Put an End to Cold Hands with the Orastone Hand Warmer

Do you get cold hands in the winter? Are you interested in a rechargeable hand warmer? If the answer is yes then you might be interested in the Orastone rechargeable hand warmer.

Every winter my wife complains of having cold hands. She simple cant find a way to keep her hands warm. Sometimes she would walk over to our kids and put her cold hands on their necks. Needless to say, our kids dont enjoy this in the slightest bit. Seriously who would? So my son suggested that we get her some sort of hand warmer for her birthday as ONE of her gifts. I say ‘one’ cause this isnt really a concrete birthday or holiday gift. Its more like a stocking stuffer gift.

With that in mind I ventured on to Amazon.com and had a look around. My observation concluded that there are three types of hand warmers.

The Different Types of Hand Warmers

The first type are disposable hand warmers that work a lot like disposable ice packs. You apply pressure in the center to break the bubble which causes a chemical reaction resulting in the pack heating up.

Zippo hand warmers fall into the second category and these run on actual fuel. You add the required amount of Zippo fuel and when started, an internal flame or heating element will heat up the warmer.

The third and most popular type are the rechargeable ones like Orastone, Ocoopa, or similar. You plug them in to charge and when needed just press a button to turn it on. The time to heat up depends on the type and style of hand warmer.

On Amazon there is a modest selection of rechargeable hand warmers. The main reason why I chose the Orastone is it looked different from all the other rechargeables. It looked unique. All the other ones looked quite similar as if they were all manufactured at or near the same factory in China.

The other reason why I chose the Orastone is because of the style and varieties. Although I settled on the nature looking model, they did have some pretty cool ones with various textures. How cool is it that they have a hand warmer thats wrapped in a tiny sweater?!

Orastone Hand Warmer

Orastone Hand Warmer Styles

The Orastone hand warmer has a very simple full proof design. It comes with a little rubber carrying cord, a small micro USB charger and has a built in flashlight.

Before first using the hand warmer, it is recommended to fully charge it which takes about 3 hours to fully charge. When you plug in your Orastone, the indicator light will glow red while its charging and turn green when its fully charged. It is also recommended to unplug the device once its fully charged and not leaving plugged in as this could damage the battery.

Once your Orastone hand warmer is fully charged, you press it once quickly to turn on the built in flashlight. The flashlight is about as bright as a light on a cell phone. To activate the heating element, you press and hold the only button on the device. You should feel it starting to warming up almost instantly. It takes a couple minutes to reach maximum temperature of 42 degrees celcius but its already significantly warm within a minute.

To turn off the device simply long press the only button and it will begin to cool down almost immediately.

Unfortunately, I started suffering with Raynauds disease. This disease causes the blood vessels in the hands / fingers to dilate resulting in white / pale looking fingers. The fingers can get real cold and become oversensitive to chilly weather. Since it can take quite a long time to get them warmed up again the Orastone hand warmer certainly helps.


  • Gets really hot fast
  • Includes a built-in light
  • Small enough to fit in your pocket
  • Handy carrying strap
  • Provides between 3-4 hours of heat
  • Cool designs
  • Great gift


  • Cant stay plugged in when fully charged
  • Might be a bit too small for big hands
  • Charging port is Micro USB when USB-C ports are becoming more common

Final Thoughts

Overall, we are very happy with the Orastone hand warmer. It gets hot fast and stays hot for a long time. It can be especially great when you are outdoors for long periods of time or even if you constantly have cold hands and / or suffer from Raynauds.

Order your Orastone here and get it in just a couple of days.

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