Deal With Your Headache Before You Walk In The House

If you frequently get headaches towards the end of the work day and come home with them then take care of it before you walk in the house. I have written in a previous post about the importance of coming home in a positive mind frame and coming home frequently with a headache does not help in setting a positive tone in the home.

If you know that every day or almost every day at 4:45pm you start getting a headache from your day at the office then pop in a couple of Tylenols before you leave work. Why should your spouse have to deal with your headache?

If it’s a sympathy thing then try something else. I know that if my wife came home everyday complaining of a headache I would really be annoyed.

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15 Responses

  1. Husbandhood's wife says:

    My husband HATES when I walk in with a headache but I do need to defend myself and say that it does not happen every day. Furthermore, I usually get the headache in the drive on the way home and at that point it is too late to just ‘pop in some tylenol’. If your spouse does walk in with a headache, maybe you should give them a break from everything they are juggling and let them take the night off. Just a thought….

    • Indy says:

      Super infmtoarive writing; keep it up.

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  2. Mazy says:

    You act as if having a headache is on purpose. I have never had a problem with headaches until about a week ago and I can’t take enough tylenol to make it better. Thank GOD I have a husband who is willing to help me get rid of it. Just like I help him when he needs me. PLUS I hate it when I get home and feel bad because I need that time to do other things in my life that don’t get done while I am at work getting a headache. Thank God I do not have a man that has the mentality like you mentioned above because he would be one lonely SOB

  3. C King says:

    I suffer from headaches and know they can be very debilitating. However, when your spouse is complaining of headaches every day for more than a year, but won’t go to the doctor, doesn’t act like he has a headache (unless our son wants his attention) and still does activities that would hurt my head, something is definitely not adding up. I am a stay-at-home mom, and I’m pregnant and have been sick and dealing with a sick toddler and I want some rest, but my husband acts like he is on his death bed and I have grown tired of it. I honestly don’t believe him. I’ve tried to get him to go to the doctor and a counselor but it’s like pulling teeth. He needs to take care of it or he risks losing me and our son(s).

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