Impress Your Wife With A Customized And Creative Mother’s Day Card

Last year I wrote a Mother’s Day post on ‘Creating a Sentimental Mothers Day or B-day Gift for Your Wife’ and after looking back at the post I realized how wordy it was. While the post was extremely informative (no subjectivity here) it could have been written without all the unnecessary info. This time I decided to get to the point without rambling on and on like I am doing right now.

So, if you want to get your wife or mother a card and you’re not sure what to do with it then this post is for you. Don’t expect your wife to be impressed with you if you get her some boring greeting card, even if it is funny, for Mother’s Day. Even if you already have something planned for her, this post will help add some more creativity to your gift giving.

Several years ago when I was a tad bit more creative than I am now I made this for my wife:

An edited 3D Mother’s Day card with the photos of the kids and me popping out.

What you’ll need:
– Greeting card – either from a store or homemade
– Separate photos of you and the kids cut out and trimmed down
– A few pipe cleaners
– Scissors
– Tape

I started by looking for the almost perfect greeting card that would let me do what I wanted with it. I say ‘almost’ because you most probably will need to edit the card a bit to make it look the way you want.

The card that I used above was intended to be given to a mother from a child. It said on the front “What could you want more for Mother’s Day?” and on the inside it read “You already got me!!” So I thought this card would be perfect if I just edit out the ‘me’ and replace it with ‘us’.

Then I got the cutest photos of me and the kids and trimmed them down as best as I could to the outlines of our bodies for a more ‘realistic’ look.

Yeah, I know I look dorky. Can we move on with the post here?

Next, I took pipe cleaners, shortened them a bit, wrapped them around my finger for the springy effect and attached them to the back of the photos with tape.

Now all thats left for you to do is write something meaningful (sorry can’t help you with that) and you’re done.

Placing the card in an envelope is especially important as it will conveniently hide the 3D effect until your wife takes it out. If you did everything right the photos should spring out and bounce around a bit when your wife opens it.

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