Best Way to Find a Cheap Hotel in London

In May 2015 my wife and I spent a week in London. We had a great time and there were many things that we got done in the week. I learned a lot from our trip and therefore decided to write a series of posts to help guide you with yours. This is the first post of a series of my Husbandhood Guide to London and in this post I will show you how to find a cheap hotel in London that is both nice and in the best location.

Before you can enjoy your trip you will need to find an inexpensive and relatively nice place to stay before you travel. There are many different options for accommodations.

When it comes to hotels there a couple of options either go with a well known brand or pick one that is much smaller but has decent reviews. We didn’t have thousands to spend for its week there so we looked for a cheaper yet nice option. The best way to find hotels for a good is to either use or TripAdvisor. While you can find some great deals using Hotwire, the downside is that the site doesn’t tell you the name of the hotel until you book the room. I didn’t like this option. While you can get an idea of your general location with the map that appears on the right hand side you still don’t know exactly where the hotel is located. You don’t even know what the reviews are really like because the name of the hotel isn’t disclosed until you book your room.

This is why I liked TripAdvisor. As many of you already know, TripAdvisor provides you with a wealth of reviews and feedback regarding hotels. What you also get is a list of the best priced hotels based on data from the most popular booking sites on the Web. Tripadvisor is really a one stop shop. Now the absolutely best feature of TripAdvisor for me is the Map view. I already knew my price range and the quality of the hotel I was interested in but I wanted a hotel in a good location. With the filter feature in the map you could pick a good rated hotel in the price range that you are comfortable with. The map will then display all the hotels that meet your criteria. This is how we ended up getting h a great deal with Shaftesbury hotel through Agoda. The hotel was located in the North West corner of Hyde Park and only 30-40 minute walk to some popular attractions.

TripAdvisor Map

Another important tool to help you decide on a place to stay is Google Maps Street View. Once you think the hotel is in a good location take a look at the street view to see whats around. I actually canceled a booking at one nice hotel simply because I didnt like the quality of the neighborhood.

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