Creating a Sentimental Mothers Day or B-day Gift for Your Wife

Getting your wife something meaningful for mothers day is always a challenge. Part of the reason could have to do with the fact that mothers day comes by every year and we really run out of ideas over time. Its not like a birthday where you could simply make a little party buy some roses and take her out to dinner. A Mother’s day gift should have something to do with your wife being a mother and different from something you would get for her birthday.

A lot of husbands can actually miss their wifes first mother’s day. Mother’s day for many of us growing up involved get something for our moms, however, the day takes on a different toll for a man when he becomes a husband and father. First after he gets married he has to remember that as much as he doesn’t want to accept reality, he now has two mothers. His own biological mother and his recently, to much of his disapproval, newly adopted mother in law. (Don’t get me wrong, I get along quite nicely with my mother in-law but I don’t think even after eight years of marriage that I could really call her ‘mom’.) Then after he has his first kid his wife now also becomes a mom. That makes three mother’s that a husband needs to pay attention to and if he comes from the type of family that observes mothers day for grandmothers as well then now he has to be aware of up to seven different mother day cards/gifts.

Mother’s day can be very frustrating for a husband. I could honestly say that Mother’s Day is not my favorite day of the year. While I love making my wife happy and impressing her with the latest and creative mother’s day gift, I don’t particularly enjoy the planning and worry that goes into it. My wife is the type that doesn’t really care for expensive fancy things like jewelry, massages, or spas. She likes the type of things that are creative and have some meaning. So with that being said here’s a Mother’s day gift idea that I made one year:

This was when my daughter was about two years old and before my son was born. I went to the local photography store and purchased a black photo book. As you could see in the photo above, the book had blank black pages and a cover page with a window. The book also had a ribbon so that it could be tied closed. This look gave the photo book a more sentimental value than just buying a simple photo album with picture slots. Let me just tell you that if you do go to the photo store and purchase a simple photo album your wife probably wont be too impressed.

You may not be able to find the same exact book at your photography store but you should find something that is nice. You also may need to be a bit creative.

Back to the book, I took some of the best photos I had of my daughter and glued, one photo per page. The pictures were 4” x 6” so I made sure to get an album that matched that photo size. Then I took one of my wife’s Milky pens and wrote the cute words on both the front and first pages. So you might be asking right now, “What the heck is a milky pen”. Milky pens come in pastel colors (colors that women love), and are designed to be used on black paper. They create a sort of glow effect.

Finally after I filled up most of the book, I tied it closed. My wife absolutely loved the gift and I have to say she was extremely impressed with my creativity.

Are you ready for Mother’s Day May 13 2007?

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