Bored? Here are 5 Fun and Simple Ways to Enjoy Quality Time with Your Kids this Summer (or Weekends)

Summer or any weekend of the year is the perfect time to bond with your children and create lasting memories. With school breaks and sunny days ahead, it’s important to make the most of this special time together. If you’re looking for exciting activities to enjoy with your kids, here are 10 fun, engaging and unique ways to spend quality time with your children this summer.

Go Biking

As a mountain biker I love heading out on the trails and pushing myself up and around the hills. Biking with your kids is a great way to spend time in the summer. Now, I know that you are thinking you are either too old or out of shape to get on a bike but let me tell you that there is never a better time to get out there and give it a try. I plan to write a whole other article on the benefits and joys of mountain biking alone but this post is really about getting out there with your kids. Explore your neighborhood or nearby bike trails with a family bike ride. Strap on helmets and pedal together, enjoying the fresh air and scenic views. It’s a great way to stay active and enjoy quality time outdoors.

Hike the Great Outdoors

Hiking is simply great especially if you live in an area where the climate is just right. Most people arent aware of the exceptional wild life trails that are so close to home. Believe or not most city / state / province websites will provide a list of great hiking trails that are surprisingly close to your home. Alternatively head on over to Google maps and do a search for hiking trails based on your location and you would be surprised to see what comes up. I’ve personally done this many times and I as well as my kids were surprised about the hidden gems that were so close to home. Wether its that ‘hidden’ waterfall, beautiful reservoir, or hill providing stunning views you’d be surprised what nature can offer so close to home. If you are interested in some of the best hiking gear then check out what Amazon has to offer. Spontaneous adventures are good, but set aside some time in your summer schedule for planned outings. You could also ask them what their favorite hike is and go explore! Hiking is a fun activity that can be done almost anywhere, and you don’t need any special equipment or training to do it. Hikes provide an excellent opportunity for kids and parents to get physical activity together while enjoying each other’s company. It’s a great way to bond, help your kids develop a love of nature, and strengthen your relationship as family.

Picnic – Its that Simple

Unfortunately picnics have become almost obsolete. Its like its a thing of the past that we did at a time with friends and family by laying out a blanket and having a meal out of a picnic basket. Well, this could make things complicating. Dont overthink and spend an hour trying to find the perfect blanket. A family picnic could be at a picnic table at a nearby park or on your front yard. The idea alone would get the kids excited (maybe the younger ones). Just do it! Pack a delicious picnic and head to a local park or your favorite outdoor spot. Enjoy a meal together surrounded by nature. Bring along games, a frisbee, or a ball to make the picnic even more enjoyable.

Time for Some Cooking, Baking, or Grilling

If you are the type of dad (or mom) who loves to cook then this could be a great experience for all. I personally love cooking and grilling and experimenting with different recipes. Baking on the other hand is not my thing. Regardless, if you get the right ingredients it could be an awesome experience and great way to spend time together especially on rainy days. Grilling can be especially fun to do with older kids. Teens love to grill and sometimes they want to explore new ways to grill something up. Almost anything can be thrown on to a grill. Invite your kids to join you in the kitchen or by the grill and prepare meals or bake tasty treats together. Teach them simple recipes and let them participate in measuring ingredients and stirring. Cooking together promotes teamwork and teaches valuable life skills.

Get Artsy!

Arts and crafts are an age old favorite and arts and crafts projects never die. There is an unlimited world of what we could do with almost anything to create almost anything. Creativity is important for kids and making arts and craft projects are ideal for bringing out their creativity. Simply head over to Youtube and watch some amazing arts and craft projects that you could do with stuff you already have at home. If you really want to make into an adventure head on over to Michael’s (in North America) or similar craft store and you could spend hours finding so many different projects that could spend the lifetime creating. Alternatively you could venture over to Amazon and check out the amazing selection of art projects that wont break the bank. Get creative with art and craft projects. Set up a designated area for painting, drawing, or making crafts. Encourage your children’s imagination and allow them to express themselves through art. These projects are not only entertaining but also foster creativity and self-expression.

Summer is a precious time to strengthen the bond with your children. By engaging in these 5 unique and fun activities, you can create memorable experiences while spending quality time together. Whether it’s going on a ride, having a picnic, or embarking on an amazing hiking adventure, these activities will foster connection, laughter, and cherished moments that will last a lifetime. So, get ready to make this summer a time filled with joy, adventure, and unforgettable family experiences!

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