How To Quickly Treat a Child With a Second Degree Burn

Just so people dont get confused, this post really has nothing to do with the previous post. Although my last post dealt with fire safety, the burns sustained in a house fire a generally more severe than the most common burns sustained in the average home which are generally referred to as second degree burns.

To give you a quick background into burn ratings, first degree burns are just on the top layer of the skin. A good example of a first degree burn is a sunburn. A second degree burn involves the first two layers of skin and will often result in the skin turning white with varying amounts of blistering. In the home, this type of burn is generally caused by scalding hot water, minimal fire contact, and contact with burning hot items such as pans, burners. Third degree burns are the last type and they are the most serious as they involve all layers of skin, muscle, and tissue. These type of burns are extremely uncommon to happen in the home unless when dealing with a large-scale home fire.

So here’s the scenario. You are making scrabbled eggs on a skillet and when they are done cooking, you remove the skillet off the burner to place the eggs on a plate. Just then you hear a shriek and turn around to see your 2yr old holding their hand up in the air screaming in pain. As it seems, your child placed her hand on the burner just as you turned around to dump the eggs on a plate. Another similar scenario would involve you spilling hot tea on your childs arm.

In both cases, the burn would result in either a minor or major second degree burn but would involve the same treatment.

So here’s how to quickly treat a second degree burn:

  1. Quickly place the burned area under cool (but not cold) water for roughly 10 – 45 minutes. This helps in stopping the burning process, reducing the blistering, and most importantly easing the pain.
  2. Gently dry the burned area and apply Polysporin Triple Action with pain relief or similar to help treat the burn and prevent infection.
  3. Wrap the burned area with gauze.
  4. Give the child either Tylenol (acetaminophen) or Advil (ibuprofen) or both to deal with the pain.
  5. Seek medical attention.

Many parents who I have spoken with regarding the above treatment have told me that they knew this information only after having to deal with a similar situation above. The important component about the treatment is to get the burn under cool water right away. Don’t think about it. Just get the burn under cool water.

If the child has sustained a second degree burn to a larger area of the body making it harder to submerge under cool water then one option would be to wrap the burn area with a sheet and pour cool water over it (the sheet) until paramedics arrive. This would cool down the burn but more importantly, it would relieve the pain.

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  2. BJ Says:

    Hey another great post. I sort of knew this but its good that you pointed out that not to think about it and just do it. People get caught up in thinking about waht to do.

  3. Eric Says:

    thanks for the compliment.

  4. How To Treat A Second Degree Burn | First Aid & CPR Courses For Toronto Says:

    […] If the child has sustained a second degree burn to a larger area of the body making it harder to submerge under cool water then one option would be to wrap the burn area with a sheet and pour cool water over it (the sheet) until paramedics arrive. This would cool down the burn but more importantly, it would relieve the pain. This article was originally published on my parenting blog at […]

  5. jordan Says:

    my daughter has second degree sunbrurn and is MISERABLE. i need some help!!!!!!!!!

  6. Eric Says:

    What part of the body? Sunburns can be quite painful there isnt much you could but apply a topical pain relief cream. You could also try ibuprofen and tylenol combo to help deal with the pain. Try giving her tylenol/tempra every four hours and interchange it with advil every six hours. So two hours after giving her tylenol you give advil then two hours after giving her advil you would give her tylenol.

    Tylenol is spaced out every four hours whereas advil is usually spaced out every six hours. Since they can both be taken at the same time people who are experiencing a lot of pain will spread them out so that they are taking something every two hours as apposed to every 4-6 hours.

  7. Caitlyn Says:

    I am not exactly a child, but I am 11 years old and have a minor second degree burn on both of my shoulders. Last summer, I was pushing a third degree burn and it hurt to get it wet. Now that I have a less severe burn, I am still just as scared to take a bath, shower, or get in the pool. Help me get over my fear!!

  8. Randy Says:

    Have a 4-year-old who decided to see what it would be like to squeeze the sparkler wire right after it got done sparkling. Needless to day, we have a little problem. 2nd degree burns at the tip of his thumb, and 2 fingers. Went straight to the sink for cold water for 30 minutes. Still a lot of screaming/pain. Went to the store and found the following at CVS:
    1. Burn Jel PLUS Water*Jel with Lidocaine HCL 2.5%.
    2. Johnson&Johnson First Aid Instant Burn Cooling Patches.

    Put the jel on, followed by the burn patches (they work like a bandaid) and *POOF* Instant quiet!! WOW!! He’s talking and very calm right now. This BurnJel stuff says its used by the military. I can see why! NOTE: The burn patches by J&J were on clearance (50% 0ff), so they may not be available next time you try and buy them. There were other patches there, but these were cheaper so I went with them. They have a “hydrogel” pad you apply to the burn. Look for something similar.

  9. Eric Says:

    Hi Randy, thanks for commenting. Water Jel or similar product for cooling down burns is great. I bought a couple of packages and added them to my first aid kit. They provide similar relief to the the burn sheet example (wrap the burn area with a sheet and pour cool water over it) I mentioned at the end of the post.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Hi i have a 2 and half year old daughter i was doing my hair with a traight iron. she burn a small part of her arm . is red on the area.

  11. anonymous Says:

    A student said you can use plastic wrap on a burn to prevent blistering. This doesn’t make sense to me….she said it works. What do you say? Should it be a possible treatment?

  12. Anonymous Says:

    My son 22 months old burned his thumb and pointer finger today, on a hot pan. The thumb has a whiteish blister on it, but he won;t let me put anything on it. He takes the bandaids off and the burn cream I bought only stays on for a couple of seconds before he rubs it off on his clothes. What else can I do..?

  13. Lisa Says:

    My friends 2 yr. old son grabbed a hot iron that her boyfriend left on. The friend was in the kitchen and cooking. All of a sudden she heard horrific screams only to find out he picked up and held the iron in his hand, which is not all blistered (the majority of it). She took him straight to the ER and the lady applied ointment but told her NOT to wrap the burn with blisters. But here you mention TO wrap it. Well eventually she did wrap it at home and her son just took the wrap off. He’s been in pain for hours. She emailed this to me so I don’t know if she put his hand under cold water or not….but I’ll definately suggest the burn patches….any ideas on why the ER told her NOT to wrap it?

  14. Verity Says:

    I don’t know why an ER person would say not to wrap, but that seems like extremely bad advice to me. You don’t want the blisters to pop exposed to everything. Preventing infection is very important. If it is white it is a third degree burn, if it blisters it is second degree.

  15. renee Says:

    Hey everyone… Well here is my story, My little 15 month old put the palm his hand on a stove burner. I ran it under cold water, did the aloe thing, neosporan etc. When I saw the blistering I took him to my pediatrician. He told me it was a 2nd degree burn, gave me some really good ointment and showed me how to wrap and tape the area so that he would leave it alone. The doctor told me they dont pop the blisters then let that happen naturally, and once it did they would trim the excess skin. I have to take him for a follow up in 2 days because of the location it may require further attention. Please dont sit home and think your toddler will be just fine if they get hurt. There skin is so much more delicate than adults. I felt like an awful parent and was so upset with myself that within a split moment something like this happened. I cried, literally. Accidents happen that doesnt make you a bad parent– not seeking medical treatment on the other hand….And if the medical treatment you get dont seem right, get a second opinion.
    Take care, and know God loves u.

  16. Eric Says:

    Hi Lisa,

    My apologies. I only noticed now that you posted a comment. As for a burn, these are the protocols for First Aid. It is possible that once you go to the hospital they may provide you with advice contrary to what you learned in a first aid course. This is common as first aid is designed to provide immediate medical attention to an injured person until they get to an ER. Now in this case I dont know why the nurse told you friend not to wrap it. When our daughter burned her hand the advice from our pediatrician was to keep it wrapped for several days. As Verity stated, you would not want the blisters exposed as she has stated above. As for the pain, you friend should have given her child something for the pain. Tylenol (acetaminophen) AND Advil (ibuprofen) if the pain is great. Also the topical cream should have pain relief in it.

  17. Eric Says:


    Sorry to hear about your son. It seems your story is very identical to mine. And in your case your Pediatrician also told you to keep it wrapped for several days.

    Hope he feels better.

  18. william Says:

    My son 2.5 years old was burnt by hot water on (2nd degree burn) the left side of his body. we immediately apply aloe vera on the wounds n seek immediatel medical attention.

    I do not know if the scar after two weeks of recovery is going to be permanent. His wound was washed with saline water n wrap. No need for any any medicated cream as advised by doctor. Would the new skin eventually be the same as the old skin.

    Could someone suffering the same fate as my son please let me know. Thank you.

  19. Nicole Says:

    My son grabbed the iron, it was unplugged but still very hot. He palmed it and we did running water first aid and then off to emergency room it started to blister..h

  20. michelle maynard Says:

    hi my son is 24mths old ,my boyfriend just got a fresh cup of coffee an put the cup down on the kitchen table to grad a paper he had dropped but any how my son grab the coffee an poors it from neck down an around the bottom of his belly the skin has came off what can i do for it i did call the ER an they just told me to put burn cream on it that all we would do i belive it is a 2nd degree burn but it is from side to side burn an all he does is cry i know he is in pain bad plz some1 help me thanks michelle

  21. Eric Says:

    Take him to the ER right away. This can be serious if he only 2yrs old and the there is burning near the abdomen. Call 911.

    You could lightly wrap his abdomen in a towel and pour cool (NOT cold) water around the towel until paramedics arrive. You could also just take him down right away to the ER yourself. Thats what the ambulance would do.

  22. Marissa Says:

    While I’m not entirely sure what Polysporin Triple Action is, I’m guessing it’s a type of cream. If that’s the case, then you aren’t supposed to put that on the burn. I’m not entirely sure why, but I learned that last year in class. You shouldn’t put any cream, grease, or anti-bacterial cream, until the blisters pop. It’s especially a bad idea directly after the burn has happened. But, if Polysporin Triple Action isn’t a cream, I agree one hundred percent. I recently burned my three fingers on boiling water, and had asked a doctor what to do. He said exactly what you did. Thanks for the helP!

  23. Jonathan Paul Says:

    All third degree burns require immediate emergency medical care.

    For minor burns

    Toothpaste in theory has a very high capacity for drawing out heat, and it seams that it does not have complication as long as it is applied without poking at the damaged area or you are allergic to it.It need to be applied within a couple of minutes of the incident.After 30 minutes, this method probably would not do much. Consult your medical professional at that time.
    Be sure not to break the blisters if they do form, as it is also can lead to infections.
    do not want to apply any type of butter to or anything oil base such as ointment to the burn since it will entrap heat in the injured tissues, which can potentially cause more damage and increase your chance of developing an infection and delay healing.
    If infection develops, seek medical help.
    Avoid tanning if the burns are less than a year old as it may cause more extensive pigmentation changes. Use sunscreen on the area for at least a year..

    Keep blogging

  24. Missa Says:

    My daughter grabbed a hot appliance today and got a 2nd degree burn on her middle finger that quickly sprouted a large blister. She has a couple of small 1st degree burn randomly on her hand and possibly another very small 2nd degree burn on the tip of her thumb. I immediatly ran her hand under cool water and my husband put aloe burn gel on her middle finger. It is not wrapped yet, but i don’t know if i should take her to the doctor or not. She seems fine now, bouncing around, giggling, and getting into everything once again. Any advice?

  25. Anonymous Says:

    My 5 month old was burned on her had ( the 3 middle fingers with the middle being the worst) by steam from the rice cooker. We took her to the er and was admitted for 3 days, the doctors said it was crucial to remove the blisters and see how bad the burn was and to make sure she doesn’t need any further attention. Now were home its day 5 and I have been changing her dressings daily and her skin is all exposed I don’t know if I did the right thing allowing them to remove her blisters, my baby seems like shes in more pain. I am so tempted to use natural remedies such as honey for healing or aloe gel instead of what they gave me a bacitracin powder and blood clotting cream) but not sure since they removed her blisters. also changing her dressings is so hard since the gauze they gave us(xeroflo) sticks to the wound and if your not gentle it pulls at the wound. I was thinking of applying the ointment to saran wrap,each idividual finger and then covering it with the gauze to make it lest prone to sticking and less painful for her when its time to change the dressings. Please help with any advice.

  26. HELP Says:

    My son got a burn on his and says the thumb really hurts. He picked up a hot glass item that just came out of the oven.
    What should I do?

  27. Parent of 5 month old Says:

    @ help I wrote about my 5 month old that was severely burnt on her fingers jan 20. After alot of research we decided to treat the burn with manuka honey it’s now been 2 wks and it is healing rapidly. Honey therapy has been proven to heal burns and open wounds fast with little to no scarring. I hope this helps you. for more info.

  28. Grandmother of seven Says:

    Hey guys I know from pass experience if a child gets a second degree burn run the burn under cool water not cold because of shock. I also keep Burn Jel Plus around since it contains lidocaine to help with the pain and healing process. hope this helps!

  29. Nazanin Says:

    I have a question for Lisa whose friend’s son touched an iron. This happened to my 15-month-old son. He burned his left hand. All his fingers and palm.
    I wanted to know how well your friend’s son healed. Did he need any surgeries?
    We have been told he might need surgery as part of his palm has a deeper burn.

    We are devestaded and looking for parents who went through this so they can help us.

  30. Asif Says:

    I have a 17months old son. He grabbed a hot iron although it was unplugged and got 2nd degree burn. Intially I ran tap water on his hand and then pour some toothpaste on his hand. He stopped crying after applying the toothe paste and then I applied honey after sometime. After 3-4 hours a blister appeared on the burned area. We took him to medical practioner and he prescribed a cream and sterille guaze to put on the burned area.
    I am also giving him ibuprofen to reduce the pain and I have also started panadol (since I dont have tylenol).

    just now his blister got popped up and I wonder If I still have to continue applying the gel or not.

  31. Jesse Says:

    Hi, My son also reached for the stove and burned two of his fingers. One of the fingers, he decided to peel the skin off after he popped the blister. The second finger just had its blister popped last night. I have been putting neosporin on the one with the raw skin, but need to know if there is anything that would help it heal alot quicker. He has his two finger tips with bandaids and would like to know if the should remain on there or removed. I dont see any comments on here so any advise would be HIGHLY appreciated.

  32. jysme Says:

    hi, My son just turned 1 yrs old and i was using the falt iron when he came along side of me in the bathroom and and pulled them down and somehow burned his face on both sides both burns are about an inch long and both blistered and have now burst and are exposed and pink/white aside from ruining his beautiful face i dont know how long it will take to heal or what i should do it happened last night and im afraid to take him to the e.r for fear of them claiming child neglect or something i put shea butter on it and ran under cool water it looks as though its already started healing should i just cover the burns with band-aids and hope they gets better soon?

  33. eileen Says:

    my three year old just recently burned his whole foot deciding to put it in my crock pot-it’s horrible-i didn’t know at first if I should take him to the er but, I went and was glad I did. There are so many things that could go wrong if you don’t get it checked out. We have to change his bandages everyday and it’s horrible becuase it’s painful for him even though he takes tylenol with codeine he still feels it-we have to clean it and scrub it and then apply the ointments and rewrap-it’s a process that I can’t wait for to end-I hate seeing him suffer-anyways one of the creams have silver in it which is supposed to be great for skin healing just thought I would share with you all and even though we have prescription silver I did see the other day that cvs carries a silver cream so maybe it will help you

  34. angel Says:

    My 20 mth old grabbed a pan of boiled veges off the stove burned small portions of his feet.. I ran his feet under cool water for a short time and ran to the er… second degree burns SAME as Eileen I have to change his dressings everyday (while he screams in pain) :( and apply the silver ointment…it has been a week and we have another appointment tomorrow to make sure it is healing correctly. I cannot wait for my baby to be 100% better! As for me I used to think I was one of the best Mothers out there and soooo over protective and nothing like that would ever happen…boy was I wrong! I will never forgive myself and the guilt just makes me sick everyday…. Just thinking of the noise the pan made when it hit the floor and the look on his face as he cried in pain…… Oh I just feel so horrible! I am so surprised at allot of posts on here parents not taking their children to get medical attention! What is wrong with you people? Your child NEEDS medical attention if the burn is serious and if your not sure take them in anyway…better safe than sorry! :o(

  35. Ashley Says:

    My 18 month old got a hold of the gas stove and turned it on well we turned it off told him no and took the nobs off..but he got burnt ive been doing everything i can to keep it clean i even took him to the doctors to get it look at but people are still trying to tell me that i can get in trouble for child nelgect…I wonder if thats true??

  36. Anonymous Says:

    My one yr. Old burn his index finger n i didnt run it on water i only put on it ointment n then aloe vera it has been two days now n he has a big blister what should i do i dont want to take him to the er im scare that they will make it look like child neglet…any suggestest…

  37. Anonymous Says:

    Aloe for up to 2nd degree burns is excellent

  38. Lynn Says:

    My 3 year old put her hand on a glass top cook stove after her father finished cooking on it. She burned 3 of her fingers. Her dad ran water on the burn and used a cool towel. When I got home from work, she was still crying and wanted me. I gave her tylenol and ibuprofen to help ease her pain. We couldn’t get her calmed down. We headed to the ER and she fell asleep. She was treated in the ER with Silver Sulfadine cream, non-adhering dressings, sterile dressings and wraps. She has second degree burns and we are waiting for the blister to pop on their own. Then go back to the doctor so they can trim the excess skin to prevent infection.
    You should always take a child in for burns. Some burns can restrict and cause problems. I rather be safe than sorry and have no regrets.

  39. rachel Says:

    ma 5mth old son burnt his fingers grabn a pizza fresh out tha oven 3dayz ago & his fingerz hav blisters

  40. rachel Says:

    Wut sld I do plz help I feel so bad all I can do is cry

  41. Suzanne Says:

    My daughter got burned today with a hot iron. She palmed it then if fell on her upper arms and right side of her face. I immediately ran it under cool water and then put ice in a towel and kept it on. I then took her to the ER. By that time her palm skin turned a little white and was blistered, but the skin had come off her face and upper arm. They broke the blister from her hand, put some kind of iodine on her hand, face and upper arm and applied Fucidin cream to them and wrapped it with gauze to return in two days. The other first degree burns to the face were treated with Fucidin cream. They gave her some kind of injection for the pain and in 10 mins she was sleeping. (it also helped that i had wrapped her hand with a bandage after cooling it before going to the ER as she stopped crying and went to sleep on the way there). You should NOT play around with burns to children. Their skins are not like ours and when burnt continues to burn on the inside where you can’t see and though cooling it would stop the degree of burn you still have to treat it against infection and deal with the pain it causes. I am very glad that I went to the ER. I have one question. I am not sure why they burst the blister as I felt that it is necessary to assist in the healing as the liquid inside is sterile I’m told and a way of the body treating itself. I guess they would know why. I’m just praying that she doesn’t get scarred from this episode. Those who are worried about child neglect. It is worse for the child to have the injury and not treat it properly- that is child neglect. Taking the child to the ER certainly isn’t. Accidents happen and in a split second. In my case the iron was up where she could not reach and the cord was behind the board. Little miss however pulled on the board cover and the rest is history. Honey is known to work well with open wounds etc, but getting the ER to treat it as a first response is wise. The honey can come after the drama is done.
    I was told by my mom not to put ice directly onto the burn, you can put it in a towel. You only need to cool not make it cold. The doctor at the ER said that putting ice not directly stops the burn from going any further into the skin. I guess the idea is to keep it cool and not cold.

    Home remedies are fine, but when you are a novice and don’t know what you are doing, GO TO THE ER!

  42. Crystal Says:

    The doctors will remove the blisters if they think they are already infected, or it is full of pus.

  43. Amy Says:


    I know it’s a couple of years late but it’s still a good question. As I understand it from my Health Science classes, when burns are more severe you don’t want to wrap them or put anything on the burned area. Especially with third degree burns, the skin is damaged enough that it can become attached to the dressing and come off when the wrapping is removed, causing more damage and pain. I don’t know the whole story, but it’s possible this is why they recommended not wrapping the burn.

  44. Gina Says:

    My almost 3 yr old daughter grabbed a cup of soup out of my microwave and burnt one side of her wrist. It’s a second degree burn about 2 in long and about 1 in wide. Theres 6 blisters total with 5 blisters on top of one blister. I ran it under cool water and immediatly applied the burn gel that was in my first aid kit and wrapped it with gauze. What else should I do? Should I take her in to the ER? I finally got her to sleep after a couple hours and gave her pain medicine. Should I watch it and wait? or go?

  45. Dellababy03 Says:

    two days ago my 9month old grab her granddad cigarette out the ash tray & promptly ran her hand under cold water & put some burn cream on her fingers. (the thumb and pointer finger) Maybe 15mins later its started to blister and now it has turned red around the blister. Im scare even though she seems to be in no pain, Im wondering if I should take her to the E R, or just let it bust. Im scared & confused, please help.

  46. Jared Says:

    Has anybody noticed that Eric has not been posting, answers to anyone….Mysterious

    My 3 month year old just grabbed my hot cup of coffee and poured it all over his back when he felt the pain he dropped the glass mug on his feet showing small wounds what should I do?

  47. vinod Says:

    My son 10 yrs old got second degree burn with and acid, i consulted doctor immediately and he prescribed cefurixime for a week with pain killer and advised not to apply any type of cream etc on burn area, after a week he repeated another antibiotic so may i know without any cream is it possible to remove the scar on the face and other area of body where a burn is there

  48. vinod Says:

    My son 10 yrs old got second degree burn with and acid, i consulted doctor immediately and he prescribed cefurixime for a week with pain killer and advised not to apply any type of cream etc on burn area, after a week he repeated another antibiotic so may i know without any cream Is it possible to remove the scar on the face and other area of body where a burn is there ?

  49. bbby Says:

    )= my daughter 2 was burnt today on a bowl of roman noodles that I had taken off the stove….her foot is the only thing burnt….it is a sunburn and a little swolen…she whined for a bit then fell asleep…I know that it is hurting her. We put ointment on it…she still played some and laughed after but continues to kinda whimper sometime…no blisters…I think it is very minimum burn but she is two and its on her foot and toes….if it doesn’t blister do u think it would be ok not to take her to the ER? I don’t think they will do anything besides give us a cream. It isn’t blistered and barely swollen…just red..

  50. bbby Says:

    Don’t wanna take her to ER if she doesn’t need to go. Because it will upset her and she doesn’t want us to touch her foot…..its not bad at all……but I don’t want to upset her un necesarily if they arnt gonna prescribe anything but a cream and I don’t c y they would or should..

  51. Leerh Says:

    Very enlightening information. I wish I’d known this 22 years ago. I placed and left unattended my 3 year old foster daughter in a vanity sink with COLD running water. I don’t when the water turned hot. However, her skin was red. I panicked. According to all the answers here I did everything WRONG! And I’m sure that the fact that she was malnourished (18 lbs) and had never had any infant/toddler shots or any other medical care (she lived on the streets since day 1 of birth) had a lot to do with it. Six days later the redness turned white. The hospital thought she needed skin-graft to heal faster and properly. This tragedy has haunted me severely since the day it happened. My heart hurts for her, and I continually beat myself up for being so stupid/dumb!

  52. Anonymous Says:

    My 2 year old nephew burnt the bottom of his feet outside his home. His mom has ran his feet under cool water and put a cool rag up to them. Now she has a fan blowing on them. He has stopped crying at the moment, but curious as to what to do for his feet. She says they are red and white splotchy

  53. mark Says:

    Hi son just touched a hot iron with his index finger…we did the water thing and have gauze and poysporin for afterwards.. is aloe plant something I should use. He had some tylonal.. can’t get him to the doctors till the morning but am concerned since the spot on his finger turned white instantly after touching the iron.. any help with What I might have at home would be great and I will definitely be totally prepared invaded this ever happens again…God forbid

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  56. Erica Says:

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  58. Concerned Grandma Says:

    My 3 year old grandson’s mother cooked ramen noodles in the microwave and then handed the baby the hot soup, as he sit on the couch. He sustained 2nd degree burns in his crotch and both groins around to the backs of his legs/buttox. Am I wrong for calling authorities? Although my son and his ex have been separated for over a year, they try to keep a good relationship for the kids. My son is mad at me for calling authorities. I thought it would be bad enough if the hot soup was put on the table and the baby got burned, but she actually handed it to him :( My heart is breaking for him. I had silver silvadene to administer and wrapped the wound with gauze and kurlex. He was in pain until I dressed the wounds. I can’t handle watching the baby in such pain from such a careless act….I feel so sad about the entire incident.

  59. Marquita lang Says:

    I have a question my was in jail but left my baby with the father my baby was 12 months wen she got burn by some hot tub water he let some girl watch her ndd she burn my baby in some hot tub water 3rd degrees Burns can she be traumatized ndd have night terrorist from it

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  62. M.Jesse Says:

    My daughter 3 month old got burnt with hot water around the side of her back and her elbow,it seems second degree burn n was given dermacin cream,vit C and paracetomoo,what else do I do

  63. l. Thanks 👌 Says:

    If I could rate this I would give it ★ ★ ★ ★ ★. Mainly because when I burned the inside of my wrist with boiled water the first thing I did as a teenager, ignorant to the fact of treating burns, is look it up on my phone. This was the first thing that popped up and wasn’t I lucky. As was given I followed the directions of handling it and sure enough it helped. So…lol thanks 👌

  64. Esperanza Says:

    If the child has sustained a second degree burn to a larger area of the body making it harder to submerge under cool water then one option would be to wrap the burn area with a sheet and pour cool water over it (the sheet) until paramedics arrive.

    I get the above, but does clothing need to be removed prior to wrapping child with the clean sheet?

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