Carnival Of Family Life – Husbandhood Picks

The last issue of the blog Carnival of Family Life had an impressive number of submissions. There were a total of 54 submissions.
I’ve highlighted below some of the submissions that I found most valuable for parenting:

Having Kids While You are Younger (in your 20s) VS Having Kids While You are Older (in your 40s) By Super Saver

30 of the Best Printable Activity Sites for Kids Plus One for Mom by

5 Basic Concepts To Teach Kids About Money by Andy

The Secret To Successful Parenting: Make Yourself Dispensable by Rory Sullivan

Popularity: 4% [?]

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9 Responses

  1. Char says:

    Thanks for linking to my site! I love the pictures in the header.

  2. Rory says:

    I really appreciate the link, Eric. I’m glad you got something from the article.

    That was a whole heckuvalotta articles to get through, wasn’t it? It’s a popular carnival! I’m sorry, but I often find myself only clicking on the titles that grab my interest. It’s hard to find the time to peruse them all.

    And, I’m with Char – the header images are great. Where are those head-pieces from? I can only think of Lazy Town, or maybe the Shoop Shoop song, but that dates me.

    Oh, and well done for adding the “Notify Me…” plugin. I have a feeling I’m going to be needing that!

  3. Eric says:

    It was a long list and now I am a bit bothered since I just missed the submission for the June 10th carnival. Oh well.

    I forgot where my wife got thos head pieces from. I’ll have to ask her.

  4. Cheyanne says:

    Keep on writing and chingugg away!

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