Stomach Flu Facts Every Parent Should Know

I decided to write this article because my daughter came down with the stomach flu the other day. Two days later my son started showing signs of the stomach flu and two days after he recovered my wife started showing signs.

Here are some things that you as a parent should know about the stomach flu.

Stomach Flu is not the Flu
First the Stomach flu, medically known as Gastroenteritis is not the same thing as the Flu known medically as influenza. This means that even if you had your flu shots which help to prevent you from getting the influenza virus you are not protected from getting the Stomach Flu.

What causes the stomach flu?
The stomach flu that hits in the winter time is caused by the Norwalk virus. This is one of many viruses that causes Gastroenteritis. Gastroenteritis is a general term that refers to vomiting and diarrhea. The thing that makes the stomach flu (Norwalk virus) different from other forms of Gastroenteritis is that its mostly vomiting and without diarrhea, and that it hits primarily in the winter.

How contagious is it?
The next important fact about the Norwalk virus is that it is extremely contagious. If one family member has it then chances are very high that other family members will get it.

The virus is transmitted person to person. This means that if you have it you could easily pass it to your child either by kissing them or holding their hands and then by them touching their hands to their mouths.

According to the Merck manual, it could take anywhere between 4 hours to 72 hours until the symptoms appear.

For how long is someone contagious?
Once you have the symptoms you become contagious for up to 72 hours. The minimum amount of time that you are contagious after you stop having symptoms, i.e. vomiting, is 24 hours. That means that if you vomited at night but feel great the next day you are still contagious and you can easily pass on the virus to others.

This part is really important for parents. If your child got the virus and finished her vomiting episodes at 11pm, she is still contagious for the next 24 hours. That means that even if she feels fine you should not send her to school the next morning. She should stay at home and go to school the following day.

How do I know when my child’s symptoms have stopped?
In my experiences, there are anywhere between two to five episodes of vomiting with about an hour in between each episode. If you child has already vomited three times over the course of three hours and several hours have passed since the last episode then chances are your child’s has stopped vomiting and the worst is over.

Are there any other concerns or health issues that I should be aware of?

Dehydration is the most serious complication that results from the stomach flu because of the loss of so much fluids. Because children are at much higher risk of suffering from dehydration than adults, parents need to make sure that their child has constant fluid intake.

What should my child drink?
The best thing for your child would be a drink that contains the right balance of salt and sugar to replace the loss of essential elements needed for the body to function properly. Electrolyte beverages such as Pedialyte, Gatorade, or Powerade will provide these elements. There is actually a difference of opinion between the Merck manual and the Mayo Clinic. The Merck Manual says to avoid sport drinks whereas the Mayo Clinic actually recommends them. I have heard from a couple of doctors that sports drinks are good for children to drink.

Believe it or not, Kool-Aid is a good alternative if you don’t have any of those beverages readily available. This is because unlike water Kool-Aid contains both sugar and salt ingredients. Just make sure to dilute it a bit so that its not at its usual level of sweetness. Water, on the other hand, is not the best drink of choice because it lacks essential elements. Of course its better than giving your child nothing. If you do give your child water have him/her drink small sips at a time instead of large gulps. Consuming large amounts of water at a time can lead to more nausea.

Some drinks to avoid:
Carbonated beverages
Fruit Juice

What can my child eat?
Once your child has overcome the vomiting you can start feeding him/her foods that are easier for their stomach to tolerate. Follow this mnemonic to help you remember what they can eat:
B – bananas
R – rice
A – applesauce
T – toast

How to avoid spreading the virus
Whenever you come in contact with someone infected with the Norwalk virus you should wash you hands with anti-bacterial soap creating a nice lather for fifteen seconds. Another option would be to have Purell or similar product in the house so that you can just squirt on your hands and rub until it dries.

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187 Responses

  1. JHS says:

    Thanks for contributing this post to this week’s Carnival of Family Life, hosted at Intensive Care for the Nurturer’s Soul! The Carnival will be live on March 31, 2008, so make sure you stop by and check out all of the other wonderful posts included in this week’s edition!

  2. Thanks for the tip. I hadn’t realized the stomach flu and non-stomach flu were different viruses. Luckily, we’ve avoided the stomach flu most of the winter-early spring. Maybe we’re off the hook this year?

    • Anonymous says:

      Question my son ain’t been well since Thursday aint eat at all only bit toast hes been sick and dioria and he’s acky when u pick up and sleeping all time

      • Duh. says:

        Hope you’ve been to the doctor or ER by now. If you have no way to get there call 911 if you have to and they’ll send an ambulance. It’s that urgent if your child hasn’t had fluids for days and an ambulance would rather show up when not needed than not be there when needed. Be sure to check for fevers and learn signs and symptoms of common childhood illnesses. Fever is key, as well as blood/bile/color and general attitude of your kiddo. There are other life threatening reasons a child vomits so take it very seriously. Hope you’re all doing well by the time you read this – but it may also help others.

  3. Renee says:

    Don’t force or continually give kids water if they have a stomach virus.

    The ER nurses told us to let our daughter’s stomach REST for awhile, before giving her more fluids. Our 16-month old daughter vomited every 10 minutes from 5pm-11pm!! Most of that was yellow foamy bile, mostly in the ER waiting room.

    They informed us to allow a few TEASPOONS of pedialyte or water once she hadn’t vomited for a whole hour. Scary stuff! Good things kids are resilient!

  4. Anonymous says:

    how in the world do you get stomach flu nobody has ansers god do you people no anyting

  5. sol says:

    thanks so much for the advice. first time mom and i’m kind of nervous about giving my kid just about anything. also i have medi-cal so my benefits are not great. this was very helpful

  6. Lisa says:

    Thank you for your advice. #4 anonymous apparently doesn’t know anything at all….or how to spell for that matter. Don’t say anything if you have a problem with the post.

    • Katie says:

      Thats exactly what i was thinking too. Some people just shouldn’t have children. I googled what I could feed my kids after they had stopped vomiting and this article popped up. So this was super helpful. Thank you for sharing this. The stomach flu has hit my house, but I’ve been lucky enough to not get it or my body has just been fighting it off, so I’ve been well enough to take care of 2 babies and my husband!!

  7. Eric says:

    Hi Lisa, sol thanks for the feedback. As for commenter #4 I guess I should have just deleted that comment. I’ll leave it now as it makes me laugh.

  8. Valeria says:

    What to do if my kid is not holding any liquids in her stomach? Just keeps vomiting everytime she has water or pedialyte or soup.
    Please tell me if you know.

  9. Eric says:

    You need to give her a little at a time. Even if its just a sip. You could try using a straw to make sure she doesnt drink too much at a time. Only give her what her stomach can tolerate.

  10. Polly Maple says:

    I have the stomach flu right now and i have not been vomitting for the last 2 and a half days? What does that mean?

  11. Renee says:

    If my daughter can’t hold down any fluids (or food for that matter) but can hold down the Pedialyte, can she just have the Pedialyte all the time instead of having other fluids as well? If I give her 25ml every 5 minutes all day long?
    She seems to be able to hold it down but not water or milk or anything else.
    Though she only had one very slightly wet diaper yesterday.

  12. Hailey says:

    Do NOT give your kids milk! That irritates their stomachs terribly.
    Don’t give them dairy products, aspirin, or anything solid if they have been vomiting.
    And for post #10,
    That means you won’t vomit anymore;)…Hopfully
    I’m only 13 and I know this stuff:D

  13. Troy says:

    Thanks for this info. My wife has the stomach flu right now and we have a three month old baby. I have been watching him downstairs for the last two days and my wife has been staying upstairs. My wife has no symptoms today and i’m praying baby and I don’t develop any. What do I do if my three month old comes down with this?

  14. Paul says:

    Just got over this. I didnt stop vomiting until I stopped drinking fluids. It’s so hard because you get so dehydrated and the dry heaves are the worst, better to have something to bring up, but you will get better quicker if you stop or slow consumption right down.

  15. josh says:

    theres no black kids on your site why is this?

  16. Nicole says:

    Gee i have four kids home with me and my husband has been out of town since saturday, then the worst of all worst im up all night with my youngest son, then two days later my youngest daughter starts getting sick vomiting EVERYWHERE!!! That same day my oldest son gets home from school and runs straight to the bathroom!!! ahhhhhhhh it’s crazy in my house right now and cant really take to sick and puking kids into the store to get Pedialyte so im stuck what to do what to do???

  17. Sarah says:

    I’m so terrified of this invading our house. My biggest fear is me getting the bug from the kid, because it sounds impossible to take care of a sick baby while you are nauseated and vomiting. Not to mention I am phobic about n&v.
    I think you should clarify the part about how you get it: I have heard that you can basically only get stomach viruses from oral-fecal or oral-vomitus transfer with an infected person. As far as I can find, no medical professional will corroborate that you can transmit stomach bugs through saliva (kissing, sharing utensils, etc.) unless the saliva has vomit particles in it. (which it might, from a kid.) Do you have some information source about this that I could look up? That is a scary proposition to me!
    Oh, and to poster #15/16: I think there are no black kids on his site because the pictures appear to be pictures of his own kids, and they apparently don’t have any black kids.

    • Anonymous says:

      If someone vomits next to you, you can get it too. My daughter was sleeping in between my husband and i when she was 1 year old and bolted up vomitting in bed in between us. We did not have gloves and weren’t prepared. We removed her soiled clothing and bathed her right away. We washed our hands/arms thoroughly. The next evening my husband and i both got it. Just being next to someome vomitting, you cam get the aerosol in your mouth/lips.

  18. Eric says:

    josh, there are no blacks kids on this site because I dont have any black kids. I only have pics of my kids here.

    Sarah, you could even transmit the virus by shaking hands with someone who is infected. All the more so through saliva.

    If you want to avoid getting the virus from your child I would suggest that you wash your hands immediately after you touch them. When the virus went around our house a month ago we had purell on hand and just kept using it to keep our hands clean.

  19. Cassi says:

    My son had the stomach flu a couple or weeks ago. He has been vomit free for about a week now so I thought it was safe to have a playdate at my house. Well apparently, even though my son wasn’t contagious anymore, there were still some lingering contagious germs in the house. All 4 kids that came over started puking the next day. I feel awful and wish I had known that the house wasn’t safe yet. For future refrence, how long should I keep people out of the house after the stomach bug has invaded it?

  20. Maria says:

    My 2 year old daughter has it right now and its been 3 days. Im starting to get worried coz she was so jolly yesterday though shes sick and now she is just lying down looking all tired. I made her drink milk this morning coz i thought she’s fine now and started vomiting again.Tried to give her gatorade and she doesnt like it anymore. She doesnt want to eat nor drink anything. Should i call her doctor now?

  21. Crystal says:

    My son has been vomiting and diarrhea off and on for 2 weeks now. The Dr. said it might take 2 more weeks for his body to kick it. How true is this, can a child really keep vomiting day after day and be ok with it? I am worried it is something more serious, should I be worried? The Dr. told me I shouldn’t but I don’t know that I trust that.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Im sick right now and my mom still wants me to go to school i ve been vomiting and everything and my mom is sick also should i go to school tomorow

  23. Eric says:

    how old is your child? When our twins got sick a few months ago they were vomiting and had diarrhea also for a couple weeks. The doctor told us to stop giving them milk for about two weeks. We gave them soy milk until everything was fine.

    you should wait at least a day after the vomiting stops before going to school. Even if you feel fine you can still pass over the virus.

  24. JenJen30 says:

    My four year old started throwing up yesterday at daycare. I picked her up along with my other 3 (also at daycare). She was weak and had a low grade fever. Last night the fever went up to 104.7. I gave her ibprofen, the fever would break for about an hour or so then come right back. I held her all night. She woke up throwing up all over me and her twin sister @ 3:30a.m. The fever broke again and this morning she woke up with a fever of 102.4, so I took her to the E.R. The doc on call says its the stomach flu/virus. She was feeling better at the hospital. I was of course happy that she was okay. Around 5 p.m. she started looking weak again. Its past midnight and she just woke up with a fever of 102.8, just gave her medicine again. But, she has not thrown up since 3:30a.m. yesterday. Why is she still running fever??? Usually when the next day hits and they look and act better with no fever and no vomiting then its gone. I dont understand why she is still running a high fever. Is worrying me that it could be something else. Im in a very small town now and of course I question everything here. I dont know if I am going to sleep tonight either. Does anyone have any tips to help me here. Worried to Death!!! Thanks

  25. sheena says:

    thanks for the info, very helpful.

  26. Christina says:

    My son is 9 months and has the stomach flu. He hasn’t been able to keep anything down for a week. The doctor told me he lost 2 pounds. I am so worried he hates drinking anything i have to force him and i dont even think he is taking enough fluids. How often should i be giving him something to drink and how much?

  27. amber says:

    My 3yr old started vomiting on monday (it is now wednesday). She hasn’t vomited since 2 30am on tuesday BUT she won’t eat anything besides very little apple sauce and is only drinking apple juice and water. She isntl back to her normal self. Today she seems very sleepy with very little energy at all. One min she seems ok and the next she is laying down. She tells me she want fruit snacks but with her not acting like her normal self I don’t want to give it to her. Do u think she still has the bug since she doesn’t have much energy or is it just because she hasn’t eaten any normal food? I haven’t been huging (I know that sounds terrible) or kissing her. I haven’t even been sitting by her because I do not want to catch this. Especially since my husband is deployed and if I’m sick there is no way I can take care of her and a puppy! When do u think it WILL be safe for me to go near her again and start loving and kissing her like before? Thank you!

  28. Tom says:

    I don’t understand the suggestion of washing with antibacterial soap. Norovirus is a VIRUS not a bacteria.

  29. Rick says:

    Our family of six is recovering from this year’s bug, and it was an angry one.

  30. Carla says:

    My one year old has not eaten really anything in four days. He is cutting two teeth so I chalked it up to that. He then vomited twice last night and was fine all day although not really eating. I stuck to the brat diet and he seemed fine. I decided to give him a few ounces of formula. Kept it down. Great thought we were good! Well then tonight my husband gave him another bottle and threw the whole thing up. Does this sound typically like the flu. I’m worried about him! My four year old did have the bug last week. Can anyone give me any insight on this??? Thanks! 🙂

  31. Michelle says:

    Hi, my 10 month old son has this flu right now, it has been six days already, the first day he had a low grade fever all day, then the next day his fever was gone and he was acting normal except he had dhiarreah, he continued having dhiarreah for 2 days after then on the third day he started vomiting everything up. He has now been vomiting and having dhiarreah for 2 days and we gave him a bottle of diluted formula yesterday and he kept down that bottle and another one a couple hours later. But then he was very whiney and gassy all afternoon after he had the formula… I tried giving him another botttlw of formula before bed and nope! Threw it all up. So I gave him pedialyte and nope, threw that up too… How do I keep him hydrated if he can’t keep anythig down!!!? Six days of this I think I’m going to go crazy. I feel so helpless for my little boy. I just want hi
    better. Does this sound like the normal flu? Or something worse?? He is going to the doctor today.

  32. Carissa says:

    My 10 month old son has also been sick with “stomach flu” for 6 days now. I took him to the doctor on day 3 and she said to keep him hydrated with pedialyte but to also try formula because he needs the calories. She also prescribed an anti vomiting medicine. He seems more like himself now, no fever, but still diarrhea and some vomiting. He will eat toast and bananas and little bit of applesauce. This seems to be lasting too long. Will call the doctor tomorrow on day 7.

  33. Dawn says:

    My 9 yr old was diagnosed with stomach flu but has no diarhea and only vomits about 3 times a day but has stomach cramps so bad she dosent want to move at all what can I do to help ease her dis comfort

  34. Anonymouse says:

    First of all…if you’re going to submit something making fun of others for not knowing much about the stomach flu…LEARN HOW TO SPELL! I think it’s much worse for a person to submit a comment and have not know proper English than it is for them to not be familiar with a virus. GEESH!

    So..the stomach flu. Keep in mind that a FEVER is actually a good thing. It means that the body is working properly and fighting off the unwanted invaders. Without this, the body would not be able to maintain homeostasis and the virus could cause a lot more problems. Fevers are not fun…but they are a good indicator that the body is doing it’s job.

  35. Anonymous says:

    First of all…if you’re going to submit something making fun of others for not knowing much about the stomach flu…LEARN HOW TO SPELL! I think it’s much worse for a person to submit a comment and have not know proper English than it is for them to not be familiar with a virus. GEESH!

    So..the stomach flu. Keep in mind that a FEVER is actually a good thing. It means that the body is working properly and fighting off the unwanted invaders. Without this, the body would not be able to maintain homeostasis and the virus could cause a lot more problems. Fevers are not fun…but they are a good indicator that the body is doing it’s job.

    • Davon says:

      I have been vomiting for about twelve hours straight over 8 times do I need go doc n also I haven’t been able to eat or drink much in days

  36. anonymous says:

    yall qiut makin fun of me. Im smartar then all of yu 2gather

  37. Dawn says:

    Thanks for the advice but Turns out she didn’t have the stomach flu her appenix ruptured and the people who like to call themselves doctors in my little town couldn’t tell the diff. Oh well I guess one emergency surgery and 6 days in the hospital later all is well.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for all the info…..very helpful

  39. anonymous says:

    i have not vomited for 12 hours would that mean its safe to eat/drink with out worrying about vomiting?

  40. Anonymous says:

    You are an idoit; just get of the site!

  41. Anonymous says:

    IS IT normal for a 11 months old baby to have diarhea for 12 days? HE only threw up once and ever since.. only been doing diarhea.. what can i DO to stop him from any further watery stools?

  42. Anonymous says:

    please help

  43. hbmom says:

    Thanks so much for the advice. My daughter was sick last night but had a birthday party to attend to today. As much as it kills me to see her sad, I know that I can’t send her to the party. She is still contagious and I would want a parent to do the same if they were in my shoes.

  44. Anonymous says:

    my broyher might have the freakin stomach flu

  45. Anonymous says:

    what the fuck should i do

  46. Anonymous says:

    I puked through the night and now I know not to go to school.

  47. DR. I HATE STOMACH VIRUSES!!!!! says:

    I have noticed if you try to poop instead of laying there and holding it in you puke less!!!!! when I get the stomach flu now I dont puke I POOP IT OUT!!!!!!havent puked for 3 years using that methed told ten freinds that to and they havent puked eather!!!!!!!to prevent it its hard but what i do is double up vitamins and wash my hands anytime I get a chance aspecially in the winter thats when it shows its ugly face try that methed and see if it helps you can email me if you have any more questions!!!!!! happly stomach bug season!!!!

  48. DR. I HATE STOMACH VIRUSES!!!!! says:

    These apinions have not been certified by the food and drug administration!!!!! talk to your doctor about extra vitamin intake before trying the suggestion you could be sensitive to extra vitamin intake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Z says:

    I puked for 7 months straight when I was pregnant. Puking stinks!

  50. DR. I HATE STOMACH VIRUSES!!!!! says:

    I never got morning sickness but I ganed wait just a little hahaha

  51. jackie says:

    Hey. I’ve read a lot of good advice on here, but still worried about my symptoms. I woke up this morning with bad stomach pains and extremely bad body ache.. I went to the bathroom and had excessive diarrhea. Everytime I sipped just a little bit of water, a lot would come out. I had a bit of nasuea that’s is still coming and going but I never vomitted, and now the stomach pains are gone. Now I’m left with severe body ache and nausea. WHAT IS THIS ????

  52. DR. I HATE STOMACH VIRUSES!!!!! says:

    well thats a good thing that you are not having diaria anymore the worst must be over sounds like you may be dehydrated I suggest to maybe drink a little water and if you have done so already your body just had a battle killing this invater I suggest plenty of rest you will feel better tomarrow and remember to take that daily vitamin it may help your body heel alot faster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. miriam says:

    my 2 almost 3 year old son was fine all day today and then tonight he just woke up at 10:30 pm throwing up everywhere. He has gotten sick three times in the last 3 hours. When should I start to worry about dehydration? I’m scared he’s going to dehydrate from puking so much.

  54. DR. I HATE STOMACH VIRUSES!!!!! says:

    The time to worry about dehydration is when he isnt having wet diapers or going potty like normal
    or when he crys there is no tears usually what they would tell you at the docs office is try to give him a sip of fluid every 15 minutes and usually kids do not like pedialite cuz its grose try some gaterade its got electralites and he might keep it down and just hang in there it will get better miriam!!!!!!

    • Dorothy says:

      Ok so, I just found this site when I woke up early today because well last night I puked 2 times, then I just went to bed and slept it off before I had the chance to puke again. Is that a good thing?

  55. Anonymous says:

    my 5 year old son as been off his food and being sick every time he has liquids hes not got diarea and seems fine buts he is usually a good eater and hes just not interested in food , and when hes sick hes sick but then seems fine .

  56. Anonymous says:

    my 5 year old son as been off his food and being sick every time he has liquids hes not got diarea and seems fine buts he is usually a good eater and hes just not interested in food , and when hes sick hes sick but then seems fine .
    this has been going on 4 5 days i am getting worried .

  57. abbys mommy says:

    thnks i just dumped bedtime bubba out since she was puking this morning, still not acting like shes better, poopys and fever.. dont want more puke though ! when do i bring her to hospital? when shes unresponsive and lifeless? the flu is scary when children can not communicate efficiently shes had the shits for 3 days, i was violantly ill 2 nights ago, gramma took her as i called begging and throwing up simuntanously, and with her by my side frieking out !!!! but i rushed to her ths afternoon when i heard of her vomitting(mothers instinct) problly shouldve left with grandma its tuff tending a fussy sick toddler/infant when u have the flu, and this flu kicked the crap out of me!!!! so i ended up taking baby to hospital after 8 hrs, i gave her 2.5ml tylenol at 230, a tiny peice of gravol, like 5mg maybe at 5, by 8 she had napped very ruffly, with me watching closely and was screaming and crying, scratching and attacking me, i think to express her pain…..she was fevered again, u could feel it and she was flushed so i rushe to dr…left 2 hrs later without seeing doctor as i figured she had way too much energy to be dire….back home, she still fever on and off…crusty one moment , silly the next….no runny poop in a while and shes puttin back pedialight finally, slowly but its happening. i still feel like i got hit by a truck so i can imagine how bad she must feel… q is when do i bring her to dr again if she dont start feeling better? what can i do to alleviate pain / discomfort aside from tlc? it makes me feel helpless, and the fact she is 16mnths and uncommunicatable is frustrating, this is her first flu or throwing up ever . need some advice as to when is time to go and how to comfort her when she is sick. ty and ive found the posts here insightful and reasuring on many levels.

  58. DR. I HATE STOMACH VIRUSES!!!!! says:

    TO Abbys mom the time to get concerned is when your little one is acting nathargic with the sighns of deydration such as not getting wet diapers no tears when crying and very weak to the point that as a mother you know there is a problem the only thing to really do is keep her as cozy as posible if you can not keep pp lite down her try ice chips and dont worry your doing fine!

  59. Anonymous says:

    I guess I am fortunate that my children’s doctor gives me a prescription for Zofran to stop the vomitting. He says that once they have emptied their stomach that it is fine to stop the vomitting. I allow them to throw up two times and then pop the pill in their mouth. It works wonders!!! No worries of dehydration or them sitting in misery for hours vomitting.

  60. DR. I HATE STOMACH VIRUSES!!!!! says:

    Those anti vomiting pills work wonders dont they
    there awsome but a doc gave them to my doughter when she had the flu they work great dont get me wrong but it took longer to get over the bug and im a germ fobe and I hate stomoch bugs I just give her her fluids when she needs and call it a day but yes there wonderful when you feel like you wanna die !!!! hahahaha

  61. Beth says:

    I am not sure that I would trust a “doctor” that can’t spell.

  62. DR. I HATE STOMACH VIRUSES!!!!! says:

    not a real doctor just trying to help im sorry you feel that way:(

    • Davon says:

      I have been vomiting for about twelve hours straight over 8 times do I need go doc n also I haven’t been able to eat or drink much in days

  63. stephani says:

    wow ok .. ive read all of the comments .. i had the stomach flue all yeasterday ( thanksgiving day ) and now im over it but my 2 year old son has it. the bad news is , he won’t even take a sip of ANYTHING ( not even pedialite ) and he’s throwing up NON STOP !! he started throwing up tonight around 5 o clock and i just got him to go to bed but he’s still throwing up. im really worried becaue he wont drink ANYTHING !! as soon as i grab the cup, he sees it and turns his head and refuses to even try to take a sip. any suggestions?

  64. DR. I HATE STOMACH VIRUSES!!!!! says:

    try to see if he likes ice chips when my child dont want anything to drink I give her ice chips it may help him feel a little better and he will not get dehydrated!

  65. Falicia says:

    Wow Beth I did not know this was a spelling B!
    Get a life this is a blog for the stomach bug
    I tried some of the stuff the DR.VIRUSES told me to try
    it kinda works!!!!!! So really you need to grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And no one told you you had to trust anybodys comments!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. stephani says:

    turned out he was totally better in the morning.. i just let his bottle of pedialite by his crib so when he woke up he would see it there and sure enoughin the morning when i came in to wake him up it was all gone and he was back to normal… I on the other hand are still feeling sick.. my stomach is KILLING ME !! i try and throw up so it wont hurt anymore but it still does.. todayis the 3rd day. tomorrow will be the 4th.. i dont feel the urge to puke.. my stomach just aches.. even when im lying down. i try and puke but nothing really comes up … AHHH i absolutely hate this !!

  67. DR. I HATE STOMACH VIRUSES!!!!! says:

    Thanks Falicia I just try to help you know.

  68. peanutsmommy says:

    i had the stomach flu last monday-tuesday and my 3 year old daughter got it saturday. i thought because we went for 5 days without anyone getting sick the rest of my family would be ok but apparently not. now i am worried that my 20 month old and my husband will be next. does the stomach flu ALWAYS get everyone in the family or is there a chance they can avoid it? how long would it take if they were going to get it? oh how i hate this…first time ive gotten to experience this as a mommy and it breaks my heart. 🙁

  69. peanutsmommy says:

    oh and one more question…if my husband does get it, should i have him sleep in the guest bedroom or am i safe from getting it again since i already had it? thanks so much for the input!

  70. DR. I HATE STOMACH VIRUSES!!!!! says:

    to peanutsmommy,
    yes you are already amune to the virus but there is a chance it can mutate and you could catch it again sanitize everything is my best advise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. peggy says:

    i’ve had this horrible flu for 12 days and am freaking out. no vomiting or the d word – all severe nausesa and stomach cramps. absolutely wiped out feeling – lost WAY TOO MUCH weight on an already small body. living on gaterade and pepto bismal – any words of encouragement?? i know dehydration is the big worry (and i think i’m ok there), but the energy thing is scary. anybody?

  72. DR. I HATE STOMACH VIRUSES!!!!! says:

    peggy it sounds like your doing what you should be doing it just sounds like you had a very yukky bug gaterade will help with electralites sorry if I spelled that rong just if your sick for more than a week I would see a docter hope you feel better soon hope this helps!!!!!!!

  73. DR. I HATE STOMACH VIRUSES!!!!! says:

    ok sorry you have been sick for more than a week the best advice I can give you is to see a docter it is sounding like the seasonal flu go see a docter peggy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Marcia says:

    Stomach flu is the worst ugh…I just plain hate it, but as soon as I feel nauseas or my kids complain of stomach ache I give them a tea spoon of olive oil (before they eat) they don’t like it heck neither do I, but after I give it to them I give the a cracker or so to take the taste away. Olive oil works wonders.

  75. allie says:

    thankyou i know now that i have the stomic flu

  76. young dad says:

    daughter just started vomiting 4 am this morning. got 3 more kids and a wife in the house. we are doomed. however, this website really helps. thanks a lot.

  77. Worried Mom says:

    My 6 year old has finally stopped vomiting, had no diahrrea but is now running a low grade temp. She is keeping Pedialyte down and jello. What should I do about the temp?

  78. sherry says:

    I have had a stomach bug for 24 hrs. How long am I contagious and what can I do to prevent giving to a 4 month old. Since I am the caregiver…Help!!

  79. sherri says:

    waiting for a response about stomach flu. what kind of precautions for not giving to a baby when you are the caregiver?

  80. DR. I HATE STOMACH VIRUSES!!!!! says:

    sherry you are contagious for a week so its really hard to avoid but if everyone around you takes there vitamins and eats vitimin rich foods they are less likely to catch the virus they also should wash hands and you should sanitize your your house with bleach water or alcahol I work ata daycare center and that seems to keep it at bay!

  81. Ashley says:

    Some of my family have had the stomach flu and my husband and my son and I were around it over the holidays… We are trying hard to avoid it, my son is only 11 months… First time mom and I’m so afraid for hi
    to get sick… I don’t want it myself, I’m the primary caretaker for him it would be hard to be sick and take care of him… How long after being around the germ can you get it? It’s been 2 days winces we have been around family memebers with the stomach bug but I’m paranoid we will get it…

  82. DR. I HATE STOMACH VIRUSES!!!!! says:

    Ashley it takes a week or sooner depending on your body to geta stomach bug but what I do is take vitamins like there goin outa stile because that is how I avoided it for a long time build your body up so your body is ready and you guys should not get it and even if you do you will not even know !

  83. Ashley says:

    Thanks so much! I’m gonna stock up on vitamins for us all!!!!!!! And vit C! 🙂

  84. Colleen says:

    My daughter (9) just had this and now I do. She is fine but is there a chance she can get it again?

  85. DR. I HATE STOMACH VIRUSES!!!!! says:

    colleen the only way you can get that bug again is
    if it mutates ! my advice to you is to sanitize your
    home with bleach water or alcahol I work in a day care and it seems to work I cant even remember the last time the kids cought the stomach bug!

  86. DR. I HATE STOMACH VIRUSES!!!!! says:

    Your welcome Ashley anytime:)

  87. alexes says:

    Thanx so much for the comments dr. stomach viruses!!!!!I was on this web site two weeks ago and read alot of the stuff people had to say but I took your advice about vitamins and I havent got a stomach bug well any bug for that matter.Im so happy and wanted to thank you so thanx so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. AIDEN'S MOMMY says:


  89. DR. I HATE STOMACH VIRUSES!!!!! says:

    well my concern if it were my child would be somthing nurological excuse my spelling ! that is if no
    one else in your home is getting it I guess I just see a little patern and that would be what I would talk to your childs dr. about remember this at the end of the day doctors will be doctors but you will always be mom and moms have better sense than a doctor would about your child they want you out in a half hour you wanna take care of your baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. DR. I HATE STOMACH VIRUSES!!!!! says:

    Your welcome alexes:)

  91. cherrelyn says:

    I think my son got the stomach flu…for about 5 days now. My question is how long does it last…he’s only 21 months and it breaks my heart to see him in pain!

  92. DR. I HATE STOMACH VIRUSES!!!!! says:

    cherrelyn the stomach virus can last up to seven days and he can be contagous for anather seven days just keep an eye out for dehydration:
    no tears when crying
    no wet diapers
    or acting nathargic or
    staring into space but not really looking at anything. give him gateraid if he will not drink
    pedialite alot of kids hate that and give him acouple tea spoons at a time dont overdo it his tummy needs alittle break and im sure you will be fine!

  93. gem says:

    i can not stand throwing up when im at school and feel like i might i just go to the bathroom first than call my mom to take me home. I don’t dare go near the nurse’s office. I am such a huge germaphobe I used up an entire bottle of hand sanatizer in just a few months. When ever i find out someone got sick at school or at my mouse im drinking e-mergency (lots of vitamin c in it) for the next few days. I belive that i should wait at least two more days when i come in contact with the virus before i can act normally again. I love fruit and eat it everyday. I swim every school day. However i remember geting sick mabey 3 times in just 2 months or so with the same stomach stuff. Now the virus is going around school and apparently my brother’s work. He just puked but he does not have a fever… Before that he told me he didn’t feel good. He on purpose breathed and burped in my face just to make me freak out. He sat by me at church and fed me is food before i even knew he wasn’t feeling well. Is he contagious? What are some ways to protect myself from getting sick? Please I’m very desperate. I’m actually shaking right now in fear.

  94. gem says:

    so sorry i forgot to mention i was playing in the snow we got today that we only once or twice a year. It made me cold but I still played in it. I’m afraid this may have lowered my defenses. =(

  95. Dave says:

    What does the virus feed off of? Since it makes it’s rounds around the family you can almost see it coming. would it be better to fast before it hits you? if you feel it kicking in would it be good to force thowing up as soon as possible? would that ease the suffering or weaken the virus?

  96. DR. I HATE STOMACH VIRUSES!!!!! says:

    sleeping is always a good idea when people around you get the bug but most people cant sleep that eight hours like they should because of kids or work its imposible my advice to you Dave is to double up on your multivitamins because that seems to work I have not gotten a stomach bug in a while and I work in a daycare even adding vitamin rich foods help foods high in antioxidants help as far as the inducing the vomiting your going to vomit weather you do that or not relly your bodys antibodys are doing the work to get rid of the virus the best thing to do is rest and not to make your body work harder than it had to(inducing vomiting)so just relax and let your body do what it needs to you dont want to be sick longer than you need to!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. DR. I HATE STOMACH VIRUSES!!!!! says:

    gem if he burped in your face he cangive you the virus I would take that vitamin C as well as double up on multivitamins and do it for a entire week because he will be contagous for at least seven days and after that sanitize every thing you think he touched bleach water !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. ellery says:

    Hi my 3year old is still not eating properly since the virus hit her11 days ago, now she drinks around 1 liter a day but throwsup once aday if given small serves of food she used to be 15kg now shes down to 12.8kg. is this normal to take 12days to recovery?

  99. Brandon says:


    You insecurity and ignorance shine brightly through your posts.

  100. DR. I HATE STOMACH VIRUSES!!!!! says:

    I am sorry you feel that way I just try to help people!!!!!!!If I have insalted anyone I didnt realize that and I apalagize I just try to share what I know and they can take the advice or just
    do what they think is best again I am sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. DR. I HATE STOMACH VIRUSES!!!!! says:

    Just to let everyone know there is an out break of influenza A out there even if you got the seasonal flu shot you could still get it !!!Drs were so worried about the swine flu they forgot to ad influenza A to the vaccine so get plenty of rest and take your vitamins as well as taking your AIR BORNE tabs if you have them this is an iky bug to have we had to close our daycare to start disinfecting so be prepared it is out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. pnut says:

    my family had a stomach virus starting last Wed. Can I still get sick from the virus even after a week. I have been using bleach & water & spraying Lysol spray like crazy..

  103. DR. I HATE STOMACH VIRUSES!!!!! says:

    pnut just do what you have been doing and have a multivitamin or two handy it sounds like if you havent gotten it yet that you probley are not gonna !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. Jaime says:

    This was very helpful thank you so much for the post!

  105. mamajw2 says:

    I have a 6 and 8 year old. My 6 yr old has had the stomach virus three times since Halloween, it is now Feb. My 8 yr old has had it twice since then. It presented different each time, my question is is this normal? How many times in a season do kids usually get the tummy flu?

  106. Wayne says:

    A very good comment Eric. One thing that I just realized after reading your article and just going through stomach flu and since I also had food poisoning that the difference is very distinct that stomach flu doesn´t include diarea. This is what I feared the most and it didn´t happen. A small consolation.

  107. Anonymous says:

    i have been vomiting out my ass for 2 years now should i see a dr or just continue to wear a diaper

  108. Heather says:

    My brother had the stomach flu 6 days ago, and it lasted him I think like 3-4 days, except his vomiting stopped at 11PM the night he got it – he’s been fine for the past few days now. I heard that you are only airborne while vomiting because of the particles in the air. Is this true?
    I also have been sanitizing and washing my hands like crazy and disinfecting doorknobs/light switches/bathrooms/what have you like 3 times a day with Lysol, and I take two different multivitamins and an acidophilus probiotic every day that is prescribed to me for acid reflux. The reason I’m so afraid to get it right now is because I might have an infection in my gut and don’t know how that would impact it or if my symptoms would worsen.
    Do my actions that I’m taking mean that my chances of coming down with this stomach flu he’s gotten over are significantly diminished? Looking forward to a helpful response; I’ve gotten some help with the ones currently on here but my situation has a couple differences.

  109. Heather says:

    Oh, and another thing… the second he was about to vomit (I was in a different room), I immediately went upstairs (he was downstairs all night), closed my bedroom door, opened the windows and lysoled my doorknobs and everything and started washing my hands. LOL
    I didn’t go down there until like, the next day in the afternoon and persistently kept my distance from him at least a 5-10ft. radius.
    I’m not a germaphobe; just don’t know what it would do to my infection right now.

  110. morgan says:

    My mom started throwing up yesterday, I thought she might of had food posioning at first but we ate the same thing & I’m fine. I’m a germ freak & I’m really worried I’m gunna get it. Hers started off with a bad headache then felt really hot & dizzy & threw up about 15 times. I’ve been staying away & using hand sanitizer & also before she started having symptoms she tocuhed my food.

  111. Mandy says:

    This virus has been going through my house for 2 weeks now. My 7 year old daughter, who turns 8 in a couple days and will be missing out on her party because of this has now caught it a second time. She gave it to her four year old brother who took 7 days of vomiting and severe diarrhea to get it out of his system. I’m worried, why is it making a second round through the house. My son lost so much weight from the first round I don’t think he can handle another, he’ll definitely be taking a trip to the hospital if he does. I can feel it hitting me again too, this is exhausting.

  112. Marnie says:

    My 2 yr old son just got over the stomach flu and now I have it, can I pass it back to him again?

  113. Kerry says:

    My 19 month old son woke up last Thursday night vomitting and was sick for about 12 hours. The next day he had one really bad case of diarrhea but nothing other than that. He was extremely quiet..laying on the floor with teddy looking at me. He has not vomitted since that night and has had a couple of episodes of diarrhea but nothing chronic. He hasn’t really eaten anything since Thursday (he will pick at a bit of toast or fruit but nothing substantial). He is drinking alot of water but he appears to have lost some weight. Has anyone else had this problem with their child not eating for almost a week after vomitting. I don’t know if I should go to the walk-in clinic or not….I would rather not go to the hospital and risk getting something worse. His doctor is on vacation until Monday….but that is 5 days from now.

  114. candace says:

    my 18 month lil girl has the stomach flu ….. wat do i do … lol … kinda new at this stuff as iam only 22 n this is her 1st time hvin the virus can sumone please help me…thanks

  115. Jolene says:

    If it’s the stomach flu, it will pas in a few hours. She will vomit once about every hour up to 5 or 6 hours and then start to feel better. You can then allow her to drink pedialyte, watered down juice, water, etc ( no milk).
    When my 3 year old got it, she asked for cereal about 3 hours after her final vomiting episode and kept it down just fine( dry mini wheats) and also kept down a small cup of watered down minute maid fruit punch. Just have her rest and it will pass.
    Good Luck, it was my first time dealing with this too 🙂

  116. Carleen says:

    Yes very helpful, I was giving my 2 year old daughter water, cause she kept on asking me for it. Thank God I looked this site up. It is so hard to see your child have to go through such things.

  117. Anonymous says:

    hi, my daughter emma 13 years old has thrown up yesterday morning around 2:00 A.M only once has she thrown up, but in the past 48 hrs she hasn’t been able to even get up without a heating pad on her stomach, after she threw up she said she felt much better but now shes complaining that it hurts still, i dont know if its bc she is sore from puking or if she is going to have another episode later on…? can you help?

  118. emma's mom says:

    sorry that last comment was from emma’s mom

  119. ida says:

    thank you for this article. my daughter is 18 years old. i’m 44. this is the first time i’ve ever encountered something like this. this article helped. yea, it was written for much younger kids. but, it was also good for us older folks.

  120. Q says:

    I’ve had a stomach bug now for a week.started off with a headache for 7 days, then stomach flared up, no real vomitting or d word just nausea, loss of appetite , queasiness and some cramping. Been at this second stage for about a week now. Just want to rest loads and drink fluids, hoping that each day I wake up I,ll feel better. Anyone else experience anything like this which started with a headache?

  121. Matt says:

    I am 21 and have a stomach flu. When will it go away?

  122. Sarah says:

    I had the stomach flu yesterday, got sick around 4 am, got sick again around 5, then I didn’t get sick again till 8 am, then noon and after that I thought I was done throwing up but I had serious stomach cramps and I couldn’t move even to get some water but once 7 pm rolled around that’s when it got worse, I threw up at least 6 times within 30 minutes.. then it was over and I slept all night. When they say it lasts 24 hours, they aren’t joking.

  123. Nadine says:

    my son is 4yrs old. He started throwing up Thursday. He couldn’t keep anything down so we took him to the ER. They gave him nausea meds which keep fluids down. He hasn’t thrown up and it is Saturday night but has been having the worst explosive diarrhea. He has been having bowel issues on and off before this sudden bout of Gastroenteritis. I found blood in his stool last Saturday. The abdominal pain and diarrhea will not stop and is not getting better. Could this be something other than a flu?This is the longest virus I have seen.

  124. helpme says:

    i think i have the virus. i have been vomiting on and off all day but now i feel hungry but if i eat i will throw up. what can i do?

  125. helpme says:

    i think i have the virus. i have been vomiting on and off all day but now i feel hungry but if i eat i will throw up. what can i do? (sorry i posted twice. forgot to request email)

  126. bw says:

    Why ppl complaining that there are no black kids get a life. Maybe no black kids go to that doctors office u think of that?

  127. Daniel says:

    There’s a few basics I’ve learned from getting this every single year.
    1: Absolutely no dairy.
    2: Gatorade is advised but in small amounts.
    3: Sleep, sleep, and sleep!
    4: Losing weight is inevitable, just don’t try to gain it back with popcorn and McDonalds.
    5: If you get car sickness avoid rides over 10-20 minutes.
    6: Just relax, even though it hurts there’s a low chance of it even affecting you to a serious point besides dehydration.

  128. Daniel says:

    Also do not consume the following if you are sure you have gastroenteritis; dairy, ibuprofen, Aleve, aspirin, excess painkillers, etc. The few things recommended which won’t hurt are rest and maybe Zantac. (But keep it low depending on your age, when I was 10 I had 30 tablets of 75 to keep me healthy consuming two tablets per 24 hours.

  129. Jonathan says:

    Great info. I wanted to know what alternative foods can I give my child besides Banana, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast? Any soups, meats, or anything else she can have?

  130. xixihaha567 says:

    I think you’ve observed some very interesting particulars , thanks for the post.

  131. Anonymous says:

    I have the stomach virus right now im only 13 ive never puked that much in my WHOLE LIFE!!!!!! It hurts really bad too!!!!

  132. AngelaRuth says:

    My 5 week old daughter started vomitting on Saturday (but only lasted like 2 hours), but I thought it was a reaction to the first bottle of formula I had ever given her. But then this a.m., (Monday, 2:00 am) my 2 year old son began vomitting. It lasted every hour for about 6 hours, but he acted fine. Was playing and jumping around. No fever. I kept my distance, as I have a puke phobia, my husband took care of him. I have been using the Lysol spray and using 68% alcohol-based sanitizer. It didn’t present itself as the typical stomach flu and he has been eating and drinking just fine. Isn’t it possible to carry a virus of one kind and have someone else catch it but have completely different symtoms? Perhaps thats it. If not, its a rapid flu that presented symptoms in less than 48 hours and lasted a very, very short time.

  133. Georgie says:

    Hi, I am a 17 year old girl, for the past three weeks everytime I consume food or fluids I have had excessive and extreme diarrhoea, I also have been feeling extreme nausea however not actually vomitting. I love my food and drink, however the past week I have chosen to eat and drink extreme minimal amounts. I visited the doctor today and he put me on a bowel cleanser and anti-diarrohea tablets. I am starting to get worried now as I am loosing weight and not sleeping, could this be the stomach bug, or something more serious?

    Would appreciate a quick reply if possible, thanks x

  134. Asley says:

    Is it normal to have sharp pains in your stomach too? Or like weird bubbling sounds?

  135. Beg to differ... says:

    Comment # 5. Medi cal has great benefits. We pay private insurance and out of pocket….. $2000 a month for 2 adults and 1 -3 year old. Our 2 year checkup was $950. We are so not doing the 3 year checkup, she is healthy and we don’t need anyone to tell us that for $950!

    Medi cal even covers tylenol!!!!

  136. d says:

    Just thank you for the helpful, clear article. I’m glad we made it to the teen years before this hit our family! Your article helped w/ my questions and the comments, um, gave me the good dose of humor I needed this weekend.

  137. Eric says:

    Thanks d for the comment and positive feedback. I really appreciate it.

  138. karen says:

    my girl was sick at 1 45 am on thurs morning can we still catch it and how can we prevent catching it

  139. Eric says:

    She shouldnt be so contagious at this point. The best way to prevent getting sick is to make sure to wash your hands before preparing food or eating. You could also use a hand sanitizer like purell from time to time to make sure your hands a clean.

  140. Angela says:

    You can actually be contagious for up to 2 weeks following the stomach flu. It is different for each different bug. Small children stay contagious longer.
    The stomach flu bug is started with poor hygiene and usually through feces.

  141. Kincaid says:

    Also, sharp pains in the right side could indicate appendicitis. I was sick with what I thought was the stomach flu, vomiting every 20 minutes or so from about 5 am to 4 pm. I was able to drink some powered at about 8 pm and felt fine but vomited again at around 6 am. Went to the ER and they operated on my appendix. It burst in the MD’s hand as they got it out.

  142. Kimber says:

    My grandson started preschool last Thur, & he has not been himself not eating but low grade fever 99.4 yesterday & stomach hurt he said on 9-30-12 now Monday morning Diarrhea n tummy hurt .No school we let them know.How long should I tell my Daughter he can’t go back 24 hr after last Episode? He is3.5 yrs and is Hungry what to eat being that he didn’t throw
    up.I know bout the the Brat Diet , he has for the past 4 days only eating 2 Bites of food. Today egg mom “said 2 bites only”then 2 bites from my Bagel

  143. Finally a GREAT guide! says:

    This has been so helpful! My 26month old has the flu right now. This guide has been so amazing! Thank you so much! No more doing loads and loads of laundry every 5 minutes! Thank you thank you thank you!

  144. Anonymous says:

    Hi, my son (20 months) has this at the moment too. He hasn’t eaten much over the last 3 days, just been giving toast, bits of banana and crackers. The worst thing I did was give him milk as this made him vomit again. I’m finding giving him bits of cucumber is really helping keep him hydrated. I had it about a month ago. The doctor told me not to eat for a day, drink some dioralyte. and little sips of water (as i was finding i was trying to drink pints at a time and bringing it all back up) slept it off for the rest of the day and was ok by the next day.

  145. Anonymous says:

    The stomach flu viruses are contageous 3 days to 2 weeks following recovery. Much longer than 24 hours!!

  146. Anonymous says:

    my grand mas has the flu what should i give her sprit or kool-aid

  147. Brandi says:

    Okay here we go. My son has beensick since Tuesday of last week. Started vomiting and Diarrhea Thursday of last week. He went to the Dr. on Friday. Very dehydrated. Sent him to the ER for IV fluids. Couldn’t find a vein just areteries not good. So they sent him home with a prescription for Zofran. He has been taking it still. Works for awhile and then starts vomiting again. Gets better for awhile, again. and starts vomiting again. Complains with stomach pains. Called the Dr. and he has not yet called us back. Also the ER diagnosed him with Gastroentrenitis . HOw much longer should this last. It’s been going on for to long .Today is Monday the 4th of March.

  148. Sara says:

    Hi I was up at 3:00 am puking till 2:am
    IT SUCKED. I hated it I was able to hold down
    Like a ice pop and some other things. But I kept
    Vomiting up small amounts 10 times. Now I’m better but my dad had it. I’m scared I will get it again:( the past days my stomache still hurts really bad like right now. Can I get it again?

  149. Jen A says:

    Also, when children are sick – our pediatrician suggests making Jell-O in the liquid form (do not put it in the refrigerator) since it will provide hydration AND PROTEIN!

  150. Zachary says:

    i am scared. I don’t know what to do i went to bed with a stomach ache and woke up during the night with sore muscles felling like I can’t walk , and a sore throat and a little bit of a stuffy nose. Although I have been in orlandos disney world, I don’t know if I was dehydrated or not. I do not have a doctor here but when I take my flight back to Ohio i will. I don’t know. Im afraid I have ebola but the flu has almost the same symptoms. Some please help. Im scared

  151. Hi. Can i Share Stomach Flu Facts Every Parent Should Know to
    my Facebook page?

  152. Samantha says:

    I have no clue exactly what my son has. I figured it was the stomach flu but its different this time than in the past. He threw up Monday morning at Midnight and didn’t throw up the rest of the day. So I let him go to school the next morning since he hadn’t be sick again for over 24 hours. Then this morning Wednesday he threw up around 1 and then again around 6 am but he hasn’t thrown up since. So I have decided to keep him home from school for the rest of the week.

  153. My 5 yr old son is sick right now, 2nd day, his been able to drink small amounts of pedilyte and powerade, he hasn’t vomited but he hasn’t been able eat solid food. He complains a lot about his body aching especially his legs, does anyone know or have any advise on what I should do to ease his pain, I’m open to try home/herbal remedies

  154. Anonymous says:

    Hi I’m not sure if you can actually help me with this, but I have had all these symptoms of vomiting and having stomach flu however I have had it at three different times just this last month!! Im currently sick again right now but was curious if maybe what i had was even the stomach flu???

  155. Heather says:

    My son was vomiting and had diarrhea, severe stomach cramping, very lethargic and then said he said it hurt to pee. This lasted for six days, I took him to the dr. Twice. Both Drs. Said it was the stomach flu. He was so sick that he missed 6 days of school. The school started to harass me because he wAs missing too many days, so I sent him back along with 2 dr notices. It has been about 3 weeks, and now the vomiting and diarrhea, stomach cramping are back. He last episode of throwing up was around 9:30 pm. I am afraid to keep him home because of the strict attendance policy, but really feel he needs to take off tomorrow and go to the dr.
    Should I keep him home and take him to the dr .? And can anyone tell me about the legalities of the school guidelines in Illinois about how many days a child can miss ? They are really being cruel and threatening. Thanks for any advice.
    – Single Mom that just wants her son well! 🙂

  156. Heathr says:

    My son was vomiting and had diarrhea, severe stomach cramping, very lethargic and then said he said it hurt to pee. This lasted for six days, I took him to the dr. Twice. Both Drs. Said it was the stomach flu. He was so sick that he missed 6 days of school. The school started to harass me because he wAs missing too many days, so I sent him back along with 2 dr notices. It has been about 3 weeks, and now the vomiting and diarrhea, stomach cramping are back. He last episode of throwing up was around 9:30 pm. I am afraid to keep him home because of the strict attendance policy, but really feel he needs to take off tomorrow and go to the dr.
    Should I keep him home and take him to the dr .? And can anyone tell me about the legalities of the school guidelines in Illinois about how many days a child can miss ? They are really being cruel and threatening. Thanks for any advice.
    – Single Mom that just wants her son well! 🙂

    • Eric says:

      Something doesnt sound right here. If your son has been vomiting and having diarrhea for over a week now then I dont think that its the stomach flu. It usually doesnt last this long. There is something else going on here. Speak to your doctor and let him/her know that its been three weeks now and you want to make sure its not something else thats being missed. Vomiting usually clears up after a few days.

      The biggest concern for now is dehydration. So even if its something else make sure he is getting fluids. He should drink something with electrolytes taking slow sips at a time to keep him from vomiting.

  157. sickone says:

    Our 16 month old sleeps in the same bed with us. My husband & toddler had it first… now I have bug but no vomiting yet… is it OK for us to keep sleeping in the same bed?? Should I stay away (meaning sleep downstairs) for him to get better? He vomited again tonight after being fine for one day. Thanx

  158. Shay says:

    I have a 7 year old son, has had the stomach flu 3 times since Thanksgiving. Do I need to be concerned? I can tell you that we are in a small town with small schools…tons of families have come down with the stomach flu. Our entire family has actually had it twice (4 of 5 had it at Thanksgiving…and 4 of 5 had it about a week ago). Now, my 7 year old son is puking again. It’s hard to believe, so I guess that’s why I’m posting here. On top of it all, he has also been struggling with hives since September. Without medication, he breaks out every single day…no idea why, but that’s another trial and error and doctoring matter. However, I just have to wonder if everything is somehow linked. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated by this somewhat exhausted mama!

  159. dina says:

    Feedback 2 year old woke up at 3am committing it was quite a few times in 3 hour time fever. Then he stopped voniiting woke up seemed dine all day drank and ate a little for me.then woke up at 3am again and committed one time following morning.then seemed it normal to to be okay the whole following day then vomitt the next morning??

  160. dina says:

    Vomiting excuse the spelling errors.before the grammer Nazis start.

  161. Aaliyah says:

    Great post. Thank you for sharing with us. Thank you so much.

  162. Jesse Corey says:

    If a kid vomits on a Saturday night, does the kid stay home all-day Sunday without going to the supermarket and goes to school Monday morning? I ask because there’s no school on Sundays.

  163. micaela says:

    I actually have the stomach flu right now. I first puked at 12, then 1 and then just not to long ago around 3am. I don’t have anything but water and the second time I threw up its cause I didn’t sip the water and my mom then told me I had to sip it so then I did. well when I got up to use the restroom bc I did start my period the same day as I started puking, I need to go potty. but as soon as I sat down, I knew I was going to puke. and I did. I have a migraine and such a bad stomach ache. if I puke anymore, I’m going to probably faint. I keep getting light head and dizzy after I throw up. I really want this to go away. this really sucks! I don’t like this at all. I’m so pale in the face and I am in so much pain. 🙁

  164. btc_clam says:

    Great post. I’m facing many of these issues as well..

  165. Anonymous says:

    Seems like what my 8 month old preemie son is going through right now, he’s had diarrhea for 4 days and vomiting everything for 5 days. Since yesterday though it’s seemed like he has slowed down vomiting , but he does it now every time I give him is usual soy formula. It kind of has me worried because he’s already lost over a pound now because of this virus and now every time he drinks his soy milk he throws it all right back up. I give him anything else like stage 2-3 baby food and he eats it slowly along with pedialite but tolerates it. I’m just ready for it to end soon so he can feel better and start back drinking his formula and get some nutrients. I’ve been keeping germ x and Lysol wipes in handy for use everywhere in my house now.

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  168. Jenny says:

    My 19 month old had this for two days now I have it can I give it back to her

  169. Ali says:

    This is the third time my ten-year-old brother has had the stomach flu in the last three months and last night he threw up ten times! I’m really worried about him.

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  172. sanjay says:

    yes..its very good article.Now a days children’s are suffering with stomach flu,so we have to aware with problems like flu etc.

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  175. Very clearly explained about the stomach flu and How contagious it is… every parent should be aware of it. Thanks for sharing the content

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