How To Get Your Kids To Love Taking Medicine

Every parent knows that if there is one thing their child detests doing besides cleaning up after themselves and listening to you it’s taking either Tylenol or cough syrup medicines. The thing is that Tylenol or Tempra really don’t taste that bad and we even have a pharmacy near us that compounds its own version of Tylenol with an even more flavor able taste. However, many kids simply refuse to take medicine no matter how good it tastes. I think it has to do with the terrible horrible taste of cough syrup. No matter what flavor they add to cough syrup it still taste absolutely awful. I believe that once a child is forced to take cough syrup they will resist anything that resembles it in any way no matter how good it tastes.

What some people do is they add the medicine to a glass of chocolate milk or something similar. The problem with doing so is that you child has to drink the entire glass in order to ingest all the meds. Also, it often happens that he or she could still taste the medicine at the bottom of the cup. In other words, cough syrup tastes so bad that even a glass of chocolate milk can’t cover up the awful taste.

After struggling with my daughter for many years to get her to take medicine I decided to try something new. So here’s what I do. I take the smallest cup we have in the house and I add the spoonful or two of medicine to the bottom. I then take chocolate syrup and cover the entire bottom of the glass with it and then add a little milk. I make sure that I add enough syrup to completely drown out the taste of the medicine. This type of concoction would probably make an adult quite sick as it contains mostly chocolate syrup and almost nothing else. Now the important step in this process is mixing it well. We have one of those handheld frothers that blends the contents extremely well. Its also good at making the concoction nice and frothy.

In the end, you should have about a quarter cup of really sweet and thick chocolate milk. A small enough dose that any child can can take in one gulp and enjoy doing so. It often happens that my child will ask for more medicine after taking this. So far this is the best technique and works every time.

One thing that you should be very careful about is that if your child has the stomach flu then you should NOT be offering this to your child. In fat a child suffering from a bout of stomach flu really cant take any medicine except for nausea medicine which probable wont work anyway. Also please note that stomach flu and the flu flu (fever, chills, fatigue) are not the same thing. The symptoms are totally different as well as the treatment. This is really a topic for another post.

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5 Responses

  1. Al K says:

    Tempra whether Cherry or Banana flavour tastes awful! I was wondering why my baby was gagging on it and decided to try it myself. The taste is overpowering and nauseating, like when someone has way too much perfume on. That’s what the taste of Tempra is like. When a baby has only had formula or breast milk, this must be a shock to their system. It took me 5 rinses with water before I got the hideous taste out of my mouth.

  2. Kayleigh Dennis says:

    This really works my baby brother and baby cousin hate meds so we mixed it with their favorite drink and they love it with a drink my baby brother has been puking and asks us for meds to make him better but sometimes we say no because it hasn’t been long enough

  3. Kayleigh Dennis says:

    thanks for all the tips and signs they really help my family my family gets sick a lot

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