Husbands, For A Less Stressful Outing, Consider Leaving Your Wife At Home


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  1. nathan m says:

    Maybe its less stressful because you have one less person to take care of

  2. Richie says:

    Hello, I would go on a vacation alone. And call my family. But when you want to have a non stress day. Just go on a vacation for more 11 months. Make sure you call your family like 5 a week.

  3. lacey says:

    Ok ima MOM of 2 kids. My husband hates leavin the house w/our 2 kids. We have a 5yr old girl & 3yr old boy. Even wen its just 1 child he didnt like goin anywhere. Even tho he didnt hav 2do anythn bc I did it all he still wouldnt go. I did make him a few times. The kids aggravate him. He has a short temper lol. He gets agitated easily especially w/our kids. But I hav an answer 2ur question. Y kids R bettr wen moms stay home. My kids r very well mannered & r very good when theyre @othr ppls homes wen IM NOT THERE! the min I walk in they both start whinin & hangin on me. My mom has said 2me they both were perfect til I got there. For 1 they get their way w/most of evry1 else. Especially my mom & my grandmother. W/me they dont get their way much. It depends on wat they want. candy R chocolate its a NO, cokes a NO. But my mom will let them eat all the candy/chocolate they want. Then giv em back 2me once the sugar high starts Go figure! Anthr thng is Y They R w/me all the time their not around their dad much. He works nights so he sleeps from 5am to 1 or 2 pm then leaves again @4:15 pm 2go back 2work. My 5 yr old gets off the bus @4 so she gets 15 mins 2see him. My son gets an hour r so 2see him but that doesnt mean hes gets undivided attention from his dad that long. So they R generally bettr w/him anothr thng is they R SCARED OF DADDY. MOST KIDS R! Wen daddy says NO they shut up n dont ask again. Wen mom says NO its please please please & y y y. Theyll whine thinkn theyll get their way & sumtimes they do but most times its still NO. MOMS R MOR OF A PUSHOVER & kids kno that. Most times if their bad the mom usually says wen ur gettn a spankn wen dad gets home. Ive been guilty of this 2.. Most times I punish them myslf. Wen I was younger it was the opposite. I was and still am even at 28 years old scared to death of my mother. My dad is my best friend and im a huge daddys girl. My daddy has never spanked me but my mom well im not gonna tell u what she use to do. But I respected my dad more than mom bc im the type that spanking and punishments dont do good for me. Disappointment was my punishment. If I disappointed my dad I punished myself bc I felt so horrible. I feel if my mom wouldve showed me the attention I needed at her child and acted like she loved me instead of acting like I will nver please her and im nothing but a disappointment to her then I wouldve respected her. If she wouldve spent a lil time with me just me every once in a while then we wouldve been close also. But she loved my lil brother so she only spent her extra time with him. Anyway good luck and hope this helps.

  4. Debbie says:

    It’s because you are the authority figure. They respect you and not her. Help her establish authority in the home by ALWAYS following through with her threats. I’m a military spouse. I see it so often. Moms get so worn down that they get into the habit of yelling and making empty threats and before they know it, the only parent that is listened to is dad. They are unintentionally telling their children that they don’t deserve their respect and these are the women that need it the most. Support and empower her to be a strong disciplinarian as well. Before long, your outings will be much more enjoyable.

    Debbie (mom of 3)

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