Come Home from Work With a Compliment and Not a Complaint


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  1. MrDifficult says:

    My wife and I are out there for eachother and understanding about these things. Does it really seem like a good idea to save all your pent up frustrations about work to enjoy LATER in the evening? When I get home, I want to put the day’s negativity behind me as soon as possible and enjoy the evening with family, not discussions about incompetent administrators. If you can’t say anything at work, are we to just contain it? I thought that was part of why we were together, to share and vent things you can’t or don’t want share or vent to about with ANYONE else? The tone for the whole evening is then set by the least understanding person. Tone at my house is always pretty damn good.

  2. HowToMe says:

    Great post. It seems like a peaceful 10-15 minute period is very valuable for us between coming in the house and the “How was your day?” question.

    Kids pick up on stress and there’s no faking it around them. The 10-15 minutes is usually enough for us to at least address the day’s happenings with a calmer tone in our voices.

    Thanks for the thoughts. They are good ones.

  3. Eric says:

    MrDifficult, it depends on the type of person you are and on the relationship. If you are a complainer chances are your wife doesnt want to hear about it every time you walk in the house.

    Obviously if you are extremely frustrated about something, then go ahead and vent as long as it doesn’t happen daily.

  4. janice says:

    I totally agree with this post. My husband and I would always spend the first minutes together in the evening complaining about our day. Then we recently decided that we should be a bit more positive. It has certainly made our evenings more enjoyable.

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