Five Reasons Why “Seattle Grace” is Not a Real Hospital

This article is a parody and is not meant to be taken seriously at all, in any way.

When I mentioned to someone that I was interested in writing a blog post like this one they said to me that it didnt fit in with the style of my blog since its not really a tip or anything. Well I told them that Parenting blogs dont always need to be about tips and all and there could be posts really about anything. After all it is my blog and since I dont have an editorial team to comply to I could really write anything.

So now back to the point of this post. My wife and I have been watching Grey’s Anatomy for several years now. We started watching it back in 2008 and really liked it. Well after about 6 years of watching this show we sort of got really tired of it. I know that many of you out there are big fans of the show and I am sorry if I offended you but its going on for far too long.

I worked in a hospital as a tech guy for five years from 2000 – 2005 and I became very familiar with the inner workings of the place. Since I have started watching Grey’s Anatomy, I have always felt that a real hospital doesnt work at all like Seattle Grace. Besides the fact that this is indeed a show and of course its a fictional hospital there are other reasons as to why its nothing at all like a real hospital simply because many components are unrealistic.

I am sure there are more reasons than what I have listed here but for now these are my main reasons.

  1. Doctors do not just marry other doctors. This is so common in Seattle Grace that its sickening. In a real hospital doctors come in, do their job and have a life outside the hospital. They may spend endless hours there but most doctors have a social life outside the hospital.
  2. The Chief of Surgery, Dr Owen Hunt, is not the CEO or the CFO of the hospital and therefore does not make budgeting calls as seen in Season 9, episode 7 (switching airlines used for medical transport in order to cut costs).
  3. The Chief of Surgery is not the Director of Emergency Medicine. These are completely two different positions. Not only that, the Chief of Surgery will almost never walk into the Emergency Room. Certainly not in a big hospital like Seattle Grace.
  4. Most Doctors do not have six packs and perfectly toned figures. With the amount of time they spend in a hospital there is simply no time for a doctor to spend hours in the gym everyday or week to maintain that slim figure.
  5. Unless a patient goes into cardiac arrest (Code Blue) or there is a violent patient or visitor (Code White) hospitals are mostly a boring place. You will most probably never have a gunman walking around killing staff and patients, a bomb exploding in the hallway, a plane crash, a bus flipping over and exploding, and on and on. If you do experience these episodes then most probably you are in a field hospital in Afghanistan and not in a metropolitan hospital in the US. There are exceptions as in this flash waltz seen here:

    I would also add for extra measure that patient floors are not a dark and deserted environment at nights as often portrayed in TV and movies. The nursing stations are usually well staffed at night time and the floors have adequate lighting. In most real hospitals, you cant just take an elevator up to a patient floor in the middle of the night and walk where you want. You will most probably be stopped and questioned either by security or by a nurse.

    Well there you have it. My five reasons why Seattle Grace is not a real hospital. Feel free to chime in below with your own reasons.

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59 Responses

  1. Mia says:

    I love this post! I am still a big fan and I dont want to see the show dead yet but I guess if you were never in a hospital these are items I would never thought of.

    If I may add, I am happy about Sandra Oh leaving. I think I have seen enough of her but at I dont know if I will keep watching if Patrick Dempsey leaves.

  2. Lisa says:

    This post made me laugh!! It is rediculous what goes on at this hospital but it makes for a good show.

    I would also be sad to see Patrick leave the show. I guess the end is just around the corner for everyone.

  3. Glenn says:

    We had a code black for a bomb scare at the hospital I worked at once.

    • Lela says:

      Did you also have a plane crash? What about a bus flipping over? A gunman? I totally love Grey’s Anatomy but they do have a point. Although a few of these things could happen it’s sort of ridiculous because of how many things these doctors, especially Meredith, go through.

      • Mcsmokin' says:

        I agree Meredith goes through alot, I mean she dies and then comes back and has like three surgeries and almost got shot she had a miscarriage and so on.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well it is a tv show, if they had a show about what a real hospital was like, no one would watch it….

      • Marilyn says:

        I agree the pictures of the fictitious Seattle Grace Hospital is the VA hospital in Los Angeles. It is not Harborview Hospital in Seattle. I never watched the show when it was popular and I’m currently binge watching. I live in Seattle.

  4. May says:

    Seattle grace is a real hospital in Seattle Washington my mom worked there and now I work there as a surgeon.. this May be a tv show but the hospital is real… And these are not facts they are opinions things happen in a hospital everyday and some drs. Are very fit and slim and still maintain a figure although they work all day.

    • Anonymous says:

      You do not have the grammar and spelling of a doctor. Haha good try, though. Seattle Grace Hospital is completely fictitious.

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s actuall, called grace hospital, and it holds 40 beds. The medical terminology used is real, if any of you were surgeons you would have mentioned it. Get a life!

    • Anonymous says:

      Seattle Grace is a fake hospital just like you.. Seattle Grace is called Harborview Medical center so you didn’t work there

  5. Beth says:

    May, there is no “Seattle Grace” hospital. Not sure where you work but Seattle Grace is completely fictitious.

  6. Eric says:

    I checked also and either this hospital exists yet there is no information anywhere on the web about it or your comment is just as fictitious.

  7. Lexi says:

    If it’s a real hospital, how is it not in trouble for violating HIPPA? Or is there a set for it? Sorry if this seems like a stupid question.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s a real hospital but they don’t use real patient names and information. It’s still a scripted show. And yes there is a set

  8. Lucy says:

    The hospital is real. It’s called Grace Hospital in Seattle. But it’s the same hospital and setup. Thank you

  9. Alex says:

    Oh no, shit! Are you sure?

  10. Jason says:

    The hospital is fake. According to ABC, the show’s network, SGH is based off a real hospital, although it does not exist. The entire Seattle Grace Hospital and its other names later in Grey’s Anatomy is a set, although most scenes except ones in SGH that are based in Seattle are real.

  11. Shreya says:

    I don’t know whether there is a real Seattle Grace Hospital in present or not but I do know that there was a Grace Hospital in Seattle. Maybe in 1882 and 1932.
    And I completely disagree with this post as the rules and regulations of different organizations can be different. But the things in this post can be some major points of some hospitals.
    I was sad when Christina ,Mark ,Shane ,Lexie and the rest left or died in the hospital and surely I will be sad when Derek dies in episode 21 after he is brain dead.
    Grey’s Anatomy is one of my favourite shows. I love all of it’s characters, the drama, the surgeries and rest things.
    I also hope that May would be correct about the Seattle Grace Hospital.

  12. Jenn says:

    There may not be a Seattle Grace hospital, but the Grey-Sloan Hospital is on the web…. I pulled it up on my GPS…. n by the way I know a lot of very fine, very fit Dr. ‘s…. Thank you

  13. Random says:

    Seattle Grace hospital is real! I am currently a cardiovascular surgeon at SGH. So for you all who think it’s fake… it’s not. It is 100% real!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s fake, because that’s hospital is called Harborview medical center, boom your wrong..

  14. NC EMT says:

    Actually my county’s director of emergency medicine is also our chief of surgeries as well…

  15. Michael says:

    I want to be a surgeon and I want to know if it is worth it. It looks fun in the shows

    • Carolyn says:

      You need to go to medical school and do good. You don’t become a surgeon because it looks “fun”. Although Grey’s Anatomy is a fantastic show in my opinion many aspects of it are pretty silly.


    wow LO

  17. Anon says:

    Okay hospitals have accidents and stuff but it is a dang show so whatever they want can happen, also just because they don’t have time to go to the gym which you don’t even know because you aren’t a doctor and they have off time so just because they have abs doesn’t mean they cannot be a doctor. This article was unnecessary because you know NOTHING about doctors. Okay thanks goodbye.

  18. Sophie says:

    Yeah, I guess you’re right with all that points, but I think, everybody who watches “Grey’s Anatomy” knows, that the actors are no real doctors… I mean, some (most) of the fans could know Patrick Dempsey from “Enchanted”…

  19. Whitney says:

    It’s a TV show that’s why there are no real doctors and that’s why they are so fit haha

  20. Whitney says:

    i mean it’s not so weird all this stuff because it’s a fricking tv show

  21. anonymous 2.2 says:

    Did no one else read the part that said “this is a parody and not meant to be taken seriously”? You guys are the reason that trump is winning in polls because you can’t read and take everything seriously. Fyi, stop saying the show is fake this stuff never happens in real life. Duhhhhh!!!! That’s why it’s a show no need to state the obvious. Also, there is a hospital called Grace Seattle. Don’t be ignorant and think you know everything and go attacking those who actually worked at Grace Seattle.

  22. Miriam D says:

    I have to laugh at the percentage of gay/lesbian humans showing up n Greys Anatomy now. The ratio to heterosexuals is ridiculously – over the top -high. Too funny. Doctors and patients turning up in every episode, as though 1/2 of humanity was g/l. Definitely fictitious, and yes not real. It’s a show.

  23. Marsha says:

    Literally it’s just a TV show, you guys are really upset at the fact that it isn’t realistic as if it’s meant to be. The show would be boring if it was just as a typical hospital.

  24. Neva Smith says:

    I use to work in a Hospital in the Admitting & Emergency Room to take people’s information. BORING BORING did I say BORING enough?. But OMG rumors spread once you know everybody faster then fire! I wish it was like the show, RLOL!

  25. Mahria says:

    Also, Mark Sloan is seen in too many of the consult scenes where it has nothing to do with Plastics. Addison in way to many non-OB-type consults. Derek in non-neuro consults…etc. There are numerous extras in the background in white coats, but according to the show, there are only a handful of docs to do everything 😀

  26. Anonymous says:

    U do realize Seattle grace is a real hospital

  27. Meredith says:

    grace hospital is a real hospital in Seattle Washington and these are opinions however, this is a show we are talking about so no it’s not going to be exactly the same as the actual thing.

  28. Dr says:

    The hospital is REAL. The show is not a documentary, it is pure fiction for entertainment purposes only. Anyone who connects fiction with reality to that degree should seek professional help from the “real” Seattle Grace West.

  29. Sara says:

    Owen Hunt is a trauma surgeon, so isn’t it obvious he is in the ER although he is the chief of surgery?

  30. Heidi says:

    Seattle Grace Hospital does not exist. The show is filmed in a hospital called “Veteran’s Hospital” in Los Angeles, CA. Look it up and you will see it is the same building.

  31. mary says:

    I’ve often said the same thing! There are so many major events that happen on Grey’s, it’s unbelievable. But of course, it’s for the show. And I’ll add another one. There’s normally not a lot of talking during an emergent case. They don’t always call out what they’re doing or what the screens are doing. Typically the staff works like a well oiled machine almost like they can read each other and know exactly what to do. They do yell “clear” when using paddles, but they don’t yell out “he’s going into v-tach”…they just know lol. I feel like they do all that just to fill in dialog.

  32. Jenni says:

    The outside shots are of harbourview medical center in Seattle Washington. The hospital in the show, Seattle grace is fictional and does not exist. The two actual hospitals known as grace hospital have not been in use in many many years. So unless you are ghosts yours posts are utter lies.

  33. Chris Benson says:

    Oh my gosh OP, are you really that much of an idiot? The show isn’t meant to be like a real hospital, that’s why it is a TV Show. Shootings happen, plane crashes happen, bombs exploding happen. Though it may not happen every day like it does in Greys Anatomy, nothing says that it can’t ever happen. Shit happens. It’s just a TV Show for God sakes. So your analysis on the show makes you seem very increasingly childish and immature. Grow up and see the fact that it is JUST A FREAKING TV SHOW!

  34. Jake says:

    Also a CT is not the answer to everything like it is portrayed in the show.

  35. Patty cakes says:

    It’s Ironic actually, I LOVE GA!! Watching it as I type. Hubby n I are flying to Seattle tomorrow and I ran across your post. Makes TOTAL sense! Lol I was looking to see if there us a real GA hospital like the soap opera General Hospital, they show the front of Los Angeles General, I was Born in that one! Glad I won’t have to drive around like a PSYCO fan! Lol Thanks for an interesting read!

  36. Seun Gboyega says:

    Who cares if its real or not ? The story is what interests us. Am sure this writer actually thought Superman and Batman were real. The next time the writer visits an hospital close, he should ask for George O’Malley, he just resurrected in the hospital

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