If You Are Aware of This Important Reality Your Perspective On Parenting and Kids Will Forever Change


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  1. This is SO true and SO hard to remember. I recently realized I was treating my child ‘as a kid’ because I didn’t want to play dolls with her. I mean, it’s REALLY boring. But I do lots of boring things to maintain other relationships. Why did I think I could just ignore her needs?

    I also realized that when she asked me to play, she wasn’t seeking to be entertained. She wanted to bond with me, because playing pretend is just as bonding for her as talking is to me.

  2. Eric says:

    Hi Loraine,

    I am really happy you shared that experience with everyone. You bring up a good point with the whole bonding experience. Very interesting perspective.

    If you go on the path of thought that everything your kid wants to do with you is either boring or just “not you” then you start dismissing almost every activity as such.

  3. kailani says:

    I really do try to treat my girls with respect and love. I hope that one day when they’re older, they’ll treat me the same way.

    Thank you for joining us at the Carnival of Family Life.

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