Minute Pizzas: Fast, Simple, and Delicious

Since I am always looking for ways to make a quick lunch and/or snack for my kids, I like to experiment with different foods to see what works.

flatbread.jpgJust recently, as I was being quite lazy, I decided to grab some flatbreads, squirt some ketchup on them and add shredded cheese to the top. Then I put them in the microwave for about 15-20 seconds to melt the cheese. The result was this yummy snack to the left.

Unfortunately, I didn’t really get to eat it. The second my kids saw the oozing melted cheese they literally grabbed my flatbread pizzas away from me. Even my 20 month old came wobbling over for a small bite (and then ate the whole thing). I made more but only got to eat about half of one flatbread. Since my daughter who rarely eats ate the most, I classified this recipe as a success.

Another yummy pizza recipe is pita pizza. This takes a little bit longer and requires more steps than the flatbread recipe above.

pitapizza.jpgTake a pita and lightly toast it. This is necessary so it wont turn soggy when you make it in the oven. Then add pizza sauce or ketchup to the top of it and sprinkle it with shredded cheese. Turn the oven on Broil and place the pita pizza in for about 5 minutes. The result should look like this picture to the right (well not exactly unless you using whole-wheat pitas).

If you dont have pitas at home then this recipe would work just fine with regular bread.

Quick, simple, and tasty.

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