Husbandhood-made Road Trip Bingo Cards and Scavenger Hunt List

As parents, we all know that going on a road trip with your kids could become a very frustrating experience and as a result, we take along a whole assortment of things for the kids to do. From sticker books to games to watching DVDs we usually have it all laid out before hand.

This past June my wife and I went with the kids to a resort 2 ½ hours away. We packed books, snacks, activities, and DVDs to keep them busy for the ride. My wife and I usually like to wait awhile before turning on the DVD. For us it should be a last resort. I mean what did we do when we were kids?

So on our way back from the resort my wife decided to start a scavenger hunt of all the things that we will see while driving home. Anyone who wanted to was allowed to add to the list of items to look for. Some of the items my daughter added were a chimney, ice cream truck, and mud.

My son added of course things that he liked like motorcycles, trucks, and airplanes.

Surprisingly this scavenger hunt lasted almost an hour before the kids either got bored or fell asleep (we continued when they woke up from their naps).

Seeing how much fun they had looking for all sorts of things on and off the road, I decided to make a list of everything we looked for. After I had my list, I went online to search for appropriate pictures to go with the items. Once I had everything, I organized the items in a standard Bingo format using Microsoft Word.

I have attached the road trip bingo for anyone to download. The file format is in Microsoft Word.

What makes my file any different from the others on the web?

1. The document contains items that we saw on the road. So for us it was a bit more practical than just downloading a road trip bingo card from other websites.

2. Since its in Microsoft Word its fully customizable. Add or remove what you want.

3. I created a list of all the items that are on all the cards so you as parents can either go ahead and call out the items on the list when they appear on the road or turn it into a scavenger hunt instead of a bingo game. The list of items with pictures is at the end of the document.

4. The bingo cards don’t have written across them.

Download Road Trip Bingo

Here are some other travel bingo cards I found on the web:
This one is a fully customizable road trip bingo page that produces an adobe file that you can either print or download. Its really cool! I took my list of items and added them to the program so you could see what it looks like. Here it is: Bingo.pdf The only downside is that you cant add images. like this one because it has some original items like I have on mine.)

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  1. Jen says:

    The bingo cards are great. It looks like you thought of some really good items. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jenifer says:

    Glad I found your site. The pictures and items are great. Can’t wait to try them out next week. Thanks for doing the work!

  3. mosh says:

    These are really great. Some of the best on the web.

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