!

  113. Julie says:

    my 16 month old son fell yesterday at a friend place we grabbed him before he hit the bottom..he cried right afterwards so I wasn’t to worried until he started to vomit after his third time vomitting we called the paramedics and where there in know the time we got the CHEO (Children’s hospital) he was sick again in the ambalance and was sick again while the dr examined him..he has no major injuries except for being nauses which they say is normal for children who have a he has slept all day didn’t eat only drank water..I was told this was normal but I have to say am in still in shock and can’t forgive myself maybe once he get’s better I will feel better about the situation. am hoping by tomorrow he is better

  114. paige says:

    omg i felt so bad my baby just fell down the steps and he acted fine after he cried and i brought him to my grandmas home where my mother was to ask for help and advice she said he seemed fine but i still felt bad that it happened but now that i see this page im better because i was worried if something might have happened inside his body after it had happened

  115. meg says:

    my sister slipped and flipped all the way down the stairs i read this and she is just fine

  116. sueee says:

    omg my 10 month old climbed up the stairs then my, who went upstairs yelled all they downstairs to get my attention cuz i was cleanin up the living room and as my mom yelled she scared my daughter and boom boom boom 6x and as she was fallin my mom was yellin ahhhhh ooohhh scaring her more so by the time she hit the floor she wass soo scarred and i grabbed her and held her then went to see if anything was broke.. nothing jus a lil redness in her above both her eyebrows and under 1 eye and a lil rug burn above her eyebrow. ugghh idk why mom yelled for my attention she knows tha my daughter goes buck wild when any1 else…i was soo scared an my mom freakin out made everything worst

  117. D's Mommy says:

    Thank you so so much for this article and all who have posted comments. My 9 mo old daughter just fell down the stairs and I’m still shaking as I try to calm down! She seems fine and is already harassing her big brother. She has a bump on her forehead and is acting like her normal chipper self. I feel horrible all the same though. I was so neurotic about making sure my son never had a fall and here I am hearing my little girls head hit the floor. But it’s comforting in a weird sort of way to know I’m not alone on this one. Makes all the difference.

  118. Anonymous says:

    im still unsure about my daughters fall.. she slipped ..fell down a flight of stairs and the second to bottom step broke as she landed on her back.. she suffered a black out and spine damage.. this was a few months back now, she is 11 years old.. and has to take pain killers daily,somtimes unable to get out of bed.. she is in pain every day and can only walk short distances before pain kicks in.. its very upsetting to see her like this as i cant do anything to help her bt comfort her when she is in pain. im still waiting for my housing association to fix the step that snapped off with her fall.. its been a few months since it happened and was reported to housing association the day after she come out of hospital. im still a nervous wreck when any my children come down stairs

  119. Anonymous says:

    i just fell down the steps and i screemed all the way down what can you do ? just let your self go i went to hospital with a brocken back my sis watched it all happen she was horrified.

  120. Ella says:

    Flight of carpeted stairs? Imagine how I feel when my brother (not even one year) just fell down wooden, posssibly pointy, stairs and landed on to the concrete floor in our backyard.I have to wait what the doctors and my parents at the hospital say. I swear I’m going to die 🙁

  121. Ed says:

    Wow! Yesterday, my 12 month toddler stood up on the gate and fell…maybe 5 to 6 steps of carpeted stairs. He cried while a put him into the car seat and headed to the ER. I was in shocked. While registering my child, I couldn’t remember my son’s name or birthday. My Doc confirmed that the chance of serious injury was slim. At that moment when I knew he would be fine, I fell apart and cried uncontrollably. I’m a big guy, and probably quite a sight for the Doc. He said that he gets that a lot, especially from Dads. Dads seem to be more guilt ridden. Not sure that this is true, but nonetheless all is very well! Hope this story helps another guilt-ridden parent!

  122. crazymommy says:

    thank you so much for this post and the stats listed.. my 2.5 yr old just took a tumble down a flight of wooden stairs.. about 8.. didn’t sound hard until the end.. of course i flipped.. she cried for about 3 minutes… we checked her eyes, ears, quizzed her on name, address, birthday.. all in check.. still, called dr.. he said no way to brining her to the hospital.. just keep eye on vomitting or complaining of headache.. that and this article making me feel better.. but she will be sleeping with me tonight and tomorrow night.. worst feeling ever..

  123. Angela says:

    My 15 month old fell down a flight of basment stairs today, when I went to the bathroom fo 10 sec she managed to push over the baby gate and fall….I heard her screaming and she had a lot of blood coming from her mouth. She had her pacifier in so i think when she hit the hard floor below her pacifer cut her gums…this happened two hours ago she seems ok her mouth a little sore and a little bruise above her mouth…this article made me feel a lot better but i am still going to worry for the next few days cuz she is so little.

  124. Ebonee says:

    I can concur with this article. I fell down

  125. Ebonee says:

    I can concur with this article. I fell down the stairs while holding my daughter. She cried it out, ate, and played with everybody around her. While I suffered from a fractured tail bone and bruised ribs.

  126. LA says:

    This happened today to my 16 month old, she fell down a flight of stairs and has a bump on her forehead but is fine so far. Carpeted stairs and hardwood at the bottom.

  127. Angela says:

    I’m so thankful for this article! My 21 month old son fell from the halfway point of our stairs today. All I could do was watch. it was horrifying. I held it together until I could look him over and then he thought I was crazy because I just burst into tears (after he was over it already!!). Still dealing with guilt.

  128. emy says:

    thanks for this article, felt better after reading this.

  129. tin says:

    my 1 yr and 2mos old nephewjust fell from the stairs we were all worried and screaming because it s indeed a high stairs.he never stops crying,.he got few bruises and bump on his forehead..his mouth was bleeding..after reading this article and i shared it to his father who ws so worried and hysterical..thanks for the article..i was able to calm him…

  130. jhovz says:

    my eleven months daughter feel down the stairs,while iam cleaning something in the room,she had nose bleeding after the accident,and she feel drowsy,i search something information to know what is the best way thing to do because im really new mother,then i read you article so i did not worry more..

  131. Candice says:

    Thank you all for making me feel better!!! My 13 month old daughter just fell down 8 hard wood stairs and I feel aweful considering I was only a foot away from her. I am sure I will be checking on her often tonight which will result in not much sleep. But I will take it just to know she is ok. Thanks again.

  132. mary says:

    this article helped me, i had bouts if my daughter was ok or not she fell off some very very high slide she almost fainted

  133. pradeep says:

    my son is falling down on the floar.he is 15 months old. every time he will skip and falls on the floar.his back of the head will forcefully reach the floar and he will cry like there any danger of frequent falling and frequent strocks of head.. plz plz do reply

  134. Anonymous says:

    First, DO NOT PICK UP any child, person or being who has fallen. If they can easily get up and come to you, fine! Sit and cradle them in your lap and check them out. Otherwise, ask them where it hurts and if they can move or what they can’t move. Observe the child and the situation, if they fell down a few steps onto a carpeted landing, they may be just fine, but if they went down a flight of stairs to a concrete or marble floor, have some sense and get them checked out! You can’t see internal injuries and a minor concussion may not be noticeable by you but repeated minor concussions can be very harmful and even deadly.

  135. Think for yourself says:

    This author is an idiot. Never assume all is fine just because they are LESS LIKELY to be injured in a fall.

    Yes accidents happen but not seeking medical advice because an article said they should be fine, is totally negligent and completely asinine!

  136. Chris says:

    I fell down stairs today ad didn’t know what to do this help me and you might want to add dont let people laugh it’s serious

  137. Mikala says:

    When I was four, the power went out in our house and I was in the kitchen playing with magnets on the fridge and my step dad,mom,bro and sis(older) were in the living room on the couch. They told me to walk to them. I walked and went to close the basement door so I wouldn’t fall, but when i went to close the door, it wasn’t there. I free-fell head first down hardwood stairs tumbled and landed on a concrete florr silent. I was so scared of the basement and no one was there i went into shock. My mom came down and then she never checked me took me to the doctor. All i know is that ever since that happened it’s like I just turned off, I became autistic and very slow and still have difficulty socializing, talking in conversations, and I just fell brain dead. Theres nothing I can do. My mom is like that she just doesn’t care. I mean my parents divorced when I was 2 and my development was impaired and i never really developed into an individual soul or person I’m just stuck like from where i was born…i never grew.

  138. Mikala says:

    I can’t even explain how parental neglect and abandonement feels to a child.
    My mom made me feel like a burden it was burden to her to ask for food because i hadnt eaten all day, her parents didnt do that to her. I am so fearful just to provide myself with needs let alone wants. I just can’t believe my mother just ignored me when I cried didn’t feed me, she actually videotaped like a hour of me hysterically crying and never once picked me up touched me, just video taped, her consciounce was totally focused on herself or she is psycho.

  139. Anonymous says:

    And when a child falls down especially uncarpeted and a lot of stairs head first and lands on a hard surface, take your child to the doctor because even though they didnt break any bones or bleed from a cracked skull, the brain could have been damaged inside…

    A child that will love was shown and taught love.

    How to show love:
    Feed your child
    Hold your child
    Engage with the child
    Develop a strong relationship with the child
    Do not let the child sit infront of the TV all the time
    Discipline the child and not being lenient or like oh whatever goes…not going to work out in the long run
    Parent- you have a responsibility…do it its called PARENTING.
    Stay with your partner
    teach your child according to his or her development stages about relationships, why we love, why we care, why we share, why we give, what our needs are.
    Never neglect or not parent them nor abandon
    Show them you are invested in their time and future.
    Plan meals, play dates, sports activities, family game nighht, vacations, birthday parties, homework time, play time.
    Schedule have a structure

    Have a good manly role model and a nurturing woman role model.

    Bad parenting starts with the dynamics between the mom and dad. You can’t just pop babies out and expect them to be fine on their own w/o you really playing a role in their life and half assing everything and being selfish.

  140. Dominique says:

    My 1 y/o boy actually got pushed down the stairs by a 2 y/o girl he landed in a sitting position it scared the hell out of me so I flew down the steps like a bat out of hell screaming how did my baby fall nobody wanted to tell me because I was so upset at the time but I calmed down and did an examination and everything is fine thanx for the info it really helpedme relax a little

  141. Bo says:

    First, thanks to the author. This article rocks, and most of us appreciate it very much!!! 🙂

    Second, you should read the whole study summary he’s referencing. Here are some important facts in the summary that should have been mentioned (but remember, this study is only on children who were actually taken into the ER/doctor’s office/etc.):


    86% had injuries

    6% had multiple injuries

    71% has head/neck injuries


    Looking on the bright side, 14% of children taken in after falling down the stairs had NO injuries.

    I guess the most important thing is to trust your gut.

    I feel like total crap because my little almost 2 year old son just fell down 8 carpeted stairs on my watch 🙁 I only saw the end of the fall, which seemed pretty harmless (i.e., sideways rolling), but still…

    I apparently teleported to the bottom of the stairs and probably startled him even more by freaking out. He cried, about as hard as he does when he bonks his head on other things (tables, floors, you know…) He calmed down, happily drank his juice, and crawled into bed. There was no stopping the bedtime, he was already exhausted.

    I checked him out a little, and checked his head for bumps, etc. My gut says he’s fine. My wife thinks so too (I’m actually being the more dramatic one…)

    Here’s the full summary I mentioned before (not to freak you out, but to give you the full flavor):


    C. Henson, N. Yousef, E. Curtis, C. de San Lazaro. Royal Victoria Infirmary,Newcastle upon Tyne.
    Objectives: To determine the type, distribution and severity of injuries
    sustained when preschool children fall downstairs.
    Method: We examined 14 212 Accident and Emergency records
    from a district general hospital to identify those children aged 4 years
    and under who presented between 1st January 1999 and 30th June 2001 following a fall downstairs. Data collected included age,
    gender, details of the fall, the type and site of the injuries and the outcome of the visit to Accident and Emergency.
    Results: 437 children, 202 girls and 232 boys, were identified.
    27 falls occurred in children under 9 months and 310 falls (71%)
    occurred in the early mobile age group (12 to 36 months). 387 falls
    (89%) occurred in the child’s home. There were 402 injuries in 376
    children. 28 children (6%) sustaining more than 1 injury. 287 injuries
    (71%) affected the head and the neck and 94 injuries, (23%) a distal
    limb. Only 6 children (1%) sustained proximal limb fractures. There
    were no rib fracture. There were no deaths or severe injuries such as
    cerebral haemorrhages/tears, visceral trauma or spinal fractures.
    Conclusions: Severe injuries and death do not occur as a result of
    falls down stairs. The pattern of injury is peripheral with sparing of the
    trunk. Multiple injuries are rare. Therefore the presence of severe
    injury or multiple injuries, especially those involving the trunk, should
    be viewed with suspicion.

  142. Dianna Ortiz says:

    So glad I read this! My 18 month old is often upstairs playing with her older brothers. Even while I’m getting chores done downstairs I’m a nervous wreck that one of my sons will leave the room and forget to shut the door and then she’ll decide to follow and attempt going down the stairs. It hasn’t happened yet, thank God, and reading this helped me feel a bit more hopeful should such an event happen. I definitely feel more prepared for such an incident but I will still be on the look out to make sure it doesn’t happen! God bless!

  143. Eric says:

    You could always put up a gate and then you would have less to worry about.

  144. Brittney says:

    My newly 1 year old has been walking for a bout a month now and had escaped out of my bedroom to the hallway and feel down the stairs. Honestly she cried less than i did literally! as soon as i picked her up and made it back to my room she was fine. I checked her over and have not noticed anything out of the ordinary. Than you for this post it has helped me so much!!! Thank god she had a Doctor appointment anyway in 2 days!

  145. Eric says:

    Glad to hear that she is fine and I happy you found this post useful.

  146. Amanda says:

    Thank yo so much for this post! My 13 month old son fell down the stairs yesterday morning. I ran down the stairs and didn’t scream but still said “Oh my G-D!” My 4 year old was the one who saw him go down and yelled Mommy! I ran down the stairs and scooped him up, he was crying and moving, I stripped him down to his diaper and looked him over he seemed fine. I called my husband and my son’s doctor who said I should bring him to the ER and I lost it again then we called my SIL (who has 6 kids) she had told us how to check for dilation of his eyes we did and he’s fine. The scene kept playing out in my head. Thank you for the post I feel a lot better now reading your post and other mom’s posts too!

  147. Anonymous says:

    seriously i am so grateful to have read this article and all of the following posts…my 2.5 month old daughter had THE worst first christmas that anyone can imagine…I had just arrived at a christmas party and she was sleeping in her car seat…I had just fed her in the vehicle before we came in and didnt do up her security belts…we first walked in and I thought maybe I should take her out of her carseat, then I was like no shes sleeping I will let her thing I was walking 2-3 steps down these steep carpeted stairs and it was like a movie/dream and I thought the blanket had just fallen out of the car seat…but it was my daughter and she was rolling down all 10 steps on her side…my instinct kicked in and I didnt realize it at the time but I let go of the car seat and ran after her…she cried directly after and I checked all of her limbs and spine and everything was fine…I was worried about her poor little brain and so we went to Emergency (christmas day) …they said everything was fine but to watch out for the next 24 hrs for any signs of a brain injury…PRAISE THE LORD 24 hrs is over and in the past 24 hrs she has been herself <3 I cant stop replaying the moment in my mind and thinking how stupid I was and why didnt I just take her out of the carseat or do up the belts…anyways this article made me feel a LOT better!! thank you

  148. Eric says:

    Wow a really frightening story. My goodness. Thank G-d she is alright. Its definitely helped that that the stairs were carpeted.

  149. kk says:

    my 3 yr old siter fell down a flight of stairs and it was a horrible site i just did not know what to say she has a big bruise on the forehead and acarpet burn on left eye but she is ok she screamed loudly we took her to the er 10 min after the fact this website made me feel alot better thank you

  150. Anonymous says:

    My 14 Month old fell down stairs four days ago and im still so freaked out, he cried right away and is fine except for a carpet burn on his right eye and nose but the guilt and shame you feel as a parent is unbelieveable, im still having nightmares and i will never forget the noise of hearing my baby fall down stairs like other parents i thought the safety gate was closed when it couldnt have been shut right, but this article is so amazing and although i still feel traumatized this article gives you such reassurance that your child is ok, many mant thanks xx

  151. Evans says:

    I hope everyone who has posted along with feeling relief that their child has not done any permanent damage, does something to prevent this from happening again. As an accident prevention consultant with over 35 years of experience I find it incredible that so many of these kinds of accidents continue to happen so often. A simple solution is a set of gates on your stairs, one at the top, and one at the bottom. These can be bought, or if you do not have much money can be made easily from pine. Do make sure that the catch on the gate is child proof, as this will also help protect the not so young children from having the same misfortune. I hope you do not find this post offensive, as I would be failing in myself as a person by not mentioning what can be done to both avoid this happening in the first place, and in many cases, again.

  152. Eric says:

    Hi Evans, thanks for the comment. I agree. When our kids were little we had a gate the top and bottom of the stairs. What people need to understand is that many gates that people purchase are not intended for stairs but rather to keep a child in or out of a room. Far too many people use these gates for stairs.

    Do you have a link for instructions on how to make such a proper stair gate? Feel free to post it in a comment.

  153. uk car insurance short term says:

    I’m really impressed along with your writing skills as well as with the structure for your blog. Is that this a paid subject or did you modify it your self? Either way stay up the excellent quality writing, it is uncommon to look a great weblog like this one these days..

  154. gianne says:

    My 2 year old daughter just fell on the stairs 8 hrs. ago, after that she was ok and acts like normal no bruises and no bleeding but i’m so worried coz she puked after 6 six hrs. i supposed to bring her to the emergency but when i read your post it made feel better. Thank you very much and more power.

  155. Anonymous says:

    my 11month baby fill down my friends basement stairs…luckly there was lots of laundry down at the end of the stairs..he was crying for 10 min..put a ice on his head where he was bruised, the bump, and bruise went away, and he back to him self..playing with his brother…but still going to the doc’s just to have him checked…thank you for this site..i can finally relax just alittle..i felt so bad, guilty..god bless u all..

  156. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been having dreams about my son falling off the stairs and i cant find a gate to keep my son away from the stairs. I need to either duck tape it or order parts for a gate because my housde is very out and it has metal metal gate with no wall, can’t really discrib it but i have so much stress thinking he would fall cuz my stairs is very high!

  157. Monica says:

    My 2 year old was sleeping. i forgot that i removed the gate. i was downstairs fixing breakfast. He was on a little chair on top of the stairs. he yelled “hello mommy”. i ran to get him but i only saw him slip from the little chair and bounce half the stairway. he cried and had a bloddy nose. he hit his nose and has a swollen eye.
    I cuddled him for 10 min until his bloody nose stopped, checked for any broken bones and checked his head, neck and his eyes for correct response to the light. he seems fine now. The most horrible sight in the world to watch your child fall.

  158. Anonymous says:

    phew! feel better now!

  159. April says:

    My 3yr old son fell out of a shopping cart and landed on his forehead the floor was concrete. He cried for a little while and his forehead was red but there is no swelling. What should I do to make sure he is ok. This happened about 11/2 ago he fell asleep about 15 min ago. What are some of the things I should look for to make sure he is ok ?

  160. Shay says:

    Wow my 3yo fell down the steps today (hardwood) . He was ok nothing bleeding or swollen but I can’t sleep and feel like the worst mom ever for not preventing this from happening :-(. It is such a horrible feeling to watch your child get hurt in any type of way. I can’t stop reliving that moment. Thanks for the post I feel 50% better!!!

  161. David Darmitzel says:

    Thank you so much….

  162. Anonymous says:

    Whew. Glad this post is still here. That unmistakeable thump thump is a nightmare in the making. Panic reaction is still in effect.

  163. i dont want to do this says:

    i havent got one

  164. Vicki says:

    My 17 month old fell down 13 steep stairs at her Grans, and I am beside myself with worry, scared to let her sleep worrying about brain bleed, but this has put me at ease. She only cried briefly and they were carpeted stairs. She’s been running about fine and has has a nap and woke up no problem.
    Thank you x

  165. Eric says:

    Hi Vicki,

    I am happy to hear that my article put you to ease. Thanks for the positive feedback.

  166. Heather says:

    My 13month also fell downthe stairs today and I haven’t been able to get my mind right this morning.. My head has been hurting so bad that I can’t focus her at work.. but I’m glad I read this post… thanks I feel better!

  167. jeri says:

    my 14 mo old fell today from a 13 carpeted steps and landing on his left side; he sustained a huge bruise on his forehead, cried right after the fall for a good 5 minutes then went to sleep right away; as he was sleeping I noticed a few twitches of his right leg; i then decided to take him to the ER; on our way to the ER he woke up and noticed abnormal eye movements called nystagmus, horizontal, that made me more concerned. I am a nurse practitioner but it was the mothers instinct that I was practicing more. I do agree with the author as well as some of the few parents who said that seeking medical attention should be on the top of your list when head injury happens especially to smaller kids who can,t communicate well. Sure CT scan is not always necessary, however a physical assessment and examination by a medical practitioner is important. Because there is such a thing as a close head injury where you don’t see any obvious bleed. My personal advice is to at the very least call your child’s peds and observe any changes in your childs behavior and neurological status for 2-3 days with 24 hours being critical period for closer monitoring. Most importantly, pray.
    As far as my son goes, CT was not needed to be done and we were discharged home with above instructions. Yes, this article helped me calm down further knowing stats for TBI after a good fall are small and I should not beat myself up too much. Thank you all for sharing.

  168. Anonymous says:

    Hello my son fell yesterday… We where walking and i did get distracted. He was trying to open his cookie bag. Suddenly he did a back flip on a underground basement doors. When i turned around i expected the worst ;-( luckily my son had landed on his feet half way on the concrete stairs… He has a bruise on his back. He obviously cried but he was able to walk and actually it looked like if nothing happened because he did his normal stuff like in the daily basis he plays or bends over to grab something and its a soft/lightly pain. But im still scared and worried. What should i do?

  169. anne says:

    This a big help! I felf relieved. My 5 year old son has just fell from the topmost part of our stairs. The signs i’ve just read has taught me not to panick. He suffered a very big bump though on his head and a big bruise on his cheek. My son even said ” i wish i was spiderman” right after crying.

  170. Erica says:

    This article helped me so much, my daughter just fell down the stairs and is ok thank goodness but i felt so nervous still and guilty. Thanks for posting this and all the comments of people in similar situations.

  171. Charlene says:

    My 3 year old daughter fell from top step tO bottom today down 13 steps, landing on concrete at the bottom banging her head. She cried afterwards and seemed ok, but i took her the doctors to be sure. but I was so frightened as I tried to chase her to catch her as she fell. I was right next to her when she started to fall and I feel so guilty. Not even sure what happened at the top. But thankyou for this post it’s 3:45 am and I’m still worried about her. I think I’ll try sleep after reading this post. Thankyou

  172. Rose says:

    Thanks so much for this article. My 16 mon old son fell down a flight of stairs about six hours ago at my parents house. My dad open the door to the basement and my son was standing there, I went to grab him and he stepped down and fell all the way down. I ran after him and of course I did the OMG he was crying, but stopped after I picked him up. My mom yelled at me which made me feel worst. I was standing right there and should had reacted much faster. I feel so guilty that my baby could been injured. My dad checked him to make sure he was okay his neck, arms, legs etc. No bruises or bumps. My son got down from my lap and start dancing and clapping his hands, but I still feel terrible. Right now I’m still worried about him, so to stay up I’m sleeping in the living room with him to watch over him tonight. This article did ease my mind a lot. Again thanks for the article!

  173. Nameless & Ashamed says:

    My 18 month old fell down some stairs today at the Museum. I was following him and as we left the exhibit I was surprised to find a flight of steps which he attempted to run down. He only fell down about 4 stairs, but I was in shock as I chased him down the stairs. I can’t get the thought of him falling out of my mind. He’s so fast. I feel really awful. I should have been closer to him. I’m happy that he does not appear to be seriously hurt, but I am going to be monitoring him closely. My wife is leaving for a trip in two days and I can’t tell her because i don’t want her to worry. The guilt from not telling her is killing me, but I think it is best that I wait till she return from her trip.

    I did report the incident to the museum and express a concern about the design. I communicated that the open stairs so close to the exhibit were a danger to young kids. The reaction from the museum official was that the structure is built for small and old alike. Unfortunately they have lots of falls and there is nothing that can be done about the physical structure/design of the museum. Oh well at least I learned a very painful lesson about toddlers and hopefully, I can be even more diligent in the future. I want to learn from this experience.

  174. rachel says:

    My 5’4″ in daughter age 12 fell down three wooden steps to a cement floor hitting her right bk hip on the corner of the step denting the wood. She scraped it really good. I havent taken her to the dr yet, however sincr its going on day three she is still in a great deal of pain when she walks and sits. Am i being paranoid for kinda worrying that maybe she cracked her hip?

  175. Eric says:

    I think you should definitely take her to the doctor. If she was much smaller I would say it would be fine but she is the size of an adult.

  176. Nandy says:

    My 19 month old fell or should I say flipped body over head down about 6 carpeted stairs. She cried right away no bumps or bruises and within minutes was laughing and playing like normal. She ate dinner and is now sleeping. How many times should I wake her up? This has to be the scariest thing….replaying her falling over and over in my mind and being so close but not close enough to grab her and keep her from hitting the next step…..ugh it makes me so sad!

  177. Abigail says:

    Oh my god this site saved my life !!! My baby did NOT fall but almost did and I have been toturing myself endlessly (I tend to be anxious). She is 19 months and we were on a playdate. I did not realize a door near the play area was the door to the basement and within seconds of me simply turning to grab her sippy she was standing at the top of the open basement door (dont even ask why the person who owns the house did not say anything or close it.. I took safety at another person’s house way too for granted). I got her in time, but what was so scary was these basement stairs had no enclosures or railings ! OMG what if she flipped and fell off the SIDE ! 10 feet? Who knows… it is one thing to fall down a closed carpetted staircase but this was scary. The bottom line is I realized we rely way too much on gates. My daughter is exceptionally bright, but even normal kids can be taught things like don’t touch a hot stove. It never dawned on me to tell her to “wait for mommy” at the top of stairs and such !! All weekend we have been practicing safely going down stairs ! I have quized her about 90 times. WOW !! Wake up call and a gaurdian angel… thanks again for this site that really eased my mind !

  178. Alex says:

    My 3 year old got to the top of the stairs today, holding on and walking up one step at a time and she still managed to slip when she reached the top. I heard a noise and looked round to see her disappearing on her front which then turned into a roll all the way down to the bottom. She cried and I screamed out and legged it after her expecting to find broken bones, however she is fine apart from 2 bumps on her head. I’m glad I found this site and it has put my mind at rest. I regret shouting out ‘oh my god!’ But it was just a natural reaction. Hopefully I won’t have to go through this again!

  179. briceida M says:

    My son [18months) fell down the stairs well like 4steps he was holding my husbands hand but he wanted to gi down by hisself so he let go of his dads hand and that’s when he fell I did over react i screamed he was crying for a little bit and was bleeding in his mouth but now he playing ariund normal and laughing so I think he’s OK reading this makes me feel much better though cause I was feeling guilty

  180. Liz Taylor says:

    My 2 year old daughter has just fell down a flight of stairs from top to bottom she is fine in her self she has a bruise on her head as well as a bump, swollen nose and bruised, and a black eye… Won’t leave her alone now so worried

  181. belle says:

    my darling daughter 6 fell down the whole 13 steps of our stairs yesterday due to our samoyed knocking her. It was so frightening, bought her straight to casualty but apart from a few bruises she is great…honestly i think us mother fare far worse in the situation as u totally panic..

  182. Felecia says:

    Oh my goodness!! I was “that” mom today. My 1 yr old fell down the stairs today it was horrible!!!! We panicked! My husband was on the phone with 911 before I could even pick her up. The paramedics came , the whole 9 yards. She is completely fine. Has a cut and bruise on her eye but very minor. We completely over reacted. BUT it was seriously the scariest thing! I just knew she was going to have a broken neck the way she fell owe and over. Ugh it’s a nightmare on repeat in my head. Awful awful awful. I wish I has read this article one day sooner. Lol.

  183. Eric says:

    “I wish I has read this article one day sooner.”

    Unfortunately, people only find this article after their child falls down stairs.

    But now that you are here, I suggest you read the article on drowning so you know what it looks like.

  184. P Gerow says:

    My 8 month old fell all the way down our stairs today. I didn’t even know she could move as fast as she did, I found her at the top just attempting to crawl down them. Before I could grab her she started falling. I watched her tumble all the way and ran after her. Now, I was a nurses aid for 10 years, five of those in NICU, and I have kept my cool under some crazy emergencies but when I saw my baby girl falling down our never ending stairs I LOST IT! I knew I should stay calm but it’s like I had no control. She is fine, i’m watching for signs of head injury and I keep checking on her in her crib. I feel so horrible I can’t sleep. I close my eyes and I see her tumbling all over again. I had no idea how different it is when it’s your kid. I know she is fine. I know accidents happen. I know there will be more accidents.but I still can’t shake the guilt and trauma..,

  185. Vincenza says:

    My 1 year old removed our baby gate and went down an entire flight of hardwood steps and besides being understandably somewhat shaken, was fine. I almost had a heart attack. He calmed down quickly and was laughing within 5 minutes. I however am still recovering. 🙂
    He also retained no fear of steps.

  186. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much for your post – this totally put my mind at ease.

  187. Theo says:

    My 28 month old son just fell but clung on the rails, after he was trying to ride his tricycle down the stairs. ofcourse he plays with it indoors but somehow sneaked out while i was distracted for a few seconds. my neighbors brought him to me bleeding from the mouth with a very growing bump on his for head. everyone was hysterical except me & my hubby. we massaged the bump & put ice block on the bump. gave him paracetamol & applied cream afterwards. for his mouth we gave salt solution & observed other signs but were none. I was not so guilty because i read another article about raising boys, it said boys are very rough & prone to accidents. it gives a few tips. but wat to do, am a very hands on mom but this still happened. i felt angry with everthing then but i realised it wouldn’t help. only grateful to God & such articles. thanks again

  188. Anonymous says:

    I was looking after my friends 15 month old daughter and she got out of the room and fell down the stairs I have never felt so sick in all my life! I phoned NHS 24 and I took her to A&E they gave her the all clear but I can’t sleep from thinking about it 🙁 she has a massive bruise on her head but she seems happy in herself. This article has made me feel a bit better

  189. kristel says:

    My son got fall down to stairs awhile ago. When i reach him his cryng and crying then 10mins after he got vomit once. When he stop crying he goes back what he normal do which play crawling etc. Then when he got tired from playing he falls asleep. I was worried if he is ok. Or what do i do now? Do i need to go to the doctor. He’s 11month old.

  190. kristel says:

    I still observing him while his sleeping. If he still breathing. Im too worried inside. He got swollen on forehead and i saw a littke blood flowing on his nose. Im not comfortable right now if he is really ok.

  191. CL says:

    My 13 months old felt down the back porch stairs, he push the gate that would supposedly protect him and it slide down with it, 2 big bumps in the head and a lot of dirt in his mouth later as a new mom I simply panicked, thank The Lord he was fine, we took him to the emergency room and he was fine, my mistake.. Not being closer to be able to catch him but panicking did not help at all, keeping calm and focusing on your baby over sterically crying is what you need to do, so follow the steps above – and keep calm! I learned the hard way.

  192. MissyGer says:

    Just need to share we have a one year old boy he is as big as some two year old so very strong walking scince 10m and rode on daddys shoulders lots!! he was on my husbands shoulders today at the zoo when he suddenly took his lil hand out and flung back it happend so fast yet I still see it in slow motion his poor lil head hit that pavement I can not forget that sound!!! E started cryin instantly and honestly was alert the whole time wich was a good sign.. A couple who saw wat happened rushed for help n an ambulance was called.. They checked him over he was alert n calmed down a bit everything seemed ok except for us the parents we were so worried about skull injury.. We saw a doc at emergency that the ambulance brought us too and he was back to normal self, ate food, n was enjoying all the attention… Our boy I can say its only a miricle was ok only a slight bump on head n drowsiness after, I am sharing this with you because I experienced that gut awful feeling today of why did I let that happen, us mothers we r protectors n when out child is injured it kills us. I know this is about stairs and we have not expierenced that yet!! But it’s never wrong to be too safe with toddlers that voice in your head listen to it please if it feels like a gamble don’t!!! Also as a mom that went thru so much fear and tears today I hope u will think twice about lil ones on shoulders. . I don’t want any of u going thru wat we did today!!

  193. Falguni says:

    Last night my son fell down from a kids area KFC.
    the other kids pushed him back, and he fell down from 4 fit height on his back. and his breathing was stopped for few seconds. he could not even cry. he was just looking at me and miming mamma mamma, but no sound. me and my husband was sooo scarred. but we din’t start screaming or crying. he was falling a sleep. but we did not let him sleep, until he speaks to me. after few minutes, with frequent asking question, he said mamma…. until then it was a scary time for us. God saved our son. then we asked him many question, will u eat this or that? he replied. but he was so scared and falling a sleep. then after a while he said ice cream….. we made him sit alone. and hold the ice cream at his own. he took few slurp, and then fell a sleep. the whole night he was under our observation. he did his normal movements, went to toilet with my help too.
    thus we got a lesson. when ever he is on pain or scared, make him speak. ask him frequent question. let him walk, let him do his daily activities. Thanks for reading. I hope this will help others. 🙂

  194. Falguni says:

    one more thing i must request all the parents to teach their kids “sharing”… my son fell down because the other kid was not welling to share the play ground with him. this is not his fault, it’s the parents fault. they din’t teach him to share, and care for others. to let go… it should be taught from the home.

    thanks once again

  195. Irja says:

    My 2.5 year old son fell down 15, wood stairs today at my mothers house. He ended up walking away with just a few bruises, but I was absolutely terrifying for us both.

    We did go to the ER just to be checked out. The doctor said to keep an eye out for the following symptoms that might indicate a more serious head injury:
    1. Passed out for 5 seconds
    2. Persistent vomiting
    3. Excessive tiredness at abnormal times

    If the above are not present (especially the vomiting), the kiddo is likely just fine. Personally, I’d always go get checked out, just to be safe. Who’s cares if the doctor thinks you’re overreacting, or some article on the internet calls your neurotic? It’s your kid. Do what feels right to you.

  196. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the article, I feel better about the baby

  197. Worried says:

    Thanks so much for this article. My daughter just fell down the stairs. She wanted to go downstairs to play music with her dad. She ran Around the corner, and I made it when she was almost at the bottom. She cried for a few mins. And wanted to go back down on her own at that! She was running and playing and I noticed her nose bleeding just a bit. That scared me the most! This article made me feel so much better… She is currently playing the drums (an adult set) and is only 21 mths old…

  198. Anonymous says:

    My daughter (2years) fell from the top of my aunts carpeted stairs from top to bottom she fell frontwards and half way ended up rolling legs over head and then landing on her back I see it all from the top of stairs and yes I was that mum screaming I don’t even no how it happened as I was standing next to her it happened so quickly I run down and my aunt already had hold of my baby she was crying and saying her foot hurt I asked her if anything else was hurting she said no she cried for about 2nins and then she was her normal self but 10 hours later when she went to bed she woke up being sick I don’t no if it had anything to do with the fall cos the next day she wasn’t 100% her self so she could of had a 24hour bug it’s been nearly 3 days since it happened and I still can’t sleep n have flash backs she’s been her normal self but I’m such a worrier I’m thinking about taking her to see gp but think its been 3 days I’ve left it to late I no she’s fine but I just need the reassurance reading this has helped me a lot but as a mum u never stop worrying

  199. leslie says:

    hi my daughter fell from the stairs..we had her xray and the doctor said that there is no injury..after a week my child had swells on her head with pus and her ears somewhat had a wound that it had blood and so scared

  200. Ha! says:

    My 9 mo old fell down our 1 step this morning while I was supposed to be watching her. My the first words out of my wife’s mouth were “OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD I HATE YOU!”.

    Daughter is fine, although sporting a bump. Daddy is wondering about mommy though.

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    Please visit my website as well and tell me how you feel.

  202. Kerryn says:

    My 15 month old just fell down a flight of carpeted stairs. I feel so bad. She never tries to walk down the stairs. I was talking to my sister and then we heard crying and bumping and I realised she had fallen. I was ready to speed off to the hospital but my husband talked me put of it

    She cried for 5 minutes but seems fine when I put her to bed. OMG I freaked out. What sort of person lets a child fall down stairs let alone her own mother. So much shame.

    Reading this helps me feel a little better but still slightly concerned. Don’t think I will sleep much tonight.

  203. Simon says:

    I came on here because i find myself unable to sleep most nights that i have my youngest child stay with me. All that runs through my head is the fact that he could fall down the stairs any time despite the fact that hes 4 and half years old…
    I feel kind of uneasy about stairs and kids, my stairs are enclosed with a concrete wall at the bottom and i dread to think of the damage that could do.

    Couple of things though… someone in comments stated there child was difficult and tires the parents out and always has problems, tumbles n falls etc… maybe your child wouldnt be so “”difficult”” as you put it if you was less careless and more cautious.

    Some people are questioning the validity and credibility of this post… theres a lot of comments from people that this has happened to, they all state there children are fine. Apart from one who said and i quote “”my mum fell down the stairs… she died”” this refers to kids, as they are lighter than adults and more flexible.

  204. tina says:

    my grandson who is 2 fell down a flight of stairs 6 months ago. he had a couple of bruises. but woz fine. both his ears swelled up became red and hot. he had glue ear and chicken pox at the time. took him to a&e just to get him checked. he woz taken by child protection. they think we have picked him up by his ears. we have been accused of child abuse. we are fighting to get him bk. so i know its difficult with toddlers but please dont take ur eye off them.

  205. rashmi says:

    I m really thankful to this article writer today my 10 mths old baby just fell 2 steps down coincidently from walker I ws very guilt.. she cried lot, there s ni bleeding no bums on her body, I think I need more suggestions regarding this.. PLZZ HELP ME I M WORRIED

  206. Caroline Hodgins says:

    Thank you so much for this.I feel so much better after reading this especially as this happened to my little girl.I too giggled at the oh my god bit especially as that was nearly my reaction.

  207. Jessica says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. My 20 month old son just fell down 3 steps. At the bottom he did a front flip and that’s what scared me. I thought the worst automatically. I picked him up and started crying myself, so my fiancé, and mother had to calm me down too. He was clingy a while, and busted his lip. Not too the point he needed stitches though . I don’t think I have ever been that scared. But I know accidents happen. Baby boy is doing fine now. I cried longer than he did actually. He is acting like himself, and I’m more relaxed.

  208. First time Mommy says:

    Thank u all for ur comments. My 10 mnths baby felt off stairs it was a worst nightmare coming true. Went to hospital and going for more tests tomor. Good to know all ur babies are fine 🙂

  209. Heather says:

    This article helped me 2 years ago when my daughter tumbled down the stairs and today when I fell down the flipping steps with my 7 month-old son in my arms. I slipped and he fell out of my arms. Didn’t go too far- at least not to the bottom but dang. I am traumatized. He seems OK, cried for a bit, no bleeding, can move his arms and legs, his eyes track and pupils still constrict and dilate but I’m a wreck.

    Again, thanks for the article x2. Gosh.

  210. Luke says:

    My 2 year old fell all the way down our stairs they are carpeted but they are circle stairs and have metal railing all the way down, I examined him exactly how the article says before finding this and reading all these stories have made us feel better, still contaplating taking to a doc for safe measure considering my oldest was 7 and lacerated his liver in a fourwheeler accident with no external marks except for his face and hands even wearing a full faced helmet.

  211. weston178 says:

    I can’t believe this site called people neurotic for wanting to check for injuries to Your child that fell down a flight of stairs…you people are sick.

  212. Eric says:

    You are right! I shouldnt have called people neurotic for being concerned. I will remove that line from this post.

  213. Ankit Mehta says:

    After reading this article, I feel relax. Mine 7 months old baby just fall down from staircase. And situation was same he was crying, moving and no bleeding.

  214. marvin says:

    My 13 month old son just fell down the stairs a few minutes ago as I went to open the door I feel horrible for not taking my son with me.

    I checked him and there is no bleeding or redness anywhere, he did cry a lot but he is walking like nothing ever happened and eating an orange.

    I was getting ready to take him to hospital but called my wife at work and she told me to Google and see what people say to look for.

    Once I read this post and some comments I feel better and my son is like nothing ever happened.

    Thank you very much for your information much appreciated.

    • Nirmala says:

      My baby was s 2 years old, when this incident happened. She fallen down on stairs about 10 steps. I’m helpless at that time. I am in dilemma.l ran and hold my baby .she cried a lot.I taken her outside to make her to stop cry, she having peculiar smile at me.As I am new to that place I did not took her to any hospital.Now she is 5 years old.somehow she is having peculiar smile again and again.please tell me what to do, she is my only daughter.

  215. Mars says:

    Thank you for this, made me feel a bit better. My 11 month old rolled down a couple of steps today, at the cinema. He has only just started crawling and I stupidly looked away for a second and before I knew it he was falling. Felt so bad. He cried for a few minutes and cuddled then went quite. Was really worried, but he seemed to be his self again within 10 minutes. Gave him calpol for the pain and the bruise on his cheek and nose.The looks I got afterwards when people saw me pushing a baby around with a bruised face though. 🙁

  216. Kottke says:

    Falling down stairs can be very serious for children, just like with adults. I differ that overreacting is worse than under-reacting. No need to scream or shout, stay calm, but if there is any question or uncertainty at all you should absolutely bring your child to a doctor immediately. Worst case scenarios have included serious concussions and internal bleeding, both of which can be very difficult to spot, especially when your child cannot communicate effectively.

  217. abdallah says:

    My cousin 2 years old fell down from 2nd floor , & we rushed to hospital for check up evrything is fine but he is not speaking well , what to do please reply as soon as possible

  218. Anonymous says:

    My niece is now 7 1/2 yrs old. When she was about 3 months old she fell down a fleet of concrete steps. Her face was a little bit swollen but nothing serious. She is now a grown up girl. She is very lazy in doing everything. Not clever in grasping her studies which should be simple 4 a child. Is it because of the fall in her childhood. Will she improve with time

  219. Cherri says:

    I severely get pleasure from your posts. Many thanks

  220. mary says:

    our 18 month old fell down the stairs today. I was right there I feel so guilty .he cries and I cried . he hugged me when I cries. 10 minutes later he was at the steps trying again I checked him out he was very active the rest of the day

  221. Clare says:

    Thanks for the article, great stats, v reassuring. However I was worried at one of the comments above saying their child had a runny nose after a fall. Another commented not to worry, but clear liquid from nose or ears IS a cause for concern and an indicator of head injury. Yes, don’t overreact, but I would ALWAYS get the child checked over, just in case.

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  225. Danielle says:

    My 8 month old daughter just fell down a 7 flight stairway and it was hardwood floors . I’m worried that it could have done some internal damage to her head or something . She cried for a bit and the stopped and went on eating and playing . I feel so guilty that I ran upstairs to get something and left her kinda close to the stair way . She ended up crawling to the stairs and falling . Does anyone know if I should take her in ?? Thanks

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  230. Satheesh says:

    My child whose age is 1 1/2 yrs fell down from the 3 steps after that he cried soo much and looks normal after few mins .after 1/2 hrs he became Un cosious then after given oxigen and he became stable for 1 day after CT scan .there is no problem in CT scan .but he started vomiting now What is the reasons

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  234. Lulu says:

    I rolled down 20 flight of concrete stairs BACKWARDS when I was 3 years old (I THINK I still remember it!) But I survived it without a single scratch! I’m fine, even decades later…I sometimes give my mom a hard time about it as a joke, which I feel now that I probably shouldn’t, after reading these worried moms’ comments 😉

  235. Gokul says:

    My daughter just fell down a flight of stairs as well and I am overwhelmed with the guilt and shame. I was right beside her and couldn’t do anything !! Been getting nightmares from this. Thanks for your article, it made me feel better.

  236. Tamika says:

    My 2 year old just fell down the steps earlier today. My teenage son caught her half way down. He was shaking up until we read your blog together. Thank you so much.

  237. Jazzy says:

    What do I do if I fell over 3 steps on the stairs and landed on my butt? IT HURTS SO MUCH!!! HELP!!! I am icing it right now and putting a heat pad on by back. Please help and tel me what I should do. I am a 12 year old and I am very athletic.

  238. What’s up mates, its impressive article on the topic of tutoringand entirely explained, keep it up all the time.

  239. jennifer says:

    Thank you! I am so sick, feel like throwing up and have been gagging and crying constantly, our 2.5 year old tumbled from top to bottom as I watched trying to fly after him but couldn’t make it in time, I had left the top gate open. Thankfully he hit the bottom gate rather than hitting the tile at the bottom but he did hit his head hard on the wall corner halfway down the stairs. I keep replaying the images and am horrified in emotional distress. He has a bump on his head and small scrapes but that’s it and acted totally normal after crying. We are not co sleepers but tonight I’m sleeping with him bc this happened right before bath and bed. Reading similar stories has helped. Thank you!

  240. If some one needs expert view concerning running a blog afterward
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  241. Worried girl says:

    Thanks very much for this information my brother is 2 and he just fell I’m glad it’s not that serious I will never have enough thank-yous for your website.. 🙂

  242. Sdz says:

    My 1 year old just fell down a set of carpeted stairs and I can relate with the other parents who said they keep replaying the scene in their head. I was too confident with her ability to climb down stairs as she always went down backwards on her own really well but after she started walking a few days ago she’s been trying to go down the stairs front wards. I saw her at the top facing forwards and just as I went to grab her she fell and rolled down landing on her back. All I could say was “No!” I felt so guilty. She cried for a few minutes but seemed normal just a little upset. I’m sure she was more freaked out than anything. The hardest thing as a parent is not to beat yourself up when things like this happen. It feels good to know that we are not alone in our mistakes.

  243. XYZ says:

    Please I want to know. My daughter when she was 5 months old had fallen down 3 – 4 concrete steps before I could hold her. She was all right at that time. Today she is whole of 10 years old but she is weak in her studies & also not interested in any kind of sporting activities. She seems a bit dull than what I or any other kid of her age would be. I am afraid it’s because of the fall suffered

  244. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for this article.. My 2 yr old son nw fell down from upstairs.. but I didn’t see how he fell.. there is no bleeding.. nw he is alright.. after reading this article i

  245. chitra says:

    Thanks for this article.. my 2yr old son fell down from upstairs nw.. but I didn’t see hw he fell.. there is no bleeding .. nw he is alright.. i feel guilty.. but after reading this article I feel better nw.. thank you so much..

  246. Ashley says:

    My 9 month old fell down 9 wooden spiral steps today. About 5 minutes later she seemed fine other than being totally bummed up…. I feel AWFUL! I was right there but just could not catch her quick enough! She is peacefully sleeping in her crib right now … because of this article maybe I can get a little sleep tonight…. Thanks

  247. Anonymous says:

    My 23 months toddler girl just fell from carpet stairs. I was a head of her, carry full of stuffs plus coffee cup in my hand. She is very good and careful with the stairs but this time she come along and suddenly , she was about to sit which nowhere to sit then I KNEW! She gonna fall and She fell at the same time. backwards with her head down so it was like 10 steps bump bump then she hit hardwood floor with her head first. She looks fine and sleeping right now. I felt shame and guilty, cause all I did was screamed her name and rushed to her. I even didn’t drop any stuffs from my hand, it was like there’s nothing I can do, if I drop my coffee, it’s gonna be mess so I rushed with them instead. I keep thinking if I drop the stuff, I could had save her but it happened so fast so I am glad she’s okay. Thank you for the article it help me with my concerns.

  248. Andrea Loving says:

    My 3 year old daughter fell down are stairs last night about 30 mins for bed I was freaking out and was up all night making sure she is ok. Well she seem fine all she has is a Scratch. I still have it in my head. My first things out of me was call 911 my husband ran so fast to get her. I feel so bad all the matters is she ok. I am feel a little better after reading this

  249. lina says:

    my baby girl 13month age , fall from the 10flight stair , 3day ago
    24hr first i bring her to see a doctor , and doctor let her stay in hospital to check her symtom and she seem fine so doctor allow her to go back home ., but second day she have vomitted 1time and feel tired .. 3rd day she still vomitted 2time more ., and look tired

    i am so worry about her .,does she affected to brain or not ?

    i bring her to see a doctor again ., he say she is fine ,
    how should i do to make sure my baby is ok ?
    i feel so scare…

  250. Ed says:

    My Son fell from a 12 steps concrete staircase. I was so shocked and don’t know what to do. I was not there when it happened but when i saw him he was just laughing at me. I was like, What? I mean, I don’t know if im gonna smile back at him at that time. But thank you Dear God for watching over my precious son.

  251. Jhenie Gaddi says:

    Will this kind of head bumped may cause brain problem in the future?

  252. Eva says:

    My 3 yr old son fell down 12 steps today.
    I was at the top of the landing vacuuming and he was about to go down stairs and he fell backwards. It was the most excruciating thing I have ever watched!!!
    My poor baby was falling and he flipped over twice and I couldn’t do anything about it! I ran down to try and break his fall but he was going so fast! It was impossible to help him!
    He laid there screaming after landing on his back!!
    I checked him over, checking for a spinal injury and any fluids and then held him as tight as I could as we both cried!! We had someone come check him over to put our minds at rest!
    My heart is hurting, I can’t sleep!!! The guilt, the anxiety, the flashbacks! I cry every time I look at the stairs!!! I just feel so awful. I’ve been in his room to check on him all the time! I feel I’m going insane!!

  253. Jackie says:

    My almost 5 year old just fell down 36 hardwood stairs on to hardwood floor scared me to DEATH. Thank you so much for posting this. I checked her over she has 12 bruises and some scratches but nothing too major she ia relaxing now eatting cereal.thanks again fir this post

  254. Mike says:

    My almost 4 year old fell down a full flight of hardwood steps onto a hardwood floor. Scariest thing I’ve ever seen. Looked like she was cartwheeling down. I let out a shriek at a pitch that I didn’t know was capable of coming out of a grown man. She cried for a couple of minutes but she seems fine. Little bit of a bloody lip and her cheek seems like it may swell or bruise but also may not. I think I’m way worse off than she is right now. It’s so hard not to play out alternative scenarios in my head where she lands in a different way. I’ll check her breathing patterns when she’s asleep tonight because i can’t properly remember if she hit her head on the way down. She’s a champ. Me on the other hand – pretty sure I’m gonna be traumatized for years. But this article helped a lot. And so did the comments. We’re all in this together.

  255. Ana says:

    What if you find out that you fell down from jumping in the bed n started bleeding from nose, n after that episode in which case don’t remember but was bleeding for a while for no reason after that. 60 years ago

  256. Sharon Low-Meng says:

    My granary fell down a steep flight of stairs and bump her head, she has quite a big bump on her forehead, I rushed her to hospital. We’ve been waiting more than 2 hours!! She was quiet at first but wanted to walk a bit so let her, she moves and walks normally so I am glad I read this article. I just need the doctor to examine her head just to make sure!

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