David Letterman Says Goodbye – An End of an Era

As I slowly get older there are very few things that still connect me to my past and my youth. One of those things was David Letterman. Since his first show in 1982 until his very last episode I always felt that as long as his show was still running I was still young. Well this came to end last night.

David Letterman actually played a small role in my childhood. I remember my brother staying up late just to watch his show when it aired in the early 80’s. I was only ten years old when the first episode aired. I would often stay up and watch the show with my brother; One of the very few activities we did together.

In 1989, when visiting New York with my parents, we got standby tickets to the show. It was definitely and awesome experience as Letterman came out to greet and chat with the audience before the start of the show. Two of the guests were the Indigo Girls and I could tell you that I wasnt all that interested in hearing a musical performance but nevertheless it was still a great experience.

Here are a few memories of the show:
Top ten lists

Stupid pet tricks

Stupid human tricks

Thrill cam

And the famous opening scene involving the World Trade Center.

David, we’ll miss you and we wish you much success as you move on to retirement.

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