Fun Activities You Could Do With Your Kids Using Cornmeal

Do you find it frustrating to come up with a rainy day activity? One day when the kids told me that they were getting bored, I came up with an idea that I thought they might enjoy.

In my opinion if an activity occupies the kids for at least an hour or close to it then it’s a success.

Since most kids love playing with sand, cornmeal is an excellent substitute when playing indoors.

I got out a large rectangular pan and poured in enough cornmeal to completely cover the bottom. It doesn’t have to be corn meal. It could be any product you have at home that resembles the texture of sand. When doing this activity at home try to find something larger than a 9 x 11″ pan, which is what I used, but make sure that the sides are high enough so the cornmeal wont spill out on the table when your kids play with it. Here are just two activities I did with the kids using this sand like product.

Tracing Letters
The fun actually started with the kids writing out letters of the alphabet with their fingers in the cornmeal. This is a learning activity that my daughter had when she was in Montessori. In her program, they taught the pre-kindergarten kids how to write letters by first tracing the letters with their fingers in sand or something similar. After a child traces a letter he/she picks up the pan, shakes it from side to side to clear the letters and starts over.

Construction Zone
After my son and daughter got bored of tracing letters of the alphabet I brought them their hot wheels/matchbox toys to simulate a construction zone. They played with their dump trucks, bulldozers, loaders and more. They had tons of fun with it and it lasted a lot longer than the alphabet tracing.


In the end there was still a considerable mess to clean up but they had fun.

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2 Responses

  1. HowToMe says:

    That looks like fun! We’ve been using salt for tracing letters and dried beans for the scooping/dumping activity. Thanks for the twist.

  2. Eric says:

    Interesting. Just as long as they dont lick their fingers. thanks for the comment.

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